For a while now Primark has brought out their own makeup range PS and I have used a few products before like their brushes and a few lipsticks but never (until now) got round to trying out their eyeshadow palettes. Here I will show you my first impression of the Urban and Berry Palettes. 

The Berry Palette£4

This Palette has a really nice colour selection, It ranges from light shimmery pinks to deep reds and glittery purples. I have done a few looks just using this palette alone and you can create different looks for all different occasions with it. 

The formula of this palette is different for each colour, the really light colours like the shimmery white and the duo chrome pink colour next to it don't have the best pigmentation but I think these colours would look good as a topper for other colours. 

The other shimmery pink colours have a much better pigmentation but they also have a more powdery consistency but they work best when the brush is a little bit wet (using a setting spray should work).

The colours at the end of the palette have the best consistency and pigmentation. They also blend really nicely without the colours looking too patchy, I have found that you do need to do a bit of blending with a fluffy brush and you'll get a nice blended result. 

This palette would be perfect to take away on a trip because you can create so many different looks from it and it would look great on different skin tones. 

The Urban Palette £4

When I first saw this palette I was very interested in the colours selection, ranging from bright blue to green and yellow. 4 out of 10 of the shades have a slight shimmer to them and they don't have as good as the pigmentation as the matte colours. 

With the palette I haven't yet used just these colours for one look, I have used this palette with other neutral colours. As it is still the winter/spring (even though its still freezing) I haven't had the outfits to wear all these bright colours together at once. 

The same as the other palette the lightest colour doesn't have the best pigmentation but it does look nice right in the inner corner. The other colours with the best pigmentation are red and blue. These colours worked best on top of a light coloured base. 

The blendability of this palette is good, especially the matte shades. Again with this palette for the best colour pay off you should use a fluffy brush to get the best-blended look. 

For the amazing price, you can't go wrong with these palettes. They have amazing colours and pretty good pigmentation. I will continue to try out new things from the Primark Beauty range and see if I can find some more hidden gems. Have you tried anything from the Primark Beauty range that you think I should try?

Aaliyah xo

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