Flatlay Wish List Items: Spring Edition

17 April 2018

Recently I have been trying to up my flatlay game and I thinkI'mm improving! One of my favourite parts of having a blog is the photographs and creating lovely flatlays. I have been looking daily to find some items that I'm interested in. 

Artificial Gypsophila Panoculata Flowers £1.49

Flowers are key in spring and they look so lovely in flatlays. A lot of bloggers use real flowers but I like to use fake flowers so you can use them for multiple photo's. I chose these flowers because of how delicate they look and how realistic they look and that's important for fake flowers in my photos. 
I feel like lace in general just reminds me of spring. You can use this lace in many ways as well, you can layer it for a background, tie it into bows or drape it over your products for a more relaxed look. This ribbon also comes in many colours so it will fit any type of flatlay that your going for. 
For a pretty flatlay I think sprinkling a few sequins around really make the photo look better. I have used small sequins before but they aren't as easy to see in photographs so I have gone with the larger ones. The nice light pink colour of these sequins are also perfect for spring.
I love any types of fairy lights I probably have around 5 different ones at home. For the spring I think anything that has a flower on it is perfect for spring flat lays. I like to use fairy lights when I dont have too many products in the photo, they are great for using up space but also making it look pretty. 

Artificial Silk Rose Petals £0.58

I would love to be able to have real flowers in all my photos but they dont last very long so these fake petals are just perfect. They dont look super realistic up close but if your taking a photo from a distance they look really good. You can get these petals in all different colours to match your photos and what look you are going for. 

Small Letter Board Sign £13.99

I have always wanted one of these signs, they look so great in photos that I've seen and they are great for putting your blog post name in your photos. I also really like that this one is in grey whereas all the other signs that I've seen are usually in black, The grey just looks more spring like. 

Baby Pink Satin Double Faced Ribbon £0.99

Ribbon really just looks good in any flatlay, I have seen a few bloggers twist it up or tie it into a bow which I think looks super cute. My photos have a slight pink theme to them so I usually go for a light dusky pink but with this ribbon, it comes in all colours and different widths. 

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I absolutely love taking new photos for all my posts and adding in different props and items to make my photos look just the way I want them to. Do you have any items that you use for your flat lays? 

Aaliyah xo

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