In a recent PR package from Soap & Glory, I was kindly given a few Christmas gift sets which included these Lip Paints, you can find my full post here. I had never seen these Lip Paints before and they sounded so interesting that I knew I had to review them. I have had these products for a few days and have been testing them out to see how they really work and if I would use them again. 

First Thoughts

When I first received these products I actually thought they were liquid eyeshadows because of them being metallic. With a further inspection I realised that they are actually for your lips and that they are matte metallic lip paints. Matte lips have been a favourite of mine for a long time but haven't really thought to wear metallic on my lips before. I wasn't too sure of these products were for a daytime look but more of an evening or special occasion look.


The packaging of these products is actually really cute and slightly different from the other products that I received in the Christmas Collection which you can view here. The lid of this lip paint is shiny black with gold metallic stars. The base of this product is clear so you can see the colours and it also has black writing with the name of the product.

Product Amount

This lip paint has 4ml/0.13 Fl.oz of product, which is slightly less than the other liquid lipsticks that I own. Comparing this product to one of my other liquid lipstick this product actually has a lot less than others like my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which has 8ml of product. On further inspection, I think that in the gift set I received these lip paints are actually a mini version. The full-size version of these products are £8 and during the Christmas period, you can get all 3 for £10!

First Impression

Firstly I wanted to swatch the shades to see how they swatch and how the pigmentation is. Once I swatched the products I could instantly tell of the formula of this product, which is slightly different to other liquid lipsticks I've used before because it went on more thicker and slightly more creamy. They were also not as full coverage as I thought they would be and I needed to apply the colour a few times to really get a full coverage lip colour.

When I was watching the colours on my lips I noticed that they dried down pretty quick which can be a good and bad thing, it's a good thing because your lips don't have that sticky feeling for long but this also means that you have to work quickly when applying because I found out the hard way that the lip paint can apply unevenly when it starts to dry up.

Also when swatching the shades on my lips and having to take off each product in between I have to say that it is so hard to remove. I used a makeup wipe and cleansing oil and my lips still felt a bit sore afterwards because it was so hard to remove.

Lip Swatches

Pink Charming: This colour is a really pretty pink colour mixed with a bit of silver, I was really looking forward to trying this shade on but when I applied it I don't think this colour suits my skin tone too well. The first thing that popped into my head when I tried this colour was 90's frosted lipstick which is a beauty trend that I have to say I didn't like.

Gold Dusk: What's different about this pink shade is that its a bit more duo-chrome and has a slight gold tone to it, this colour would actually be perfect for a liquid eyeshadow. I actually quite liked this colour on but it's definitely not something that I would wear daily basis. I think that I would also wear a different product under and use this product as a lip topper to give them a bit of shine.

Bronze Girl: I wasn't too sure about this colour before trying it on because I don't usually wear dark brown shades but once applied I actually really liked the colour. This shade is actually perfect for this time of year and I would probably wear it more during the evening for a special occasion. This colour also had the best pigmentation and applied really easily.

I ended up wearing Gold Dusk for the rest of the day and the product actually lasted all day, it came off slightly when eating and drinking but was able to apply a small amount of the lip product to patch it up. Only after a few times of reapplying that I needed to take it off and start again as it bunched up a bit.

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*I was kindly gifted these products but all views are my own!

Overall I actually really enjoyed this product even though there were a few things that I didn't like about it, I think ill be trying them out some more and testing out a few different colour combinations. What do you think of these Lip Paints?

Aaliyah xo


  1. Oh my gosh you're so right the first two give me such 90s vibes!! They remind me of girl bands in flared trousers and hair braids hahaha. I love the look of these but it's a shame they dry so fast! I'm a big lover of metallic lips but I've got to say I usually go for more red colours because of the pale skin!
    Alice Xx

    1. I got seriously 90’s flashbacks with the colours from this range! I actually think a red metallic lip colour would be perfect and especially coming up to Christmas it would be a lovely shade for them to bring out! Xx

  2. The swatches look really nice, both on your arm and lips! I like the look of the shades although I'm really not a fan of metallic lips in general. I'd be tempted to try and use Bronze Girl as eyeshadow anyway and see how it goes x


    1. I was actually going to try some of these on my eyes because I feel like they would be perfect colours! Especially Gold Dusk, I’ve never really worn metallic lips before either but I might start now! X

  3. Holy sh*t, matte metallic lips?! I need these in my life! I'm not a fan of super glossy lipsticks/gloss so thank you so much for sharing pics of them actually on your lips because it's hard to tell when they're just swatches sometimes. I love the look of gold dust!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  4. I got one of the sets that included the pink charm shade and i cannot wait to try it out because ive wanted to try them for so long but never got round to buying me any!

  5. Oh wow I love Soap & Glory but haven't tried much of their makeup and haven't even seen these lipsticks! I love that they're more creamy than normal ones, I always end my liquid lipsticks pretty drying too. Gold Dusk is absolutely stunning, I definitely need to pick that one up if neither of the others!

    Soph - x

  6. They are really pretty colours, personally I would struggle to know how to use these. Maybe once you have used them a couple of times you get used to them more!
    I think a matte lip is much easier - but im boring haha!!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  7. I love these shades - usually I stick to metallic products on my eyes more but these actually look so great on you. I tend to go for warmer shades so the bronze girl looks amazing. Thanks for sharing x

  8. The spectaculips are so pretty! love the glow and shine! I think my fav is bronze girl! That's my sort of color! even though i am not sure i could wear such a bold lipstick

  9. Those shades are stunning! I love the bronze one!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  10. All of these are pretty colours but I think the one I would wear on my lips is "bronze girl" I really do love that colour! I bet you can use these as eyeshadows or eye liners if you have got the skill, I know I haven't haha! Great review, metallic lipsticks really are chrismassy I think! xx

  11. I completely see what you mean at the start of this blog post when you said you initially thought these were liquid eyeshadows, I would have thought the same looking at Gold Dusk it looks like something I would use on my eye lids. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to use these regularly but they do look amazing. Congrats on the Soap and Glory PR!!

  12. Omg those matte-allic lip shades are so cool and stunning!! I honestly don't know where I'd wear that to but it's gorgeous! ��

    Geraldine |