Decluttering has been very popular in this new year and I have to say that I have been watching so many satisfying youtube videos of people organising all of their makeup. Looking through my makeup collection I am in need of a good declutter and that's what I'll be doing in today's post!

This post is going to be a long and rambly one (just letting you know early) but if you're a little nosey like me then I'm sure you will love this post! For the purpose of the declutter, I'm going to be working in sections and will be showing you everything that will sadly have to leave my collection! Once my declutter is done I will be doing full makeup collection posts so you can all see everything that I kept!

In this declutter, I won't be getting rid of any foundations because in my recent Foundation Collection Post you can see a few foundations that I removed from my collection. I am also not going to be decluttering my palettes because we will be here all day for that one so watch out for a later post. There are also a few items like my bronzers and face powders that I just couldn't narrow down so they won't be on this list!

Face Products

I don't have the biggest collection of concealers as I usually just stick to my favourites ad repurchase when I need them. 

GOSH Click'n Conceal Anti Redness Concealer 

This is a colour correcting concealer that I've had in the back of my collection for a while and now I think its time to let go. I don't usually colour correct unless I really need it and I have some bad discolouration. I did like this product when I first got it but after a while, I think the extra step of colour correcting I just didn't want to do in my routine. This is a concealer that I would possibly repurchase in the future. 


This was a hard category for me to reduce, I have collected blushers over the years and it has taken me a while to build up my collection but some of these blushers I just never use any more and I need to make room for new ones!

Revolution Blush - Hot 

You can tell this is an old blusher straight away by looking at how worn the packing is, I got this blush way back when Revolution was still called Makeup Revolution. I used to use this blush a lot back in the day but I've now moved on to different ones. There isn't actually anything I didn't like about this blush, it applied gorgeously and had a lot of pigmentation but as my collection has gotten bigger I have decided that this one must go. 

MUA Blusher - Bon Bon, Bubble Gum and Hot

These are some other blushers that I got a long time ago and have just grown out of them. These blushers weren't actually as nice as the Revolution ones because the formula was slightly more chalky than I would like in a blusher. When I first got them I did use them quite a bit but now I've grown my collection and tried out better quality blushers these will all be going. 

Mannakadar Beauty Blush - Paradise 
I got this blush back in my July Birchbox and I have to say that I probably have only used this blush since the reason for this is that it just isn't my colour. I did like the formula of this blush and the pigmentation was great but the deep red shade just didn't suit me. This is a product that I would probably sell on my depop as its literally only been used once or twice and can easily be sanitised. 


My highlighter obsession has really grown recently, I have always really liked highlighter but I only really used my select few but now I've grown out of some and will be giving a few away as its time!

Benefit High Beam 

Before I got this product in a Christmas gift set I always wanted to give it a try but when I did I was slightly underwhelmed. The product itself is pretty nice and it does look lovely on the skin but it just wasn't a strong enough glow for me. I also found this product hard to blend out at times and you could only apply it before your powder as it is a liquid highlighter product. This will be a product that I'll be giving away to a family member to see if they enjoy it more than me.  

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter 

This was one of the first highlighters that I ever got for myself and its kind of sad to let it go but I really never use it anymore. I have had this for years and when I swatched it recently I realised why I haven't used it in so long, the formula of this highlighter isn't the greatest and it doesn't have the best pigmentation. As this is a pretty old highlighter I'm sure they have updated the formula as I have used other MUA highlighters and have really enjoyed them.

Lip Products

Now, this is going to be a hard one, I collect lip products a lot and other than my eye shadow palettes (which I have way too many of!) this is the largest of my collection. I also have a very wide range of products from liquid lipsticks to lipsticks and lip glosses. 


Maybelline Coloursensational Matte - Magnetic Magenta 950 

Firstly I did really enjoy this lipstick when I first got it but I later realised that neon magenta isn't really the colour for me. The formula of this lipstick is actually really nice, it applies to the lips really smooth and doesn't dry out the lips but I really haven't reached for this lipstick in months. Another reason why I'm letting this lipstick go is that I somehow put the lid on once after using it with the lipstick still rolled up and have completely ruined it!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Alarm 107 

I have actually mentioned this lipstick in a few posts before including My Favourite Christmas Red Lipsticks and I have really liked this lipstick before but recently I haven't been reaching for it at all since I have a lot more other red lipsticks that I prefer. The colour of this red has a blue undertone which isn't my favourite for red lipsticks. I also have other red lipsticks like my other Rimmel Kate lipstick in 01 which I would pick over this one and I'm pretty sure this lipstick is expired so I'll be letting this one too. 

Lip Gloss  
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss Set 
I got this set a good few years ago for Christmas and I was really excited to get started with it but when I did I wasn't too happy with the formula just because it was more on the sticky side, which I really hate with lip glosses as all my lips would just get stuck together constantly, I do love all of the colours of the lip gloss set which is even sadder that I didn't like the formula. I will have to say that I have had these for a long time and I think that they have actually changed the formula now and I love all the newer versions of the lip gloss. 

