For years I have wanted to start my own blog but never really had the courage to actually start one. I've read many different blogs over the years and just wanted to start writing my own about my passion which is beauty and now that I have started it I love it!

I started my blogging journey at the beginning of the year and for it only being a short amount of time I think its going really well. Being able to write about your passion is the best part and having people read your posts that you work really hard on is also great. I'm not going to say that its been all plain sailing because it can actually be quite hard. I'm constantly thinking of new post ideas that are interesting for people and I want to be noticed like all the other amazing bloggers out there. 

I have always been obsessed with beauty (hence my blog name) I even do it as a career being a beauty therapist and I've watch youtube and read blogs and thought i'd be able to do that but only this year I've actually bit the bullet and started one. Going into writing about beauty is going to be hard because there is so many other great bloggers out there that produce amazing content (I would just like to be one of them too!)

If I had any advice for anyone thinking about starting a blog I would definitely say that you should, it isn't easy and you have to be able to invest time into it but if you start seeing people like what you are writing about its very rewarding. 

I'm very new to the blogging world and im still trying to find my feet and I hope it keeps going up from here. Working full time and finding the time to take photos (morning/early afternoon lighting is the best) and write posts has been tough but I love spending my free time doing it. 

I hope that you are liking my blog and what I am writing about and I hope that you will continue to read my posts. I hope in the future to grow my blog and be able to work with amazing brands that I love! 
Aaliyah xo

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