Ebay Stationary Lust List

3 February 2018

Every now and again I love to have a little look through Ebay to see what gems I can find. This time its all about stationary. Although blogging is all done online I love to plan my posts and write out my posts on good old pen and paper and with these bits i'll be a pro at it.

Creative Small Light Bulb Pen
When I came across this I was instantly intrigued. I didn't initially realise that it was an actual light at the end of the pen, when I found that out I needed to add it to my list. This little pen would be perfect for writing or reading in low light. I'm not exactly sure on how it works and how you actually charge it but it does sound like a good idea!  

Cartoon Plastic Fruit Sharpener 
I have a weird obsession with little objects like sharpeners or rubbers that look like food, I'm not sure why I just love them. These are just so cure that they had to go on my list for that reason only! I guess I could use them to sharpen eyeliner or lip liner pencils. 

Sass & Belle Notebook
I am one of those people that needs to write everything down or I will forget it and im not a fan on the notes on my phone so I always have a small notebook in my bag, this one is too cute it needs to go on my to buy list. I love anything that has Cacti on it and I also like it because it doesn't have lines so I can jot things down quickly or do a little doodle if needed. 

Cute Fruit Sticker Sticky Note
These sticky notes are the best thing on my list. I use sticky notes all the time and always the boring yellow ones and I need a bit of variety in my life! Another example that I love things in the shapes of food (hope that doesn't say anything about me). I think one in each variety of fruit is going on my list. 

Pen/Pencil Grip Corrector 
Now this does claim to be for kids but I think anybody could use these handy gadgets. The way that I write with a pen or pencil means that after an amount of time my third finger (not sure of the technical word) really hurts and gets a strain and this little thing looks like it would be perfect to help that. 

Cute Watercolour Gel Pen
If your like me that whenever you need a pen you cant actually find one?! But if I had this set I would hopefully would never loose them because they are just too cute. Another obsession of mine is pens, I have millions of them (somewhere). I also like that these are gel pens, I find them so much nicer to write with and make things look pretty. 

I'm always on the lookout for new stationary bits and bobs for my collection and I find Ebay is the best place to do this. Do you have any stationary bits brought from Ebay?

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