Winter Essentials Ebay Edition

Recently in Britain the weather has been going crazy with snow, sleet and ice. I have been searching Ebay to find different winter essentials to get me through this freezing Feb/March. 

I think everyone has that moment in the winter when they are standing outside and want to use your phones but your hands will freeze, these gloves seem a perfect solution for this. These gloves look like they will keep your hands warm because of the thick wool! And they are also very stylish and would look great with any outfit. 

I think everybody has a bobble hat in their collection but this hat just looks too cute because the bobble looks so big! This hat also comes in many colours to suit all of your outfits. In the description of this hat it says you can also remove the pom pom and you can also use it as a plain beanie which is a plus.

When im at home in the winter I have always got a nice warm throw over on me to keep me comfy and cosy and this one looks so comfortable! This throw can also be used for different things like putting it on the edge of the bed of hung over an arm chair. This throw also comes in different sizes which is perfect for everyone. 

I have a serious obsession with candles, I have a whole box full of candles that I need to try but iv always wanted to try LED candles especially the ones that you can change the colour depending on your mood. What I also find interesting is that they are vanilla scented, I wonder how that works!

No one could ever have enough fluffy socks! They are perfect for around the house or if your wearing boots out in the snow to keep your feet extra warm! I think these ones are extra cute as well because of all the different colours that you can get. 

I have seen many of different fairy lights but I haven't seen any orchid ones and they are the cutest! On a winters night I love to sit at home watching TV with a candle on and some fairy lights and these ones would look perfect by my window. 

During winter we all need our comforts to keep us warm on these freezing cold evenings and im always on the lookout for different winter essentials. What are your winter essentials? 
Aaliyah xo 

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