Drugstore Vs High-end: Silver Firming Masks!

11 March 2019

drugstore vs high-end: silver firming masks

I am a budget junkie and if I can get anything a little bit cheaper or for a discount then I definitely will. Dupes are my absolute favourites to find and I think I might have found some with the products that I'll compare today in my new series for this blog Drugstore Vs Highstreet! 

The Contenders

I decided to pick these two masks to compare together mainly because of the drastic difference in price (£36.71 difference to be exact) and the fact that they are described pretty similarly with the claim that they are both firming masks. I also have to point out that they are both also silver!

The Claims

Quick Fix Facials: The Quick Fix Facials Mask has anti-ageing properties and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity. This mask has added ingredients such as Allantoin which helps prevent skin irritation and supports the natural regeneration of the skin and Hyaluronic Acid which helps provide intense moisture to the skin. 

GlamGlow: The Glamglow mask tightens the appearance of the skin and sagging and tired skin. The Innovative mask works as an easy peel off treatment which changes from a light creamy colour to a darker shade once it dries, signalling when the treatment has done its work. This mask leaves the skin feeling youthful and firm and the contours of the skin are uplifted offering a more radiant and defined look. 


The packaging from both of the products is pretty different, you can see from my photo that I have that sample size of the Glamglow mask (I can't afford the full size) but I will be judging the packaging and product amount of the product in the full-size version to make it all fair. 

The Quick Fix Facials mask is in a squeezy tube which is silver with the writing and product name all very clearly on the front with purple and white writing. The packaging of this mask isn't really too fancy but you can't expect that when your only paying £5.29, What I do like about the packing is the squeezy tube because it makes getting out the product a lot easier. 

The Glamglow Full-size packaging (Which you can see in the image below) is really gorgeous. The packaging of the mask is in a silver tub with the purple on the outside. This mask comes with a lid that you screw on which is the complete opposite of the Quick Fix Facials mask. There is one issue that I have with this mask is that with it being a tub it may be easier for it to be contaminated with bacteria or you may take out too much product at a time. Overall the packaging of this mask is my favourite out of the two.  

Product Amount 

As the two different products are packaged differently they are measured in different units, the High-end GlamGlow Mask has 50g of product which for the price is pretty good and I think would last your ages especially if you don't overuse the mask. The Quick Fix Facials mask has 75ml of product which for the price is amazing and again I think you would get a lot of use out of this mask.    

Similarities & Differences


  • The colour - The silver colour if the masks are very similar 
  • The peel-off aspect of the masks are both the same 
  • The claims at which they are both firming and tightening 
  • Anti-ageing 
  • The price!
  • The packaging of the masks are very different 
  • The product amount, there isn't too much difference there though
  • The Glamglow mask is supposed to dry down to a different shade 

silver firming mask swatch

Wear Test

For the wear test, I applied the Quick Fix Facials mask on the left side of my face and the Glamglow mask on the right side of my face to make it a fair test. I applied the masks at the same time and left them it on for around 20-30 minutes until both of the masks were completely dried down. 

When I was applying both of the masks I did start to see a few more differences than I didn't notice before, With the Quick Fix mask, I found that it was slightly thicker in consistency than the Glamglow and it did take slightly longer to apply it to my face because it was slightly more sticky. The Glamglow mask applied like a dream, I find peel off masks to be quite difficult to apply but this mask really did go on a lot easier because the consistency wasn't as thick as the Quick Fix Facials mask. 

silver firming mask comparison

The dry down time for both of the masks was very quick and even though the Quick Fix Mask was quite a bit thicker it still didn't take that long to dry down at all. Once both of the masks had dried down I literally couldn't move my face which I quite like because it feels like the masks are working and doing their job at firming the skin. When feeling both sides of my face once the mask had dried, the left side of my face with the Quick Fix Facial mask did feel slightly more rough than the Glamglow side which was very smooth. Another thing I noticed was that I didn't actually see the Glamglow mask change colour really, I think it became slightly more silvery (if that makes sense) 

Now the peel! The Glamglow mask was a dream to peel off, it came off really easily and there wasn't too much of the mask left over on my skin. Now we have the Quick Fix Facials mask, it really really hurt to take this mask off, It actually felt like I was giving myself a facial wax! I actually saw a dew tiny hairs on the mask after I pulled it off. Once I got the mask off finally my skin overall did feel really lovely on both sides, my skin on the left side did feel plumper but I think that might have been from all of the blood rushing to my face because of the mask being pulled off! 