Liquid Lipstick
Menow Long Lasting Lip Gloss - 08 & 34 
I got these liquid lipsticks on a whim looking through eBay and thought I would give them a go but when I actually did I couldn't get it off, it was literally glued to my lips and I then actually started to get worried that I'd be stuck with it forever. I used cleansers and oils and I only just about got it all off after a good hour and my lips were sore after this so  I think it traumatised me not to use these lip products again. 

Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Lip Paint - 610 Stripping Bare
This was another product that I did really like to begin with but then just stopped using it as it was a product that I sadly just forgot about. I have tried and use a lot of different lip paints before that have really wowed me I just think that this product isn't it. I do like the formula and it was a really lovely colour but it isn't one of my favourite products to use and that's why I'm going to part ways with it.

Eye Products

This was also pretty hard as there are so many products that I actually rediscovered in these drawers that I've totally forgotten that I had and wanted to give them another go. As you may know, I do have lash extensions now so I don't use as much mascara so quite a few of my mascaras will be going and new ones that can be used for my lower lashes will be added!


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Mascara 
This was one of the first high-end mascaras that I got myself at the start of my collection and at first, I did enjoy using it but it very quickly dried up. I only had this mascara for a few weeks before it stopped working as well. This mascara also wasn't the easiest to use on the lower lashes because the brush is pretty thick. This mascara will be going straight in the bin because I'm sure its months over its use by date. 

Rimmel Volumeflash Scandaleyes Mascara 
I really tried to like this mascara, I wasn't sure about the brush as it was on the bigger side and even before I had lashes I didn't really like to use this mascara the most. If you're wanting fluffy and fluttery lashes this may be the mascara for you to try out but I prefer length and thickness. I have also had this mascara stuffed at the back of my collection for too long and its time for it to go!


Blinc Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen 
I remember actually borrowing (stealing) this liner from my mum and I instantly fell in love with it. This brush tip isn't something that I usually go for but it made doing my signature cat eye without an issue. The only reason this is going from my collection is that it's way too old and dried up and its time to sadly pass it on. I will hopefully be getting this again but it is pretty pricey but I may need to just do it because it's that good.

Pin For Later... 

Well, I have finally made it through my collection and there are still a few products that I just couldn't get through as I am a serious makeup hoarder. Have you done a makeup declutter recently? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. This has really made me want to declutter my make up collection!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I was watching all of the Declutter videos on YouTube and it made me want to to! X

  2. Thanks for sharing. It has inspired me too cluttered and organize my makeup (and my life)
    Loren |

    1. I’ve only been able to tackle the makeup part! Next step life x

  3. I'm literally so bad for letting EVERYTHING get soo cluttered and messy. I need to declutter my life, never mind just my make up hahah. But decluttering my make up is a start, right?

    Kayla |

    1. So am I, I’m a really bad hoarder especially for makeup! X

  4. I love watching and read declutter videos and blog posts, always makes me motivated to try and declutter mine!

    1. I find them so satisfying to watch and read too! Always makes me want to Declutter everything! X

  5. Such a fun post to read! Thanks for the heads up on the Elizabeth Arden mascara😮. I have tons if the same lip color pencils that are like half a shade different from the others I need to throw out😂

    Natonya |

    1. Thank you! I probably still need to go in and get rid of some more stuff but I find it hard giving it away! x

  6. I hate that feeling when you know you should throw something away because you haven't used it in ages but you don't really want to part with it. I clear out my foundations/ concealers fairly regularly as I know that I don't want old liquid products on my face but I don't clear out powder products like blush that often. It's probably time that I went through and had a clear out x


    1. I hate it to! I get emotionally attached to my makeup as it’s the only thing I really spend my money on! I’m dreading when I’m going to clear out my palettes because that’s going to be so hard! X

  7. I also collect lip products far more than I should, and should probably go through and do a similar declutter. However, all of mine seem to be either super dark or bright red. I've only got one nude colour right now, so I need to grab some more options... But I need to declutter some of the others first lol

    1. I have way more lip products than I need stol after Decluttering them! Once you get rid of a few things it means you can fill that space with more makeup!! X

  8. What a good declutter! I went through a phase of collecting lip products too, but it felt silly to have so many that went unused, especially when it's the same colour over and over again haha! You did so well xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  9. Ooh I love a good declutter but must admit that I do find it hard to let go of beauty products for some reason. I have so many blushes that I haven't used for ages but live in fear of getting rid and then wanting it! I'm glad I've never bothered with Highbeam after reading how disappointed you were with it!
    Soph - x

  10. I used to LOVE MUA products, but then Revolution started bringing out more products and I fell in love with them instead.
    I always want new lip products though so I'm going to have to have a look at the Soap & Glory products, they look lovely.

    Naomi xo