Tk Maxx Beauty Wish List Part Two

Recently while looking through the Tk Maxx Website I have seen that there has been an increase in the High End brands that they offer like Nars, Too Faced and Makeup Forever. This has got me interested in doing another Tk Maxx wish list to share all my lusts with you! 

RRP £21.00 Down To £9.99
In the past I have tried Nars products (when I can get them on a discount) but not too many because they are quite expensive and have really loved the quality of the products. When I came across this I was very happy because I didn't know Tk Maxx did their makeup. This products caught my eye because of the deep red colour and I also like the formulas of different matte crayons because they aren't drying too for the lips. 

Pixi Beauty Get The Look Eyeshadow Palette 
RRP £28.00 Down To £14.99
Another brand that I didn't know Tk Maxx carried! Out of the pixi products I have used in the past their eye shadows hasn't been one of them but this excites me. The colours look like the neutral brown and gold colours that I love to wear on a daily basis. I also love that there is a lot of product in each pan. The eye shadow pans are also the same size as the blusher and bronzers which is a plus. 

Daily Concepts Your Body Scrubber
RRP £10.00 Down To £4.99
This product is a body sponge/scrubber that helps remove dead skin cells and (from the description) should promote cell turnover for healthier skin. What I like most about this product is that it comes in either gentle, mild or vigorous depending on how rough you like the sponge to be for your skin. 

Tangle Angel Pink Heart Detangling Brush
RRP £9.95 Down To £4.99
When I wake up in the morning I actually do look like I have been electrocuted with the state of my hair and I'm always in need of a good detangling brush that doesn't pull all the hairs out of my head. What I also like about this brush that unlike the Tangle Teezer is it has a handle meaning it would probably be easier to brush through your hair. 

Revlon Light Beauty On The Go Travel Kit
RRP £29.00 Down To £9.99
This little kit looks perfect for people who are travelling or on the go. I've never actually seen this kit in High Street stores, only on Tk Maxx. This kit contains a highlighter stick, blush stick and a lip crayon. It does claim to be for light skin tones but I think if you pair the products with different makeup items it would be good for any skin tone! 

BBrow Brow Corrector
RRP £17.00 Down To £4.99
I dont think I have ever seen a product like this one before, Its a brow correcting product so it means if you need to correct any mistakes with your brows while doing them you can. This is a but of an extravagant product because you can just use a cotton bud and some makeup remover but it does look interesting. It also comes with an extra tip and for the price reduction you can't go wrong!

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Tk Maxx has really upped their game in the beauty department and I am loving it. Have you tried anything from the Tk Maxx beauty department before?
Aaliyah xo

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