Walking around the shops it wasn't my intention to get some bits but I couldn't resist especially seeing all the summer accessories in Primark. Also these skincare items have been my favourites in the past and are repurchases. 


Pink Studded Sliders 
I have wanted a pair or sliders for so long because they just look so comfortable and are easy to just throw on when needed. There were so many different varieties of colours and designs but these ones were just so cute. If I wear them out im sure that light pink shade wont stay so bright for long. They are really comfortable as well, for the moment I have just been wearing them around the house but I think I need to go on holiday to really wear them out!

Black Gradient Sunglasses 
Again I want looking to get a new pair of glasses because I already have a good selection of different styles and colour but I dont actually own a good dark black pair for the really sunny weather that we have actually been having in the UK. These glasses were actually on sale from £3.00 and were the only ones left that I could find so I had to have them. They are slightly on the bigger side but I like that because your eyes are completely shaded from the light. I also really love the design of these glasses with the gold bar on the top and they look a lot more expensive than they are. 


If you have been reading my blog for sometime you will know that I love using this Nivea Eye makeup remover to take of my eye makeup. This remover works whether im wearing loads of eye makeup or very little. What I love most about this is that it removes the makeup so effectively that I dont need to rub loads at my eyes to get all of my makeup off. This remover also contains oil which means it can easily remove waterproof makeup as quickly as non-waterproof makeup. 

I have used this Micellar water on and off for years, I love to use this because its such an easy was to remove my makeup quickly. I mainly use this as my first cleanser to remove makeup them ill use a cleansing wash to make sure all of my makeup has been removed. I really like to use this product in the morning as my cleanser because that's the time when I really need a quick fix. The cleansing water I use is for Combination skin and it helps to mattify which is what I constantly want for my skin. 

Recently I have had a very big obsession with sheet masks because they are so easy to apply and remove! And this Garnier Moisture Bomb mask is one of my all time favourites. It really helps your skin to be more hydrated and keeps your skin feeling extra smooth. I actually brought a 4 of these masks when I was in Superdrug because I love to use this mask either once or twice a week. My skin seems to change all the time and at the moment its going through a dry phase which this mask helps to rehydrate it. 

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Accessories and beauty products are probably my favourite thing to buy! I probably need to have a break from getting new products but I now have this blog for an excuse to keep buying things! Have you brought any new products recently?

Aaliyah xo


  1. Love the slides, they're so cute!! I know they're super extra but I really want to get a pair of the fluffy ones haha. I've had a moisture bomb mask sat in my drawer for so long that I really need to try out! I've heard such fabulous things about how good they are for hydrating your skin.
    Alice Xx

    1. I really wanted a pair of the fluffy ones! I might have to go back and get a pair and the the mask is the best! You should try it it’s super hydrating! Xx

  2. I can’t grt on with the Garnier Miceller cleansing waters but I’d love to hear about your views of the Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask! :)

    Emma | www.lifeofemmax.co.uk

  3. I love the sheet mask it's definitely one of my faves as it is so moisturising

    1. It is really good for rehydrating! One of my favourites x

  4. Love those shoes and shades! Looks like your set for a nice summer accessory wise! This is the second time I have hear of the micellar water cleanser. I really need to look into it!

  5. I love how all of these products are really good on the $$$! Sheet masks are so good for your face; I keep a stack of them at home at all times. Pretty neat you got sunglasses for cheap too.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. I absolutely love that Nivea eye makeup reomver! I have really sensitive skin so a lot of them irritate my eyes and this one doesn't. I think it works incredibly well for the price too x