A few months ago ASOS came out with their own beauty range and I've been interested in trying it ever since. A lot of different clothing high street stores have b released their own makeup ranges over the years like Topshop, New Look and H&M and I've loved products from these stores so im putting together my ASOS wish list to try out a new range.

Last summer everyone and their mother was wearing glitter and I loved it! I found it hard to find nice quality glitter at High Street stores which doesn't look cheap and this little kit looks like a perfect solution for that. This pot also comes with a wax for the glitter to adhere to (This is also perfect for upcoming festivals and you can touch up your glitter on the go!)

I'm always on the look out for a good neutral palette that doesn't just have 5 different shades of brown and I like the look of this one because it has more of a peachy undertone to the colours, which looks really nice on my skin tone. This palette is have 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer which I think is perfect to create a look with just this palette alone (I like to do this on my lazy makeup days)

I think the Beauty Guru's would disown me if they know that I still used black liner in my lower water line (which I have probably been doing since I was 12 no joke) but I love it and I think im so used to doing it i'll never stop! I always need a new pencil liner that's really dark and that stays one my water line all day. I also like the idea that this pencil is twist up so you wont end up with a tiny pencil because you have sharpened it too much. 

For the days that I wear foundation I always set it with some sort of powder and recently I have used powder that colour to it and sometimes I feel like its too much and I only really have loose powder which it translucent so im interested in trying a pressed translucent powder. The description for this powder says that you can also use it to mattify your skin on foundation free days which I think would work really well! 

Liquid eye liners in Pen form have always been my favourite because they are the easiest to use. I was interested in this ASOS one because the tip looks thin enough to get a good cat eye but it doesn't look too thin that it would take you ages to fill the cat eye in! Its intense black colour makes it perfect for a night out look. 

Whenever I see a matte lipstick from a high street brand im always intrigued like are they drying? do they last long? do they apply smoothly? I need to know! The colour of the lipstick I also like, its like a deep pink without it being neon and I think this colour would look great on all skin tones as well. 

From my research there isn't many chubby highlighter sticks from inexpensive makeup ranges except this one from ASOS. This creamy highlighter is in a oyster pink shade to give the skin more of a glow than a shimmery highlighter. It has a luminous finish so would be perfect for a holiday night out. 

I know I said earlier that I preferred pen liners which I do but what I really liked about this liner was the deep blue colour that would be great for experimenting with different eye looks. The description of this liner says that it has a thin brush tip which would make the application of the liner easier. 

From the gorgeous packaging to the pretty makeup you can say there is a few things on my wish list that I really need to try out! What are you interested in trying from the ASOS Makeup line? 
Aaliyah xo 

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