Skincare has always been a passion of mine. I work with Skincare brands at the salon and I love discovering products that help out with my skin. Most of my skincare is from Environ which is a salon only brand. Here i'll explain about the products I use and how they benefit my skin. 

In January we can all admit that we let things slip a bit and out skin isn't in the best shape after the holiday period and we get comfortable with our makeup. Here is my guide to makeup and skincare bits and pieces to get you though January. 

Montague Jeunesse Face Masks (Red Hot Sauna Masque & Exfoliator Masque)
Here & Here
After the holiday period and all the parties are over its about time that we have a break and give our skin a good pamper and these two masks are my favourite to use for a good spa evening. The first mask I love to use is the Red Hot Sauna Masque because its deep cleansing, seriously relaxing because pf the heating properties and cleans out excess oil without drying the skin which is perfect for my oily skin. The other mask I love is the Exfoliator Mask, this mask is so perfect for January because its revitalises dull dry skin but removing dead skin cells. This mask also contains orange oil which leaves my skin feeling refreshed I like to use either of the masks about once a week to give my skin a good detox after all the food and drinking over Christmas.

Bourjois Air Matte Foundation
This is my all time favourite High Street Foundation but I love it especially more in January because of the look that it gives me. Even though it says its a matte foundation which it is but it still gives you a glow to make you look healthy and refreshes the skin. Another reason why I love this foundation is 
that it is so easy to apply, we all have those moments in the morning before work when were running later and don't have the time to even eat breakfast let alone apply foundation but this one literally applies flawlessly in minuets, to blend out this foundation I like to use a buffing brush or a beauty blender. 

Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil
If you like me and your lips get ridiculously dry lips during January because its so cold! Then you have to give this lip oil a try. There has been a lot of lip oils on the market recently which are very expensive for what they are. This oils are transparent but I like to use them best for hydrating the lips after wearing lip products like liquid lipsticks all day.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This product is always in my bag during January and I use it all the time to remove all the dead skin cells from my lips I use this and the lip oil above to prep my lips before applying any lip products, this helps them apply so smoothly. The bubblegum smell in this product is also a major reason why I love it! I must say that sometimes I used to lick it off after using because its just too good!

MAC Semi Sweet Times Nine Palette
When I get a new palette sometimes I do get a bit obsessed and start using it daily which is what iv been doing with this palette. This is perfect to use in January because of its neutral tones a few adds of colour without it looking like your going to a party with sparkly shades. With this palette you can create so many different looks without needing anything else because of the colour selection, they also apply like a dream making it perfect if your going away for a well earned break after Christmas.

I do have a lot more saviours that get me through January but these are my must haves! Let me know what you have been using to get you through January?

I've got to say that the best inexpensive palette range at High Street Makeup stores has got to be Makeup Revolution. I have collected a few palettes from them over a few years and they are so good for their price. Here is my collection of palettes that im in love with...

1. Redemption Palette Iconic 3
This Palette is probably my favourite out of all the palette. It is a major dupe for the Urban Decay I actually sold my Naked palette because I wasn't using it as much as I was using this one which costs £32 less! As you can see from the photo i'v actually hit pan which I hardly ever do with palettes because their are so many I love. The colour scheme in this palette is more pinky tones which I love because it suits my skin tone and bring out my dark brown eyes. This palette consists of three matte shades and nine shimmery shades, my favourites on this palette are definitely the pink glittery shades! For best pigmentation pay off I use my finger to apply it. 

2. Ultra Eye Contour Light And Shade 
A lot of Makeup Revolution Palettes are dupes like the one before and there is no exception for this palette either, it is a dupe for the Kat Von Dee's Shade and Light Palette (the name is exactly the same but in a different order!). This is an all matte palette full of neutral shades which you can create a look with on its own but I love to use this palette with different shades to create a whole new look. I haven't used this palette as much as my other ones but it is a staple in my collection that I love having. 

3. New Trals vs Neutrals 
I think I should rename this post as Makeup Revolution dupes because I have another one for you, this palette has similarities to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, the only colour selection is very similar with the dark pinky and red shades. This palette is probably my second favourite because it is so versatile, I can make many different looks just using this one palette. My favourite shades in this palette is the coppery shimmer shade on the bottom row, I also apply this colour with my finger for the best pigmentation on the lid. 

4. Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless
This palette is really an all in one, it has matte and shimmer shades but there is such a big selection of colours going from coppers to khaki green to burgundy's. Some of these shaeds have the better pigmentation that others but happens with most palettes. This palette has 32 shades all together which is great for travelling. I'v taken this palette on numerous holidays and I haven't needed any other shadows. My favourites are the bottom row, you an create so many looks just using the last row. 

