Recently as I've been looking through Ebay I thought I'd try out a few beauty gadgets that I've been seeing a lot over on social media, I wanted to see if these items actually work and if I would carry on using them in the future. 

I am obsessed with samples, they help you try out products without having to pay the full price and if you get deluxe samples you have a longer time to try out the products to make sure that its right for you, Here I'll show you the ones ill be repurchasing. 

I was having a little look through Pinterest one day and saw loads of eye makeup looks that I really wanted to try out so I narrowed it down to two. Now I'm going to say I'm no makeup artist but I love playing around with eyeshadows and this is the best I came out with. 

I've never actually done a product empties on my blog before and I always find them really interesting to read, to see what people have loved and what they will or won't be purchasing again. This month I have finished up a load of products from skincare to makeup to sun care that I'm going to share with you.

Walking around the shops it wasn't my intention to get some bits but I couldn't resist especially seeing all the summer accessories in Primark. Also these skincare items have been my favourites in the past and are repurchases. 

Now we are finally getting some nice weather in the UK I thought it was time that I put together another Ebay wish list but this one will be all the things I want for the summer months. 

Each month I get really excited to see what I receive in my birchboxes, this is my third box and it came within a matter of days, I absolutely love the packaging of this box as well! I love that you get a mixture of body care, hair care, skincare and makeup so I'm able to try out things I wouldst have chosen before. 

Recently I have discovered so many new bloggers that I cannot stop reading. I have been doing a lot of comment threads on twitter to help out my posts and have found so many posts that I have really enjoyed and loved, Here I'll share the posts I've loved recently.  

Last week I decided to take a little trip down to Superdrug and I was just having a look with no intention in buying anything but I couldn't resist myself when I went to the MUA counter. Here I will show you what I brought and my first impressions of the products. 

This month I think something went wrong with my order and I only received my Birchbox at the end of April that's why this post is coming a bit late! I was excited all month to try this box out because they did a collaboration with Cath Kidston. Here I'll show you everything I received and what I'v been able to try out. 

Recently I've been seeing loads of new beauty products have been released from makeup to skincare and body products so I had to put a wish list together to show you all of the bits that I interested in.