Finally the last Birchbox of the year has arrived and I couldn't be more excited. So far I have been very pleased with all of my previous Birchboxes and it has introduced me to some amazing new products that I probably wouldn't have tried before. Here I will show you everything I received in my latest Birchbox!

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Duo 

I received this box over a week ago and because of work I haven't been able to actually take my photos so I had to resist eating these chocolates for so long! Hotel Chocolat has the most amazing chocolates and even because of though they can be a bit expensive they make amazing gifts for people or a little treat for yourself. This was a little extra gift that was given for Christmas and I was very pleased with it. It didn't actually say on the packaging what flavours the chocolates were but all I know is that I loved them and want more!

Birchbox Hair Comb

Another little gift from Birchbox is this mini comb, they describe this comb to be hard on tangles and easy on the hair which I can actually agree with. I tried this comb out after a long day of having my hair in a messy bun and I knew it was going to be so knotty and even though I wouldn't say it didn't hurt a little it did actually get all the knots out pretty easily. I also used a hair mask (the next product) on my hair and used this comb to get the product to cover all of my hair. I'll definitely be using the comb again especially with other products.

Birchbox introduced me to Pery & Reed hair products a few months ago and have been really impressed with and this product also doesn't disappoint. I've been due for a trim for a while and the ends of my hair and quite a bit dry so this mask was actually a godsend. All I did with this mask is I applied it to the end and worked upwards and they comb it through and leave it on with a few minutes and wash it out. I noticed the difference in my hair once it was all dried and straightened and the ends of my hair actually looked really smooth and felt soft. Even though this mask is slightly on the pricey side but I definitely think its worth it. 
Initially, when I saw this product I actually thought it was a cleansing oil because of the colour but its actually a micellar water which I was actually very happy with as I just finished my Garnier Micellar Water. This product is 99% natural (not sure what the other 1% is) and removes makeup gently making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. This micellar water contains peptides, chamomile and neroli to keep the skin hydrated protected from the signs of ageing. I have used this micellar water a few times and have really enjoyed it but I wouldn't say that it was a lot better than my Garnier Micellar water which is quite a bit cheaper. 
I was a little surprised that I received this liner because way back in May and still have been using it but you can always use a new liner. This liner is up there with one of my favourites which is Soap & glory Supercat Liner. This eyeliner applies like a dream and doesn't dry out too easily which is one thing I really hate about felt tip liners. I don't use this liner on a daily basis but my liner that I've been using for since May is still going strong. Another thing I really like about this liner is that it doesn't drag at the eyes too much and stays on all day!

This is the only product that I haven't tried yet just because I haven't had the time and this mask sounds amazing. It is claimed that this mask reacts with the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you apply it to your face, it is also said to purify and smooth the skin. I've seen a few people try out bubble masks before but never with a sheet mask before which makes me even more intrigued. I have wondered before if these products are just gimmicks but we'll have to wait and see (maybe a full review will be coming!)

This was a brand new brand for me and trying out a new liquid lipstick is always great. Once again I was late to picking which colour you receive but I was actually really happy with the shade I got as it is something I would usually go for. This liquid lipstick has a really nice formula, it applied to the lips with full pigmentation with only one swipe. This lipstick actually takes a few minutes to dry down which gives you time to apply it neatly to the lips. I also really like that this liquid lipstick doesn't leave the lips feeling too dry one you have applied it. Another thing that usually bugs me about liquid lipsticks is that when you need to reapply it goes all clumpy but this one doesn't, I'll definitely be using it more often.

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For months now being subscribed to Birchbox, I have been really happy with all that I have received and have loved most of the products. Have you tried any of the products from this months Birchbox? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. Reading your posts about the Birchboxes, makes me really want to subscribe to one. It always sounds so exciting receiving one and finding out what is in the box! You always seem to get such good products too. I regularly use a liquid eyeliner but it's only a Rimmel one, and I have noticed that it seems to dry out quite quickly so that one sounds like it would be really good!


    1. I’ve had mine for a while now and have really been impressed, it’s given me the chance to try out loads of new products I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise! The eyeko liner is really great but I also love the Soap & Glory Supercat which is slightly cheaper xx

  2. This Birchbox looks amazing! It's so nice that they give you little presents for Christmas!

  3. I've heard a lot about Percy and Reed and I really need to try them as I've heard they're vegan and cruelty free!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. It's nice that Birchbox introduces you to a lot of beauty products. My hair and skin needs a lot of pampering, so I'd really love to try the TLC Hydrating Mask and the Micellar Water. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. The liquid lipstick looks cute x Also just a tip, you can totally use this beautiful box as a photo background!! Love the stars :)
    Laura /

  6. This sounds like a really good box! I love the sound of the hair mask, I've never been disappointed by a Percy & Reed product. The extra little gifts look lovely too x