5. Mermaids Forever Palette
Now this palette isn't my favourite as you can see if i'v actually taken out two shades to keep in a Z palette because I didn't use the other colours. This Palette doesn't have the best pigmentation. I think because the colours are so vibrant they had to change the formula which has made the pigmentation not as good as the other palettes. The bluey shades which I was most excited about actually have the worst pigmentation pay off as you can see from the swatch photo. 

6. Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte
This shadow palette is purely matte and on the days where I like to have a simple eye look I always use this palette. This palette is also great to use with other shadows for different looks. The colour scheme is neutrals with greys, corals and browns. You can probably find a colour combination that you love with this palette. The pigmentation in this palette overall is great. the colour pay off is good for all of the colours and it doesn't produce too much fallout when applying the colour. 

I'm sure that my collection of Makeup Revolution palettes will grow because I love the brand and how inexpensive they are for such quality products. What are your favourite Makeup Revolution palettes?

Since its the new year I think its time for a clear out and a change up of my most used makeup (I get a bit stuck in my ways sometimes) So i'm going to show you what I have decided to keep and use as my everyday makeup. Dive in with me.

Jane Iredale Absent Oil Control Primer
I was a little scared of this primer before I tried it because iv never actually used a compacted primer before, I was a bit sceptical but now that iv given it a fair chance I love it! You would think by looking at it that it would leave a white cast on your face but if you blend it out with a brush or your fingers it blends into the skin perfectly! The main thing that I love about this primer is that it keeps my skin looking matte all day (which is what I need!!) and it helps my makeup look flawless on my skin. 

Jane Iredale Purepressed Powder in Latte
I rarely like to use powder foundations because I like a medium to full coverage and I find it quite hard to actually find a powder foundation that actually gives me that! but this one does. This foundation is a 4 in 1 product which means that its a Foundation, Powder, Concealer and SPF. I also like to use this foundation in different ways, firstly if iv decided to use a liquid foundation as a base then i'll apply this powder to give my skin a matte look and then for my everyday makeup look I apply my chosen concealers and then layer this foundation. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer & Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 
Now I have two concealers which will never leave my daily makeup bag and that is Collection and Maybelline. I have probably been using these two concealers for years on and off. I have tried different products but I always come back to these concealers. Firstly Collection Lasting Perfection, I use this concealer for all over the face concealing, on blemishes and spot scars (do not pick your spot guys!) and it hides them perfectly. The Maybelline Eraser Eye is literally perfection. I have tried so many under eye concealers. and they always without fail crease! but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this concealer doesn't. 

Bronzer & Blush
Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Benefit Rockateur Blush
Two Christmases ago I got a beneift gift set which I have recently rediscovered and have been using everyday! The Hoola Bronzer is probably my favourite bronzer because it isn't too light for me (I have a medium skin tone) or too orange which happens a lot. It has really good blendibility and leaves me looking sun kissed in January. The first thing I liked about the Rockateur blush is the smell, I cant really explain hoe amazing it is but it smells like heaven. The colour also gives you a rosey glow without it looking too heavy. I only ever really wear a small amount during the day and with this blush you can layer it to give you your desired look. 

Essence Superfine Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
I don't wear liquid eyeliner on a daily basis but when I do I always go for essence superfine liner. The tip of the liner brush is a felt tip and it is fin enough that it creates the perfect winged liner easily and it doesn't take hours! I dont really go for waterproof versions of products but for this one it is a necessity, the normal version of the liner is that it stays sticky but the waterproof version dries right away and stays on all day. 

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast, Dior Overcurl and Essence Volume Stylist
I'm not sure if anybody else does this but I use three different mascaras on a daily basis. One for curling, one for giving volume and the other for separating my lower lashes. Firstly I use the Soap & Glory mascara all over my upper lashes, this is the mascara that gives me the curling effect, then after this I will use the Essence one for adding volume and thickening the lashes and then lastly I like to use the Dior Overcurl for my lower lashes. Iv tried a few different combinations of mascara and this one seems to work for me the best. I still haven't been able to find a single mascara that does everything i'm looking for, The quest conditions. 

Eyebrow Pencil
Jane Iredale Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brunette 
I have has problems before with trying to find the right shade for my eyebrows because I have such dark eyebrows but this Jane Iredale retractable pencil is the perfect shade for me and it isn't too light so it looks silly. Another thing I love about this product is that it isn't too dry where you feel like your pulling at your skin which I hate! I have used different eyebrow products like pomades and powders bit I think retractable pencils are the easiest to use. 

Lip Crayon
KIKO Creay Lipgloss in 108
For Everyday use I lobe to use Lip Crayons, they are easy to use and this particular crayon leaves the lips looking like i'm wearing lipgloss. The colour of this lip crayon is slightly pink which I dont tend to wear that often but this colour is so flattering and would look lovely on all skin tones. When the glossyness of this crayon goes away it also leaves a nice tint to the lips and keeps the lips moisturised which is always a plus!

If you have any suggestions of any products that I could add to my daily makeup bag feel free to comment also what are your favourite products.