I am obsessed with samples, they help you try out products without having to pay the full price and if you get deluxe samples you have a longer time to try out the products to make sure that its right for you, Here I'll show you the ones ill be repurchasing. 

I have spoken about this powder before on my blog and how much I love it. I got this when I was testing out what colour was right for my skin, as you can see I still have a small amount of this powder left and have been using it for a while. What I love about this powder is that it has really good coverage and I use it on days when I need coverage but don't want to wear liquid foundation. 

One of my favourite testers to get has to be perfume! They last forever and you get to try out so many. I got this tester when I purchased another perfume for a gift but I had to keep the testers it came with, I'm not the best at describing scents but this perfume has a really sweet scent but isnt too over powering, I wouldn't wear it on a daily basis but it would be lovely to wear on a night out or special occasion.  

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation£28.50

A while ago I went to an Urban Decay counter because I wanted to finally get colour matched and also wanted to get a few testers! I've been using this foundation ever since and have a small amount left. This isn't one of the newer foundations from Urban Decay and I had heard mixed reviews about it but I really enjoyed it. It was a very light weight and went on my skin so easily, It isn't a matte foundation but I still really enjoyed it and can't wait to get the full size.  

One of the more expensive products on my list but also one of the best, This is an facial moisturiser which soothes out dry skin. I had a bad skin period where my combination skin was playing up and I was having bad dry skin on my cheeks and around my brows (weird I know) and I remembered I had this moisturiser and it instantly helped. It soaked into my skin quickly and I only needed a tiny amount because it spread evenly. This moisturiser also has a really lovely smell. 

I love testing out new body products especially new moisturisers. I got this tester from a Cosmo magazine and loved it instantly. There was a generous amount of product and was able to get 3 applications out of it. My skin felt instantly more moisturised and soft from the first use! It also has a really nice consistency where it isn't too thick or thin and it soaks into the skin straight away without leaving you skin feeling too greasy. The smell of this moisturiser is also lovely leaving a fresh scent on the skin. I'll be popping down to my local Superdrug to pick this up!

Altcheck MD Depuff Eye Pads Not Available

While writing this post I discovered that I cannot find these eye pads anywhere, im not sure if they have been discontinued but I looked everywhere! The reason I wanted to repurchase these eye pads was when I tried them out they instantly reduced the puffiness around my eyes and soothed them at the same time. I did find some dupes for these eye pads though as eye pads are so popular at the moment the ones I found are the Grace & Stella Collagen Eye Pads! These are gold under eye pads to instantly refresh and sooth under eyes, definitely adding these to my skincare routine!

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Testing out all different beauty products is my absolute favourite thing to do! And I 
think testers are the best way to do it. What samples will you be repurchasing?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I also love samples to try new things! It is the best way to spend less money and not regret getting a product full size that in the end doesn't work! Nice post! :)

    1. Samples are the best! have a full box of them I need to get through & Thank you x

  2. I love sample products too, they’re so cute! Great post, I love the Prada Candy perfume it’s one of my faves! Xx

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

  3. Great post! I really want to try that Urban Decay foundation! It sounds great!

  4. I love the Aveeno lotion! Samples are amazing, I've found a few of my favourite products through deluxe sample sizes/ gifts with purchase! x


    1. I love getting samples! Best way to try out new things x

  5. Samples are awesome! Especially the perfume ones because they last so long, and I receive a new one every month! The naked skin foundation is my ride or die product, I've been using it daily for a year and I'll never go back! Love this post!