In another instalment of my Makeup Collection series and this time I've decided to go for Lipsticks! I was planning on just doing a whole post for all of my lip products but we would be here all day so I thought I would separate it all into smaller posts for each category. Lipstick is one of my favourite makeup products to use and have been collecting them for years and I'm now really happy with my collection that I wanted to share with you, This is a bit of a long post so grab a cuppa!

I thought I would start this post off with a little disclaimer to say that I'm not showing off with this post and I just want to share my love for the products with you all! 


The red section of my lipsticks is probably the smallest. I'm not very adventurous with my lipstick shades and red is a little out of my comfort zone. I have mainly worn red lipstick for nights out or for fancy dress. I see a lot of people wearing red lips in their day to day lives and I wish I could pull it off but I quite also like saving it for special occasions! I've also mentioned all of these lipsticks in a previous post, My Favourite Christmas Red Lipsticks.

Rimmel has always been a brand that I've enjoyed especially their lipsticks, you will probably see from this post that I will mention them a few times. The lasting finish lipstick range will always be a favourite of mine either if it's in the cream or matte formula. The shade of this lipstick is probably the lightest I would go if I was going to wear a red lip as I find it suits me better. The pigmentation on this lipstick is amazing and applies to the lips with full coverage with just one swipe. Even though I usually prefer a matte lip I do like to wear this shade for special occasions as I feel it can really dress up a more natural makeup look. 

Ted Baker Lipstick - Glittery Red 

I wasn't too sure If I wanted to add this lipstick to this post because I don't actually think you can get it in other than their Christmas gift sets but as I still have it I thought I'd include it. This lipstick is something that I would never usually wear because of just how glittery it is. When I first saw it instantly made me think of the shade of lipstick we used to wear as kids and got it from our Claires makeup kit. I've never actually worn it but I'm a makeup hoarder so I keep it just in case. If I was going to wear it I would probably save it for an event like New Years or just wear it as a lipstick topper over another product so it isn't so overpowering.

This is probably one of my all-time favourite red lipsticks. As you can probably tell from the swatches that If I'm going to wear red it's going to be a deeper shade of red as I find it compliments my skin tone better. Firstly I love that it's a matte formula which doesn't dry the lips or feel uncomfortable. I have also found that I prefer the look of red lipstick when its matte on me. Even though it is a matte formula it glides on the lips with full coverage with just one swipe and it lasts all day. If you're looking for a red lipstick that flatters all skin tones them this is the one to go for!

This lipstick is a little miniature version that I got back in my #GAMEFACE box for my birthday. This was the first Bobbi Brown lip product that I've used and it got me hooked.  The formula of this lipstick is slightly different from the other ones that I have in this list as its more of a balm consistency and gives the lips a lovely flush of colour. This is a red that I would actually wear during the day as it isn't too bold of a shade and really brings a look together. This red would also look great on all skin tones. 

Pinks and Purples

This is another colour section that isn't the biggest. Even though pink is my favourite colour I find it hard to wear on a daily basis as it can be a bit too much for work but when I go out it's my go-to shade. Purple is also a shade that I wish I could pull off but sadly not!

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick - 120 You're All Mine

This lipstick truly does live up to its name, I have this lipstick in one other shade and have repurchased each of them numerous times. This shade of pink is the perfect bright but not neon pink which I find can happen a lot with pink lipstick and it doesn't make me look like I'm going to an 80's theme party. The formula of this lipstick is a cream but it does slightly set down during the day and even though it doesn't claim to be it's pretty long-lasting.

Barry M Moisturising Lip Paint - Vicious Violet 

This is a shade that I actually can't remember buying, the shade is totally out of my comfort zone but every time I go through a declutter I can't bring myself to throw it away. It's a shade that I wish I could pull off and I have worn it a few times on nights out with the right makeup look I can make it work. When I swatch the colour it isn't as deep purple as you would think it comes out more of a berry shade which makes it slightly more wearable. The formula of this lipstick is pretty shiny and looks more like a balm than a lipstick.

Barry M Super Slick Lip Paint - Mauve It 

I wasn't actually sure what category to put this lipstick in because the colour is pretty unique, its the perfect mix of purple and pink. I find this shade slightly hard to wear at times because you have to wear the right complementary eyeshadow shades for it to truly go together. The formula of this lipstick is really lovely, its a very shiny formula which is really comfortable to wear on the lips. The only downside of this lipstick is that it isn't very long-lasting and you will need to reapply it a few times throughout the day.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Blush Pink

While I was searching for this colour to link for this post I couldn't find it anywhere and I think it's been discontinued which I'm very sad about. This lipstick is one of the shades that I have which I'm nearly finished with which almost never happens. This is a matte blush pink shade that I could literally wear with any look as its probably one of the most flattering shades that I have. Even though it is a matte formula it is very comfortable to wear and doesn't dry down on the lips.

