Revolution has done it again, they have brought out a new product that I've instantly wanted to ey have brought out another concealer in the Fast Base range which is specifically for the Under eye area. Again I went on an innocent shopping spree without the intention of buying anything new but I stumble across this concealer and has to get it because it's shiny and new. In this review, I will give you my review and first impression on this concealer.

Recently I have decided to change up my skincare routine and make sure that I'm doing it morning and evening to better my skin, But I have also discovered that whilst having a good skincare regime is great but if your eating all the wrong foods your skin just won't benefit. Here I'll explain how healthy eating can be beneficial for our skin. 

Last week I was kindly sent this eye mask from Feel Good Contact which is the Therma°Pearl Eye-ssential Mask (love the pun!) which can be used either hot and cold for dry eyes, headaches/sinuses, puffy eyes and more. When I was contacted by the brand I was so happy to review this product as I actually suffer from a load of these eye issues. Here I give my honest review of this product. 

I done my first product empties way back in May which you can read here and since then I have gathered a few more bits and bobs that I've used all up. This time I've used up some more skincare which I don't usually do because I try out a lot of new products. I find these types of posts one of the most interesting to read because you find out what products people actually love and finished up. 

Recently I have started to pay more attention to the makeup products that I apply to my skin and have realised a lot of brands add harsh chemicals to their makeup that can irritate and cause breakouts to our skin. I've decided to use a lot more mineral makeup on my skin and here I'll explain why it's benefiting my skin. 

Working in the beauty industry I have come across some beauty problems that need solutions and finally, I have found them. In this post, I will show you all the problems I've faced with either makeup or skincare and show you how I've dealt with it!

Every now and again I get really stuck in a rut with my products and forget to try new things or even go back through some products that I haven't used in a while. I then decided to go through all of my makeup, skincare and hair care and found some hidden gems that I haven't used in ages and have added them back into my Beauty routine. Here I will show you all the products that I've recently rediscovered. 

Recently I have had a small blogging break because I went away for a few days and when I arrived home I was happy to find that I received my 6th Birchbox which means that I am finally a VIP member! This means that I get 15% off instead of 10% (which I need with my spending habits!) With becoming a VIP subscriber of Birchbox I also was gifted a really cute holographic makeup bag. This month Birchbox teamed up with Etsy for 10 different designs for their boxes with each one being a representation of their creativity and products. The box I received was designed by Lucy Says I Do if your getting married or just love weddings I would definitely check her shop out.