Makeup Brands I Need To Try

Over the years I have watched numerous YouTube videos and have read loads of blog posts about all these different makeup brands that I've never had the chance to try and always wanted to. Here is a list of all the brands I want to try out one day. 

Tips and Ticks To Make Your Makeup Application Better

Over the years of applying makeup on myself I have learnt a few tips and tricks which has helped make my makeup application better and easier. Here I will share them with you so you can find them as helpful as I do. 

Makeup Must Haves: A Night On The Town

When going on a night out and as we say in the UK 'out, out' you have to look and feel your best to have a good night! These products help me do just that. Whether its for a big event or a night out on the town these are the products I reach for most. 

Nude Lipsticks Favourites

Nude Lipstick has always been a bit of an issue for me, because of my darker skin I found it hard to find ones that suit my skin tone and here I have found 4 that I love and that also look great!

Bloggers Who Inspired Me To Start My Own Blog

I've only in the past month started this blog and I absolutely adore it. I love being able to share everything I love about beauty with everyone. For years I have been thinking of starting a blog and I have read many blogs that have inspired me to start my own blog. Here are their blogs and why I love them.

I have been reading Fee's blog for years! There are many things about her blog that I love and that I identify with my own style. I love that her main theme with her blog is affordable makeup! My favourite blog posts are her Ebay finds and wish lists which inspired me to do similar posts of my own. If you like a blog that is easy to read, has amazing photography and is aesthetically pleasing then Makeup Savvy would be a perfect blog for you to read. Her tips on blogging has helped me out so much and has made my blogging experience better! 

Hayley's blog is so beautifully designed and easy to navigate. She has content such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle so everyone could find something that you would love to read. I seriously envy her photography and flat lay skills. I started reading her blog a year ago and have really loved the way she writes posts and they are always very informative. 

Fleur De Force 
I have been watching Fleur's youtube channel for about 3 years now and I have loved all her content. I did consider at one point starting a youtube channel but I decided the best route for me would be a written blog so I decided to start reading her blog and I loved it. Her posts are very visually pleasing and are easy to follow which I like. She posts a lot of gift guides which I find super helpful! 

The Sunday Girl
I absolutely love the look for this blog! The photography is amazing and I envy her flat lays. I have been following her blog for a while now and it really made me want to start my own. I want to be able to take photos like that one day. Her posts are short and sweet which I really prefer than long scrambly ones.   

I have always wanted to be a blogger and these bloggers gave me the inspiration to start one and to write about things that I love and that im passionate about. What blogs do you like the most?
Aaliyah xo
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Soap & Glory Body Care Favourites

I have a strong love for Soap & Glory Body Care products and have used them for years. They are so inexpensive and are amazing quality. Here are my favourites from their body care range!

Every time I have a bath I always use this body wash. It is the most nourishing body wash that I have used. I have tried all different body washes before and I tend to find that they are a little bit drying for my skin but this product keeps my skin feeling extra soft. They have different scents of their body wash but this one is my favourite because its so sweet. 

Ahh this body milk is just the best. I have actually used different Body creams from other brands and Soap & Glory but this body milk is still my absolute fave! After every bath I use this cream to leave my skin feeling so soft and nourished. All Soap & Glory products have this amazing smell but this product just smells so sweet of brown sugar and oats which is too good! This product contains almond, cocoa and yogurt which keeps the skin re-hydrated. What I also love about this product is that it seeps into the skin quickly without leaving this skin feeling oily. 

I always have this cleansing gel in my bag at all times! I am a major germaphobe and cannot stand when I forget to have this in my bag. I probably use this product around 40 times a day. The reason I prefer this gel than other brands is because it smells too good and it doesn't dry out the skin which I feel some other sanitising gels can do to the hands. 

For the skin on my face being pretty oily, the skin on my body can get quite dry so I have to constantly be creaming my hands to keep them hydrated and soft. This product is also really good to use on the cuticles if they become dry. I tend to use this after I have washed my hands so they stay nourished. 

Like my hands my feet can also get rather dry at times and this cream is the product I always reach for that helps it. It is the best cream that I have tried that reduced dryness on the heels of the feet. How I use this product is that after a bath I will apply this generously to my heels and then apply socks over, this allows the product to really hydrate the heels and reduce dryness fast. 

Body Care is super important and shouldn't be forgotten about and Soap & Glory products are my fave to use for my body care routine. What are your favourite body care products?
Aaliyah xo

Are Makeup Sprays Worth Using?

Recently in the beauty world there has been a rise in the amount of makeup sprays being introduced. They go from primers to setting sprays and I've always wondered if they are really worth using and so they help with the application and staying power of out makeup routine! 

