Whats In My Everyday Makeup Bay Updated!

One of my first posts on this blog was a 'Whats in my everyday makeup bag!' which was a few months ago now and I try to change up my makeup quite often so I thought I would do an updated one for you. 

High End Makeup Worth Spending Your Money On!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will notice that I love using High Street/Drugstore makeup but every now and again I love to splash out on certain products that I love and here I will show you the products that I love to splash out on. 

Testing: Garnier Skinactive Valcano Mask

I was casually having a stroll through savers (I do quite often if I finish work early) and I came across this mask pack from Garnier and was instantly intrigued. Here is what happened when I first tested this face mask. 

3 Looks With One Palette: Revolution Beauty New Trals vs Neutrals Palette

This palette is one of my ultimate favourites because there are so many different looks that you can create with just this palette. This Revolution Beauty palette has 16 shades and 12 of these shades and shimmery and the rest of the shades are matte. I only used this palette for these 3 simple looks with no other colours used, meaning its perfect for anyone travelling or on the move.

Tips & Tricks From A Beauty Therapist: Why Our Skin Needs Vitamin A

This post I will be explaining why having Vitamin A in our skin is important. Skincare is a key part in our beauty routine, we need to make sure the products that we're using contain the right ingredients to keep our skin looking and feeling great!

My Favourite 7th Heaven Montagne Jeunesse Products

I think I have been using Montagne Jeunesse products since I was about 15, I remember I got a gift set for my birthday and loved the products ever since. They are also really good products for their small price tag and have everything you need from hair mask to face masks and body scrubs. Here are my favourites which I can't live without. 

Flatlay Wish List Items: Spring Edition

Recently I have been trying to up my flatlay game and I thinkI'mm improving! One of my favourite parts of having a blog is the photographs and creating lovely flatlays. I have been looking daily to find some items that I'm interested in. 

Testing: Revolution Beauty Conceal & Define Concealer!

Recently Makeup Revolution has now become Revolution Beauty which I actually quite like! They have also brought out a bunch of new products that people are going crazy for especially their Foundation stick and Concealer. I was only able to get the concealer in my shade but I will keep trying for the foundation stick because I've heard amazing things!  

The Best High Street Setting Powders!

For your full face of makeup to last all day it is important to set your makeup with the right setting powder. I have seen a lot of High-End powders that are really good but I've always used High Street ones because of their much more affordable price tag! 

5 Blushers Perfect For Spring!

Looking at the weather for next week in the UK we are finally getting warmer weather and a bit of sun, It's been so cold in the UK recently and I think we need it. So I thought id put together the blushes that I think perfect to wear during the spring! 

Beauty Tips I've Learnt From Reading Magazines!

I think now magazines aren't read as much as they used to be but I still love picking up a magazine and flicking through the pages. Here I will share with you all the beauty tips and tricks that I have learnt just looking through some magazines. 

My Favourite Mascaras With Before & After's

Out of my big collection of mascaras (probably too big), I have 5 favourites that I use on a loop. Whether they give me volume or length I have put this list to show you how they look on my lashes with before and after photos! 

My Blog Resources: Tips To Help You Start Your Blog

Starting a blog can be difficult and I found it quite hard to know which services to use and the ones that would be helpful. I looked all over to find answers and I found that Makeup Savvy's guide to be most helpful. So now iv decided to make my own guide of services that I use to help out new bloggers like me! 

Tips & Tricks By A Beauty Therapist: Why Do We Need SPF?

I'm thinking of starting a new series on my blog where I give you tips and tricks for your skin. I will be giving you the tips from my knowledge of being a beauty therapist. Throughout my career I have learnt a lot that I didn't know before so im going to share that will you!

How I Stay Organised!

When I first started my blog I didn't really have a plan on when posts would go up and I would think of a post and just write it straight away but as I went on I realised that's not the best way, Here I will show you how I now stay organised. 

Make Up Must Haves: Spring Edition!

Now we are finally in spring (even though it doesn't look or feel like it in the UK) we need to have a little spring clean of our winter makeup! Here are my favourite must have items I need to use during the spring months!

What Is It With High Street Makeup Brands And Their Shade Ranges?!

Over the past few month I have noticed that different High End brands have upped their game with their foundation colour ranges, ranging from very pale to very dark like Fenty Beauty and Cover FX. Then I realised that High Street brands have not caught up just yet, Here I investigate different brands and their shade ranges.