Ted Baker - Pink

This is another lipstick that I don't think you can actually repurchase because it was part of another Christmas gift set. I have only used this lipstick a few times and I wasn't too excited about the formula, It wore down pretty quickly and dried down around my lips which really didn't look very flattering. I mainly like to keep these lipsticks because of how gorgeous the packaging is and I like to use them from time to time in my blog photos.

MUA Lipstick - Shade 2 

MUA lipsticks have always been a favourite of mine, I have used them on and off for years and they are only £1 each which is a major bargain! This shade is slightly different to what I usually wear, in the actual tube it looks slightly pearly and glittery but it doesn't actually come out that way on the lips which I like. This is a shade that I don't wear pretty often but I like to wear it with specific eyeshadow looks. It wears really nicely on the lips and it stays for quite a long tone without wearing away.

Browns and Deep Nudes 

The nude section of my lipsticks is actually my biggest category so I had to split it into smaller categories to make sure that I don't miss any out. The deeper nudes and brown shades are actually one of my favourite shade of lipstick as I feel like they suit my skin tone the most.

MAC Amplified Lipstick - Brick-O-La 

This lipstick was actually one of the first high-end lipsticks that I treated myself to. I spent ages trying to find the right shade that I wanted to get because I was spending £17.50 on just one lipstick. The shade I went for is a mid-toned berry shade which is a sort of muted red colour. The formula of this lipstick is really comfortable to wear and leaves a really nice shine on the lips. I like to use this lipstick mostly in the evenings because its a slightly darker shade than I usually wear for my day looks. You can read more about this lipstick in my High-End Makeup Worth Spending Your Money On post.

P.s... Lustre Lipstick - Shotgun 

This lipstick I actually got on a whim when I was walking through Primark and I decided to have a look at their beauty section. After looking through all of the different makeup items I decided to go for this shade. The shade of this lipstick is like a light brown that I think works perfectly for a natural everyday look. The formula of this lipstick is actually more on the lip balm side rather than a creamy lipstick but that's what I actually liked most about this lipstick.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick - Fig Delight 

Collection lipsticks are actually one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks because of how great their formula is. The formula of this shade, as well as one of the other lipsticks in this list, is a really creamy and comfortable and keeps the lips moisturised. This shade is very different from anything I usually wear because its a deep brown shade that is usually out of my comfort zone but it reminds me of the '90s which I kind of love.

Kiko Creamy Lipstick - Glossamer Emotion 

Kiko is another brand that I have used a lot of different products from before and have always been impressed by them. Firstly the packaging of this lipstick is gorgeous, it looks like it would be a lot more expensive than it actually is. The shade of this lipstick is very similar to the MAC lipstick but its a slightly darker colour which I like to wear mostly on nights out or special occasions. Even though this lipstick doesn't claim to be long-lasting it actually lasts really long on the lips without needing to keep reapplying.

Pinky Nudes 

Pinky nudes are easily one of my favourite categories in my lipstick collection. They are the most wearable of all of my shades and I feel like they can look perfect in the day and they can also be dressed up with a nice eye look for a more special occasion and evening look.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick - Vintage Rose

This lipstick along with another one that I've mentioned in this post is actually one of my favourites. I use this lipstick all of the time and along with my MUA lipstick, I have actually repurchased this lipstick more than once! This shade is the perfect work shade, and I find it to be my perfect nude.  The formula of this lipstick is also my favourite as it leaves my lips feeling really smooth and it doesn't settle into any lines. I've also previously mentioned this lipstick in my Lip Products Perfect For Autumn post.

Benefit They're Real Double The Lip - Lusty Rose 

This lipstick is totally different from any other lipstick that I've tried before because of the two different shades in one lipstick. The two different shades give the illusion of a lipstick and a lip liner in one product. The shade of this lipstick is areally flattering mauvey pink which I think will look great on all different skin tones and I also think that this lipstick would be perfect to wear during the spring/summer months. The only issue I have with this lipstick is that there isn't really a lot of product and it will run out quickly if you use it a lot.

Rimmel The Only One - Naughty Nude

This is going to be the second The Only One lipstick that I've featured in this post. This lipstick is probably out of all of the other lipsticks in my collection is my favourite which is really hard to do as I have quite a few different shades and formulas. This lipstick is my favourite because the shade is my perfect pinky nude and it can literally be worn with any other makeup look. The formula is a little different as well it starts off pretty shiny and creamy and throughout the day it turns out more matte which I really like. 