Skincare Gadgets I'm Interested In Trying!

Skincare has always been a big passion of mine and anything that makes skincare interesting and fun im always intrigued about! Here are a few items that I have recently discovered which have peaked my interest. 

This gadget is probably what im most excited about. The science behind this product is that the red and blue lights target acne-causing bacteria and it should reduce the appearance of spots and breakouts. To have this sort of item used on you during a facial treatment it can cost anywhere from £40 up to £100 because of its benefits but this handy product is only £19.99 and its on sale at boots! This would be perfect for anyone like me that has the odd breakout here and there. 

I have been lusting over this cleansing brush forever! I have heard so many good things about it and I have never had the chance to try it out (because its so expensive!). This silicon electrical brush can also be used for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. The thing I like most about this brush is that it is silicon, meaning it is easier to clean and the head of the brush doesn't need replacing like other electrical cleansing brushes that have bristles. 

This beauty stamp is actually a micro dermal impression tool which means that it has tiny needles that go into the upper layer of the skin which helps getting products that are applied after go deeper into the skin for quicker results. I like the idea of this because of the results that you would get from it, it does sound a little scary but the needles are only tiny. Most products like this are usually rollers whereas this product is a stamp which helps you use it in one area easily. 

This product isn't an electrical product but it looks so interesting. It is basically a facial in a box. It includes facial cups which can be used for a cupping facial massage for lifting the skin. The products in this kit are also all travel sized which makes it easier if your on the move but need a good pamper. I haven't used any Antonia Burrell products before but im always wanted to try new things. 

There are always new gadgets for skincare coming out all the time and im always investigating new things I want to try. What gadgets are you interested in trying? 
Aaliyah xo

How To Get High End Makeup For High Street Prices

I absolutely love High Street Makeup, they have come leaps and bounds at making their makeup inexpensive and still are amazing quality, But sometimes I do love to lust over High end makeup but I do feel that they can be expensive. In this guide I will show you how I find High end makeup for High street prices! 

As I've said in previous blog posts before is that I love to shop at Tk Maxx for beauty products at a reduced price. They have all different brands from well known ones and to ones that I haven't heard of before that are great to try out. The best way I like to shop in Tk Maxx is to actually go into the shop and have a look around, this way you can really see the products and test some of them out for yourself. Some of the price reductions that you can get is the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer which is usually £31.00 and you can get it for £9.99! A few times a year Tk Maxx have a beauty event where they have all different beauty products including skincare, makeup and body care items. 

Another place I like to get High End Makeup for a reduced price is Depop. Depop is an app that people can sell products that they do not use anymore and somebody else can give it a new home. You can sell products like clothes, shoes and makeup. I love to look through for bargains on high end makeup. Most of the products on Depop have been used and my tip for using the app is to always ask the seller questions about how much they have been used and if the product has been cleaned! Another thing I would check before buying makeup on depop especially if it is High End makeup is to check with the seller if the product is authentic. Products can be considerably cheaper for example you can get the Mac Warm Neutrals Palette which is usually £49.50 and a seller is selling it for £18!   

A website I like to use for getting High End Makeup for cheaper prices is Save On Makeup. This website also sells high street makeup for lower prices. On this website you can get a full range of products like makeup, skincare and body care. Some of the brands that they have on their website are Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and Este Lauder. Each brand has a limited amount of products but you will always find something that you will love. They also have high street brands like W7 which can sometimes be hard to find in certain stores. An example of the reduction you can get is the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour In Cosmic Pink for £9.94 and it is usually £23.00! 

Here are also a few different websites for cheaper High end makeup! 
Cherry Berry Cosmetics

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I will always have a love for a good bargain! I will continue to look for different places to buy High End Makeup for reduced prices. Where are your favourite place to get High end makeup for cheaper?
Aaliyah xo

My Makeup Must Haves! Date Night

I am thinking of starting a series where I show you my 5 Makeup Must-Haves for all different occasions for example Date Night, Holiday evening and Night Outs and much more! When going on a date especially if its the first date or with a partner it's always nerve-wracking, I have 5 must haves that I always go for on everyday date for my best makeup look!  

Best Ways To Organise Your Makeup Collection

If your like me and you wouldn't be able to fit all of your makeup into one small makeup bag then this guide will be perfect for you. I will show you how I organise my makeup and give you tips on the best ways to organise yours on a budget because lets face it, it can get expensive! 