The Winner 

I think for the first time ever I actually prefer the High-end product over the Drugstore. The reason for this is that overall the Glamglow mask was a lot easier to apply and also take off and made my skin still feel really soft and slightly firmer. The bad things about the Quick Fix Facials mask is that it really did hurt when pulling it off, if this mask didn't cling to the hairs on my face then I think it would have been up there with the Glamglow mask because once my skin had calmed down I really liked how soft and plump my skin was. 

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Overall I was impressed with both of the masks and there were a few things I didn't like about the masks and for the first time, I think I would pay the extra for the High-End mask! Have you tried any of these masks before? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I have heard quite a lot about Glamglow actually and was always curious to try it. I could try this mask!

    1. I was suprised by how much I really enjoy the mask and even though it’s pretty pricey I think it’s worth it! X

  2. I've not tried either of these masks before but funnily enough I picked up a GlamGlow dupe in Aldi (of course) at the weekend. I've used it once and been very impressed. Interesting that this time around you prefer the high-end version and I love that you used both masks at once for a true comparison :)

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Ooo I’ll defineltly be keeping an eye out for the Aldi dupe that sounds really great! I hardly ever prefer the high-end version and if the other mask didn’t hurt to remove it would have been a close race! X

  3. I've never tried either of these before but I do have a hydrating mask from quick fix that I quite like. It seemed quite tight for the winner until you said it hurt to take it off! Definitely not going to be trying the cheaper one on this occasion. Love this series idea too! x


    1. I also have a different mask from Quick Fix which isn’t a peel off and I really enjoy using that one! It’s a shame because I did like how it made my skin feel but I’m not sure I want a facial wax every time I do a face mask! X

  4. Wow, okay! So Glamglow is worth the price, you'd say? I've been wondering about trying it forever!

    Rhianna x

    1. I would definelty pick the GlamGlow mask, the product all around was really great! It’s a shame if the other mask didn’t hurt to remove I would have loved that one too x

  5. These both sound great! I'm going to check if either of them are vegan, or if not try and find a vegan version. Great review on both of them darling! 🌻💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

    1. They are really lovely masks, I should have checked out if they are vegan, hopefully they are, Thank you x

  6. Thanks for this! While both products looked extremely similar on the skin, I definitely would go with Glam Glow simply because it's easier to peel off the face.

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. I thought it would be a really close call and it was but the losing thing has to be that it hurt to remove which isn’t fun or relaxing so I would go for the GlamGlow mask too x

  7. I have heard a lot about glam glow and still haven’t tried it! X

    1. If you would get a sample of the mask and give it a go you would really enjoy it I’m sure! X

  8. The GlamGlow one really goes look aand sound so good, I just don't know if I could justify the price if I'm completely honest! So glad you enjoyed it though!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. The price is a lot and even I’m hesitating about it but if your main concern you want with your skin is firming and hydrating I think it’s definitely worth it! X

  9. The Glamglow masks sounds like such an incredible product. It's the perfect splurge for when you want to do a little something special for yourself.

    Britt | http://unapologeticallyyou.org

    1. This mask would definitely be a treat as it is pretty expensive but I think it’s worth it! X

  10. I think when it comes to skin care, it's like a routine of self-care. Pain and self-care do not go along together! From what you have written, glamglow is the winner! But I reckon there's a high chance you could find a cheaper dupe from it, especially from like Korean brands.
    Laura / https://www.laustworld.com

    1. Definitely, when I want to do a face mask it’s usually the time of the evening when I want to relax and pain isn’t really what I’m going for! I really need to try out more Korean Beauty products they all sound amazing!

  11. Wow, such a price difference! I couldn't work out which would win until you said about peeling it off! This is such a good way to review things, the glamglow mask does sound really lovely!
    Hels xx

  12. I've never heard if Glamglow, but I have been on the lookout for a new mask so I may look into this! Thanks for the tips! :)


  13. Haven't tried both but this was such a great review! Will check Glamglow! 😊


  14. I've never tried a firming mask before, but I love the silver shades of these! I hate it when a peel off mask hurts to pull off!

    Kayla | www.kaylajayne.co.uk