I love nothing more than getting a good bargain and Amazon and eBay has got to be the place to go it! On a recent spree around Amazon looking and buying things that I don't need, I saw so many different makeup brush sets for such an affordable price and I had to have one.

The Brush Set

I spent at least an hour looking through all of the brushes that they have on Amazon and it was really hard trying to narrow it down to just one because all of the sets looked really good and they all had very positive reviews. I finally narrowed it down to the BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set which was only £8.99. In this set, you get 16 brushes ranging from foundation to eyebrow brushes.  One of the reasons I picked this set was because the photos looked really professional (and not stolen from another seller) and you get a good range of different brushes. 

The Brushes & Their Uses 

The Brushes:
1 Angled Brush, 2 Flat Angled Brush, 3 Face Flat Brush, 4 Round Brush, 5 Tapered Brush, 6 Angled Eyeshadow Brush, 7 Blending Brush, 8 Concealer Brush, 9 Detail Brush, 10 Classic Detail Brush, 11 Precision Brush, 12 Angled Detail Brush, 13 Eyeliner Brush, 14 Powder Brush, 15 Angled Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush and Lash and Eyebrow Brush 

Packaging & Quality 

The packing of these brushes look really nice and professional, if you have read my Are eBay Makeup Brushes Worth It? post you will know that the packing isn't always great when you pay less but with this brush set, it isn't the case. 

All the brushes have a matte black handle with the brand name in silver printed onto the side, they also have a matte copper metal component holding the brush hairs into place. The brushes to me actually look much more expensive than their £8.99 price tag. Looking closely at some of the brushes you can see the glue which keeps the brush together but that's only if you are nitpicking and looking really close. 

The brush hairs are really soft on these brushes with the tip of the hairs being white going into a brown. The hairs on these brushes are synthetic and some of the smaller brushes like the concealer brush and the detail brush to feel slightly plasticky but I find that can happen a lot with other brush brands. When feeling the brushes I did notice that a few of the brush hairs weren't packed properly and did come out if I pulled at them slightly. I also noticed that some of the face brushes weren't packed as densely as I normally like and I usually find that when this happens you can get some streak marks when applying foundation. 

First Impression

Brushes Used:
  • Tapered Brush
  • 4 Round Face Brush
  • 9 Concealer Brush
  • 8 Detail Brush
  • 14 Powder Brush
  • 15 Angled Brow Brush

For this test, I wanted to use as many brushes as I can to give the brushes a fair review. The first brush that I use was the tapered brush which I actually used to apply my primer, I don't usually use a brush for this but to get the feel of the brush I thought id give it a go. The brush spread the primer over my face evenly without soaking in too much, this left my skin feeling really smooth. 

For the next step of my makeup, I used the Round Face Brush which I thought would be the best brush to blend out my foundation. I used a liquid foundation and dotted it over my face and then started blending. When I started blending I did notice that there weren't any streak lines which I wasn't expecting to happen because of the brushes aren't as dense as I would usually like. I did find that it took slightly longer for my foundation to blend into the skin than usual but I was really happy with the look it left me. If I was going to change one thing about this brush is that I do wish it was slightly more packed with brush hairs to make the blending process easier. 

For undereye and over the face concealer I actually used the detail brush instead of the concealer brush because of it being flatter and less fluffy. This brush I wasn't expecting miracles from but it actually worked really well and moving enough of the concealer around and blending it onto the foundation. For my under eyes, I found this brush pretty handy for blending out my inner corner but for the rest of the concealer, I used my foundation brush which buffed out the product perfectly. To set my concealer I used the fluffy detail brush which I did like but It wasn't as thick and fluffy as my normal setting brush which is the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

After applying my bronzer and blush with my own brushes I moved onto highlighting with the powder brush which should really be called the fan brush. I never usually highlight with a fan brush but for this first impression, I thought I would try it out. The brush was extra soft and did apply my highlighter really nicely but I still think I prefer my normal highlighter brush which is the Morphe M501 Brush.

The last Brush that I was for my look is the Angled Brow Brush, I've been wanting to try a new brow brush for a while and this one looked perfect. The brush end of this brush is a little smaller and thinner than which I usually use. The thinner brush was actually perfect for getting a really sharp brow look which I love. 

My Look

Will I continue to use these brushes

I think most of these brushes actually worked really well with some of them not being too great but for the price its an amazing deal. I would use a lot of these brushes again especially the Round Face brush and the Angles brow brush which are going in my everyday makeup kit. I would recommend trying these brushes out especially if you're on a budget because they are very purse friendly. 

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After using all these brushes I do actually think they worked really well and will continue to use them in the future. Have you used any brushes from Amazon before?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. These look and sound gorgeous! I have definitely bought sets of cheap brushes before and really regretted it as they were really quite harsh on the skin and just complete plastic rubbish. I think every now and again you do get a really good bargain find, if I hadn't got a set of brushes for Christmas I'd be buying these!
    Alice Xx

    1. I’ve definitely had some bad experiences with getting Brushes from either amazon or eBay but I was lucky enough to get a good set this time! I actually have way too many brushes now I can’t help myself xx

  2. Love your well throughout,detailed review. They look great and the quality good all for one low cost, will definitely check them out.
    Loren | Plaid & Sugar

    1. They are definitely good Brushes and I was suprised and Thank you! Xx

  3. They sound really good! I've used ebay brushes before but I've never tried Amazon ones. I think sets like these are great as backup brushes if your favourites are wet/ dirty even if you don't love them enough for daily use x


    1. I’m still using some of the brushes that I got from eBay and love them! Yes that’s true they are perfect for that! Xx

  4. I think the fact that they're so cheap, I was like they look like something out of Boots or Superdrug. They're gorgeous too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Just by looking at them I wouldn’t have thought they were from Amazon and for only £8.99! Xx

  5. It sounds like you found an absolute bargain and these brushes definitely don't look cheap from your pictures! It's always good to have back ups for when your others are dirty or drying after being washed and these sound like they would be perfect for that. Your makeup looks beautiful in the pic

    Bronia | www.broniajane.co.uk

    1. These brushes would make perfect backups as they do work really well, Thank you! Xx

  6. These sound like the perfect brushes whether you're just starting out or just want some reliable brushes. I'm actually looking to replace my real techniques brushes wish I've had for years now, I might check these ones out!


  7. I love it when there are bargain products that works just as great without paying a ton of money. I like that they look minimal. I mean for the price you pay, it has a bit of cons. You still pulled off the look just great!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  8. These sound great, especially for the price! Thank you for sharing x

    My recent post: https://lifeofellabella.blogspot.com/2019/01/skincare-saviours.html

  9. You can get some really great budget brushes on eBay and Amazon, some of these sound fab xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️