When I was getting makeup obsessed and my collection was growing I was looking everywhere for an affordable set of drawers to store all of my makeup neatly. I saw every Youtuber under the sun have the Ikea ALEX drawer which is quite expensive and I did seriously want it but as I was looking around Ikea I saw the drawers that I have now which are actually considered children's storage, which is the TROFAST Frame. With this frame you are able to customise which size plastic drawers that you would like. I have four small drawers that I use to store my makeup (they are only £1.50!) and one bigger drawer for hair products (£3). I was so happy when I found this set because of how good it is for the price and it looks different and is perfect for storage. 

I think Ikea is the motherland for people who love inexpensive how decor (me) and good storage bits that are so stylish. I know everyone has been there and used the cute plant pots to store makeup brushes and sponges. For my set up I love to use one bigger pot for my face brushes like bronzer and powder brushes and then I have two smaller pots that I use for eye brushes and makeup sponges. I love these pots because they look so cute on top of my collection and also because they are just so handy to store all different things and they are so cheap! (You cant go wrong)

I looked around for ages to find the right organisers to fit into my drawers because they are all different sizes and I just couldn't find the right ones. The ones that I finally found were actually from Poundland! These little baskets are the best! and they are so cheap because they also come in a pack of two. They also come in three colours Grey, Black and White. I chose to get the black and white baskets for my drawers. I also was able to find smaller baskets in a pink colour to put my single eye shadows and other bits in. 

I've chopped and changed my mind on how to store my lip products for ages, I used to have a small desk drawer to store them but as my collection grew it just didn't work. Then I finally settled for the lipstick holders, for now all my lipsticks, glosses and liquid lipsticks fit (i'll probably need more as my collection grows). I also store my lip products in a small acrylic drawer which I actually got from Primark for just £4!

I am always on the look out for makeup storage which looks good and is affordable. I've recently been on a big internet search  from Ebay to Wiko to The Range to find the best storage ideas for you guys for under £10! Here is what I've found. 

1)Cracked Glass Tealight Holder £1.99, 2)Victoria Lace Basket £2.99, 3)Faced Cosmetic Organiser £2.49, 4)NORDANA Basket £6.00, 5)GODMORGON Set of 5 £10, 6)Metal Mini Plant Pot £3.99, 7)Black Palm Leaf Votive £2.00, 8)Cosmetic Perspex Set of Drawers £6.00, 9)KORKEN Mason Jar set of 3 £2.25

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Most of the products that I use and that I have suggested aren't actually makeup storage but for the cutest looking items you have to improvise! What are your favourite storage ideas?
Aaliyah xo

My Liquid Lipstick Collection

I recently had a big clear out of all my makeup because I was just keeping things because of the sake of it. The products I needed to sort out the most was my lip products especially my liquid lipsticks. I have narrowed my collection down to these ten liquid lipsticks and here's why!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'San Paulo' & 'Cannes'
I have a love hate relationship with this liquid lipstick, it has a very different consistency to other liquid lipsticks which is a slightly thicker consistency. The thing I love about this product is the colours for one because its a dark but bright pink which is very flattering and I also think that it would look lovely on all skin tones (San Paulo) and Cannes is a very flattering nude on me I also love the longevity of the lipsticks. What I dont like about this product is that it isn't very nice if you layer the product, meaning if you need a touch up and you reapply it tends to look thick and uneven. To beat this I tend to wipe off the product and start again which can be annoying if you are out. This liquid lipstick is also a bit different because it doesn't completely dry down like the others do. 

Barry M Matte Me Up 'Runway'
This liquid lipstick has the complete opposite consistency to the product before, as it has a quite watery consistency. I find this product much easier to apply because it goes on the lips so smoothly and it also dries so fast. Once this product has dried it isn't too dry where you can feel it on your lips because its a very light weight formula. The colour of this product is a very dark mauve which I love for nights out depending on my eye look. I reach for this lip product a lot because it lasts all day but you may need to touch up here and there if you eat or drink. 

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer 'Dash'
I wasn't too sure about this product before I purchased it because of the cheap price tag but I was pleasantly surprised. This liquid lipstick has a very similar formula to the Barry M lip paint and it is very easy to apply. This liquid lipstick doesn't last as long as the others but you can reapply the liquid lipstick on top without it looking thick. The colour of this liquid lipstick is very similar to the Barry M lip paint but it is slightly darker. This product also dries straight away within a matter of seconds. 

Essence Matt Matt Matte Longlasting Lipgloss 'Girl of Today'
This lip product is a bit different to the others on this list because it doesn't fully set matte and it applies and has a lot thicker consistency than the others. It also doesn't claim to be a liquid lipstick it is called a longlasting lipgloss. The main thing I like about this lip product is the colour, I do prefer the other formulas of the other liquid lipsticks because they set to be fully matte and this product only partially sets matte. 

Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream 'Velvet Slipper'
This liquid lipstick isn't one that I reach for the most because of a few reasons, one is that when it dries down it does leave your lips feeling slightly dry and also it wares away if your drinking or eating leaving an obvious mark. What I do like about this product is that it is very easy to apply with a nice thin consistency and I also love the dark pinky purple colour (looks great with a shimmery pink eye look). 

Menow Long Lasting Lip Gloss '08 & 34'
These liquid lipsticks I discovered when going on one of my Ebay hauls, I dont usually like to get makeup that I have heard of before because you may not be sure of the ingredients but because of the colours I had to try them. 08 is a bright pink that has small amounts of glitter and 34 is a dark orangy coral. The consistency of this product is slightly thicker than the others but still easy to apply. The longevity of this product is very long (my swatch still hasn't come off after trying to wash it off three times), the way I take this off is with elbow grease and some sort of oily remover. This liquid lipstick also leaves the lips feeling a bit dry once it has dried down. 

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick 'Androgyny'
I absolutely love this liquid lipstick and it is probably my favourite out of all the others. I dont think I have any bad things to say about this product. The colour is like a dark pinky grey colour which goes with most eye looks. If I know im going out for a long evening then this is the lip product I go for, it lasts hours and only rarely needs to be touched up. The applicator on this product is very different to the rest and it actually makes the product apply so much easier because it hugs the lips. 

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick 'Cher'
I discovered this liquid lipstick when I was going on one of my Beauty Bay hauls. I hadn't heard of Gerard Cosmetics before but I read the reviews and they were all really good. This liquid lipstick is one of my favourites because of its longevity! it stays on all day but it doesn't make sure lips feel really dry either. The colour of this is very similar to my Jeffree Star liquid lip but its a tad lighter so I tend to wear this one more during the day for a more subtle look.  

I am always on the look out for new liquid lipsticks to test and try out. They are my favourite form of lip products and wear them constantly. What other liquid lipsticks do you think I should try out?
Aaliyah xo

Sheet Mask Favourites Under £5

In the winter months I am always in need for a good hydrating sheet mask. My skin just lacks so much hydration and is in need for a good pick me up and the way I help this is to use Sheet Masks, they seem to just match my skin perfectly and help it to get its glow back. These are my favourite sheet masks for under £5 at the High Street.

This sheet mask is probably my favourite mask of all of them. It has the best hydrating properties and leaves my skin feeling brand new! After leaving this mask on for a few mins (I tend to leave it on for ages!) it leaves a serum on your skin which you massage into the skin leaving my skin super soft for hours afterwards. With this mask you are supposed to use it once a week but in the winter months I have been using it twice a week to give my skin an extra boost.
This Mask is perfect for my skin when my skin is going a bit crazy and being extra oily and problematic. This mask claims to stimulate and wake up the skin and after using this mask my skin does feel much more refreshed. The tea tree in this mask is perfect for my skin because I do have problematic skin and tea tree is a perfect remedy for that. This mask is also a cooling mask so I love using this mask after a long day at work and if im feeling a bit stressed. 

I used to use simple products when I was a teenager and have only recently discovered this sheet mask, I use this mask when iv had a long day at work and my skin just feels stressed. I love using this mask as well because I know that it is natural and doesn't contain any perfume or colouring which can irritate my skin. This mask contains Aloe and is made from natural fibres which makes it super soft when applied on the skin. 

Every now and then my skin seems to go a but crazy and all of a sudden a get blemishes when im stressed out, that is when this mask comes out. Whenever I see masks that claim to be blemish fighting I almost never believe it, when I saw this mask I had to try it and once I did I loved it. I use this mask when I feel a spot coming on and it seems to help reduce it. This mask contains tomoto extract and also salicylic acid which is perfect for getting rid of and preventing blemishes. 

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High Street Sheet Masks have been popping up everywhere and I'm definitely going to be trying out more as they come out. What are your favourite sheet masks for under £5? 
Aaliyah xo

Ebay Stationary Lust List

Every now and again I love to have a little look through Ebay to see what gems I can find. This time its all about stationary. Although blogging is all done online I love to plan my posts and write out my posts on good old pen and paper and with these bits i'll be a pro at it.

Creative Small Light Bulb Pen
When I came across this I was instantly intrigued. I didn't initially realise that it was an actual light at the end of the pen, when I found that out I needed to add it to my list. This little pen would be perfect for writing or reading in low light. I'm not exactly sure on how it works and how you actually charge it but it does sound like a good idea!  

