My Favourite Lip Products

Out of all the lip products that I have (which is a lot!) I have selected a few that are on the top of my list and that I reach for in my collection the most. From Lipsticks to Lip glosses I have created this list for you to see my ultimate favourite lip products. 

I have a very specific list that I grade lip glosses on, they have to be extra shiny, doesn't go clumpy and must not me sticky and this lipgloss ticks all the boxes! My favourite part about this lipgloss is that it has great colour pay off. I lasts for a long time and doesn't give your lips that horrible sticky feeling other glosses do. 

For the days that I dont wear a lot of makeup and I love to wear this lip crayon. I mainly love the colour which is a bright pink but I also love how comfortable it is to wear. Once the shine has gone throughout the day it leave a nice stain of the pinky colour. 

When I was looking through the colours I was instantly drawn to Virgo (and not because its my star sign) but I loved the orangey coral colour of this product. The consistency is a little different to a normal lip gloss because its more of a liquid lipstick that isn't matte. The colour play off is great and looks perfect in the summer. 

I have so many lipsticks in my collection and when im looking for a lipstick that I know lasts long and is comfortable to wear I always go for this one. The colour of this Lipstick goes with everything, it looks neutral enough to wear it during the day and with a nice eye look you can dress it up for the evening. 

This is one of my more expensive lip products but its one of my favourites. I would probably say that I dont actually have a bad thing to say about this liquid lipstick. I absolutely love the colour and it stays on all day (even through eating!) without making your lips feel too dry. 

Years ago I didn't really see the point of lip liners but I have learnt to love them especially this one. The colour of this lip liner is pretty neutral that it can go under most lipsticks and look good. I sometimes use this lipstick underneath light coloured lip products to make them a little darker. It also helps with the longevity of my other lip products. 

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From all of my lip products these are my favourites that I will always use and repurchase when I finish them. What are your favourite products?
Aaliyah xo

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