Tk Maxx Beauty Wish Lists

When you first think of Tk Maxx i'm sure the first thing that pops into your head is their beauty section but in fact its pretty good. From reduced High End brands like Too Faced and Smashbox to High Street Brands like Real Techniques, you will 100% find something that you love (for less). Here is some of the items that I've been lusting over recently. 

1. Nip & Fab Bee Sting Body Fix Souffle
£9.99 Down To £4.99
I have secretly always wanted to try out Nip & Fab products but never gotten round to actually buying it. I know they are now found in Superdrug but as I was going on a deep dive on Tk Maxx I found this and it will 100% be going on my list. I have heard so many good things about different Nip & Fab products especially this body souffle. This product contains bee's venom which helps to plump the skin, which I definitely need! So excited to give this a try. 

2. Makeup Forever Pink Aqua Rouge Lip Duo '16'
£23.00 Down To £7.99
I have never actually tried any Makeup Forever products before because it isn't the easiest brand to find in the UK, then I came across this gem and I had to put it on my wish list. There's two things im interested about are firstly the colour, I'm never that brave enough to wear that bright pink but you have to be adventurous and try new things! Another reason why im interested in this product is that it is a two in one product, it has a waterproof liquid lipstick and also a a clear lipgloss, So if one day I decide I want to just have a matte look day I can and then I can also add the lipgloss over the colour for a glossy pink lip or I can wear the gloss on its own. For the price of £7.99 its great!

3. Shimmer Squad Bath Bombs 
Bath products are probably one of my favourite things to buy and lust over and when I spotted this I was very intrigued, Firstly because its rose gold! and secondly because it contains rosehip which is so good for nourishing the skin and keeping it soft and smooth. I also think that for the price you get a really good amount of bath bombs. 

4. OPI Cupuacu & White Tea Hand Cream Set
£35.95 Down To £16.99
I have used OPI products for a number of years now an love all of their products but I think that sometimes they can be a ta overpriced so this set is definitely on my wish list. This set looks so luxurious with amazing ingredients which sound like they will do wonders for the skin. This set includes a hand serum (fancy) a hand cream and a cuticle oil. I'm not too sure what Cupuacu is but it sounds like it would be great for the skin and nails, I do know that white tea is very nourishing and softening for the skin. For just over half price I think this is an amazing deal!

5. Natural Sense Oatmeal & Honey Face Scrub
I mainly have oily skin but on certain areas like my nose gets really dry and need a good exfoliation. This exfoliator looks amazing and I can already smell it without even having it! Oatmeal and Honey together is a perfect combination for removing dead skin cells but also keeps the skin moisturiser. This is on my wish list because it looks different to any other exfoliator that iv seen. This product is also cruelty free which is amazing. 

6. Opulent Beauty Pro Makeup Brush

I'm always on the lookout for affordable makeup brush sets and whenever I come across them I have to investigate. This set looks professional and sleek and for that price it would probably be hard to find one quality brush for that price. With this brush set you can also use liquid and powder products which makes this set so much better. 

What is on your Tk Maxx wish list?

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