My Most Used Makeup!

Even though I have a very big makeup collection I still have the odd bits of makeup that I will use over and over again because I love them! These are the few makeup items that have been used and abused in my collection.

Tk Maxx Beauty Wish List Part Two

Recently while looking through the Tk Maxx Website I have seen that there has been an increase in the High End brands that they offer like Nars, Too Faced and Makeup Forever. This has got me interested in doing another Tk Maxx wish list to share all my lusts with you! 

Best Brow Products For Dark Brows!

I have found it difficult in the past to find the right brow products to suit my eyebrow colour because my brows are so dark. Here I have found my holy grail brow products that I can't live without!

My Blogging Journey So Far

For years I have wanted to start my own blog but never really had the courage to actually start one. I've read many different blogs over the years and just wanted to start writing my own about my passion which is beauty and now that I have started it I love it!

Wish List: Makeup I Can't Afford!

It seems like at the end of the month when my bank balance is something that I dont want to know about, I seem to look through all the makeup that I really want to buy and try out. Here is all the makeup that I have been lusting over.

My Favourite Lip Products

Out of all the lip products that I have (which is a lot!) I have selected a few that are on the top of my list and that I reach for in my collection the most. From Lipsticks to Lip glosses I have created this list for you to see my ultimate favourite lip products. 

I Tried All The Free Samples I Got From Magazines!

You know when you have a magazine and you flick through the pages and see the samples and think that you'll try it later and never actually do it, then your just like me. This time I decided to go through all the magazines I have (which is a lot) and actually try the products and see if I like them and if I would actually purchase them.

Whats In My March 2018 Birchbox!

I have recently been very interested in different Beauty Boxes and was trying to decide for ages which one I wanted to get and I ended up deciding with Birchbox! I haven't tried beauty boxes before because I always had the though that you only got random bits that you'll never use but with my March Birchbox it showed me that this isn't true! 

Testing Primark Eye Shadow Palettes

For a while now Primark has brought out their own makeup range PS and I have used a few products before like their brushes and a few lipsticks but never (until now) got round to trying out their eyeshadow palettes. Here I will show you my first impression of the Urban and Berry Palettes. 

Body Care Products To Help Dry Skin

Were in March now and the weather is as horrible as ever, in the UK we have had snow, ice and rain even though its supposed to be spring and for this our skin is suffering! I think sometimes we do forget that our body needs just as much TLC as the skin on our faces so I've put together these few products that I use to hydrate my skin. 

ASOS DESIGN Makeup Wish List

A few months ago ASOS came out with their own beauty range and I've been interested in trying it ever since. A lot of different clothing high street stores have b released their own makeup ranges over the years like Topshop, New Look and H&M and I've loved products from these stores so im putting together my ASOS wish list to try out a new range.

Best Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges

Lets face it as much as we would probably like to admit we don't wash our brushes as much as we should, It just takes so long and when you have so many brushes it does get tiring. When I do decide to wash them (I promise I dont leave them for too long) I use these tips to get my brushes nice and clean. 

Winter Essentials Ebay Edition

Recently in Britain the weather has been going crazy with snow, sleet and ice. I have been searching Ebay to find different winter essentials to get me through this freezing Feb/March.