june birchbox flatlay with notebooks, makeup, skincare and makeup brushes

Summer has officially arrived and in the UK we are kind of seeing the results of it with a bit of sun here and there. This month I have received another great Birchbox which has a really pretty summery design to it that I can't wait to dive into and see what I got. 
hand luggage items sunglasses, kindle, notebooks and beauty products

I am obsessed with being organised and for a holiday I think if it's possible that I've become even more obsessed. I have lists for everything and I've recently just sat down and wrote my hand luggage list, I'm going to be going on a nearly 10-hour flight so I need to be prepared. In this post, I have put together all the items and products that I'll be taking in my hand luggage bag and I have also created a FREE printable checklist for you to use on your next holiday! 
suncreens flatlay with 4 different sun creams

Summer was supposed to have arrived in the UK but looking out the window while writing this post you wouldn't think so. Even though at this moment the sun isn't shining hopefully we will get some soon and some of you may have a holiday booked so I thought id put together all of my favourite sunscreens that are designed for the face! Not a lot of people know this but even in the Winter we should be wearing SPF to stay protected so this post will be useful all year round. 
travel makeup bag flatlay

The countdown has officially begun and it is now only 16 days until my Jamaica holiday and I have to tell you that I think all of my posts leading up to it will be holiday themed. The first post in a line of more summery posts is actually my Travel Makeup bag. This was a hard post to write because I actually had to sit and think about what products to take away with me when all I wanted to do was take my whole collection but I think for an 11 day holiday that may be too much! So get ready to grab a cuppa and a biscuit because this is going to be a long one.

{Ad - Gifted} A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted a Derma Roller and some goodies to give a try from DermaRollerSystem (you can check out their website here). I have been wanting to try a Derma Roller for ages so I was very excited to give this gadget a go. There are so many benefits with using a derma roller so I wanted to see if the hype was all true.

Summer has finally arrived even though in the UK it really doesn't look like it, it's still pretty cloudy and rainy but I thought a few summer eyeshadow looks will be just the trick to bring the sun out. I have put together a post with all of my favourite palettes to use during the summer with two Drugstore and to High-end.

Summer has officially arrived and now when I'm sitting here writing this post the Sun is actually out and shining and it is 25°. Summer has got to be one of my favourite months but it isn't very forgiving for our skin, So I thought I put this list together of all the products I use on my skin to get me through the summer months.