Cartoon Plastic Fruit Sharpener 
I have a weird obsession with little objects like sharpeners or rubbers that look like food, I'm not sure why I just love them. These are just so cure that they had to go on my list for that reason only! I guess I could use them to sharpen eyeliner or lip liner pencils. 

Sass & Belle Notebook
I am one of those people that needs to write everything down or I will forget it and im not a fan on the notes on my phone so I always have a small notebook in my bag, this one is too cute it needs to go on my to buy list. I love anything that has Cacti on it and I also like it because it doesn't have lines so I can jot things down quickly or do a little doodle if needed. 

Cute Fruit Sticker Sticky Note
These sticky notes are the best thing on my list. I use sticky notes all the time and always the boring yellow ones and I need a bit of variety in my life! Another example that I love things in the shapes of food (hope that doesn't say anything about me). I think one in each variety of fruit is going on my list. 

Pen/Pencil Grip Corrector 
Now this does claim to be for kids but I think anybody could use these handy gadgets. The way that I write with a pen or pencil means that after an amount of time my third finger (not sure of the technical word) really hurts and gets a strain and this little thing looks like it would be perfect to help that. 

Cute Watercolour Gel Pen
If your like me that whenever you need a pen you cant actually find one?! But if I had this set I would hopefully would never loose them because they are just too cute. Another obsession of mine is pens, I have millions of them (somewhere). I also like that these are gel pens, I find them so much nicer to write with and make things look pretty. 

I'm always on the lookout for new stationary bits and bobs for my collection and I find Ebay is the best place to do this. Do you have any stationary bits brought from Ebay?

Tk Maxx Beauty Wish Lists

When you first think of Tk Maxx i'm sure the first thing that pops into your head is their beauty section but in fact its pretty good. From reduced High End brands like Too Faced and Smashbox to High Street Brands like Real Techniques, you will 100% find something that you love (for less). Here is some of the items that I've been lusting over recently. 

1. Nip & Fab Bee Sting Body Fix Souffle
£9.99 Down To £4.99
I have secretly always wanted to try out Nip & Fab products but never gotten round to actually buying it. I know they are now found in Superdrug but as I was going on a deep dive on Tk Maxx I found this and it will 100% be going on my list. I have heard so many good things about different Nip & Fab products especially this body souffle. This product contains bee's venom which helps to plump the skin, which I definitely need! So excited to give this a try. 

2. Makeup Forever Pink Aqua Rouge Lip Duo '16'
£23.00 Down To £7.99
I have never actually tried any Makeup Forever products before because it isn't the easiest brand to find in the UK, then I came across this gem and I had to put it on my wish list. There's two things im interested about are firstly the colour, I'm never that brave enough to wear that bright pink but you have to be adventurous and try new things! Another reason why im interested in this product is that it is a two in one product, it has a waterproof liquid lipstick and also a a clear lipgloss, So if one day I decide I want to just have a matte look day I can and then I can also add the lipgloss over the colour for a glossy pink lip or I can wear the gloss on its own. For the price of £7.99 its great!

3. Shimmer Squad Bath Bombs 
Bath products are probably one of my favourite things to buy and lust over and when I spotted this I was very intrigued, Firstly because its rose gold! and secondly because it contains rosehip which is so good for nourishing the skin and keeping it soft and smooth. I also think that for the price you get a really good amount of bath bombs. 

4. OPI Cupuacu & White Tea Hand Cream Set
£35.95 Down To £16.99
I have used OPI products for a number of years now an love all of their products but I think that sometimes they can be a ta overpriced so this set is definitely on my wish list. This set looks so luxurious with amazing ingredients which sound like they will do wonders for the skin. This set includes a hand serum (fancy) a hand cream and a cuticle oil. I'm not too sure what Cupuacu is but it sounds like it would be great for the skin and nails, I do know that white tea is very nourishing and softening for the skin. For just over half price I think this is an amazing deal!

5. Natural Sense Oatmeal & Honey Face Scrub
I mainly have oily skin but on certain areas like my nose gets really dry and need a good exfoliation. This exfoliator looks amazing and I can already smell it without even having it! Oatmeal and Honey together is a perfect combination for removing dead skin cells but also keeps the skin moisturiser. This is on my wish list because it looks different to any other exfoliator that iv seen. This product is also cruelty free which is amazing. 

6. Opulent Beauty Pro Makeup Brush

I'm always on the lookout for affordable makeup brush sets and whenever I come across them I have to investigate. This set looks professional and sleek and for that price it would probably be hard to find one quality brush for that price. With this brush set you can also use liquid and powder products which makes this set so much better. 

What is on your Tk Maxx wish list?