Revolution Soph X - Cake 

When I found out that Soph (who has an amazing youtube channel) was bringing out a range for Revolution I had to go and get something from it. I decided to go for this lipstick as the shade just called out to me. The nude pink shade is really flattering on my skin tone and is a versatile shade. This shade for me is like your lips but better as it's pretty close to my actual lip shade. This is also a very affordable lipstick that I'd recommend anyone try.

True Nudes 

If you're still with me your a trooper and I've saved another one of my favourite shades until last. The shades in this category I call true nudes because they aren't pinky or brown but a real nude that works for my skin tone. These shades I mainly wear every day for work or during the days out because they bring together a whole natural look.

MUA Lipstick - 11

This lipstick has probably been in my collection the longest (not this exact tube but you know what I mean). This shade I might have actually put in the wrong category because it's slightly more on the coral side rather than a true nude. This is a shade that I will pick up and use whenever I can't decide on anything else to wear because it literally goes with everything. It goes on like a dream and keeps my lips looking and feeling moisturised. You can read more about this lipstick in My Favourite MUA Products post.

L'Oreal Colour Riche - Eva's Nude 

A few years ago L'oreal brought out a range of lipsticks that a celebrity had designed to be their perfect lipstick and I went for Eva's Nude. This lipstick might actually be one of my least used products just because of the shade. The shade is slightly too light for me and it has a slight pearl finish which I really don't like for lipsticks. The formula is actually very nice and wears comfortably but the shade is just not right for me, and I'm keeping it because I'm just a bit of a makeup hoarder!

Barry M Matte Lipstick -164

This is actually the third Barry M lipstick on this list and its the first of the mattes from them. This lipstick isn't actually as matte as I thought it would be when buying it so I would describe it more as a semi-matte finish. The shade is a really pretty coraly nude which I find looks really nice for a natural look. Even though it is a matte formula it doesn't dry down on the lips and it also doesn't settle in the lines which is great.

Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick - Chauffeur

Revolution really does have amazing products and that also includes this lipstick. I got this lipstick after ages of searching for it but when I finally did I had to snap it up right away. When I tried it out I did notice that it is slightly too light for me but with a deeper lip liner, I can make it work. This is a matte formula and it does slightly settle into the lines on my lips but it's still pretty comfortable to wear and wears on the lips pretty well without needing to top up too often.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick - Super Nude* 

This lipstick I was actually very kindly gifted last year when I received the Soap & Glory Must-Haves back in July last year. When I saw that I got this lipstick I was really excited because the other Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick I tried from the brand I loved. This nude shade I found again like the Revolution one is that it's slightly too light for me and I do like to add a deeper lip liner under and it really gives the colour more depth. I would say that this lipstick is one of the best matte lipstick formulas that I've tried.

Lipstick Queen - Pawn

The last lipstick but definitely not the least, this is the newest lipstick to my collection that I actually picked up on one of my Tk Maxx trips. Lipstick Queen is an American brand that I've been hearing about for a few years and have always wanted to try it but couldn't find it anywhere until I saw it in Tk Maxx. This is a matte nude lipstick which I think is actually the perfect corally nude lipstick which works really well for most other makeup looks.

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You have finally reached the end of this post! I hope it wasn't too long-winded for you and I hope you enjoyed my rambling. Have you tried any of these lipsticks before?

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  1. What an amazing collection! I love Kiko and the lipstick you have looks like such a beautiful colour. Such a good post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you! Kiko lipstick are really great and they are always amazing quality for their price! Xx

  2. Oh wow you have such a massive collection! I must have like 10 lipsticks and took just 3 with me to NYC! The reds are defo my fav ones!

    1. Thank you! I wish I could wear reds more and I do quite like them but I think it’s a bit too much to wear at the salon! X

  3. Oh wow, you do have a lot of lipsticks! So interesting to see what you like about each one though, and I agree completely about the quality of Rimmel lipsticks, it's one brand that's never disappointed me :) Lisa x

    1. I think whole. I was going through my lipsticks for this post I realised I had more Rimmel lipsticks than any other brand and they really do work well! X

  4. I've spotted a few of my favourites too in this blog post. Love that you have shown them all on too, sometime so hard to tell what colour they will be just from the bullet x

    Steph |

    1. That’s so true I also find that all lipsticks look so different on everyone’s skin tones, it may be light on one but dark on someone else! X

  5. Wow, you've definitely got a much bigger lipstick collection than I do! I have one nude shade, a few reds, a dark purple and a black and that's all she wrote lol! I love looking through your nude and near nude shades, that may inspire me to pick up a couple new lipsticks myself

    1. I wish I had more confidence to wear dark lipstick but I usually stay with the lighter shades. I find if your able to find your perfect nude shade it can be so flattering and there’s so many you will definitely find one! X

  6. I think everyone has a Rimmel 107 in their collection, such a classic shade. My collection is the complete opposite of yours, there's about 30 reds and 2 nudes 😂. The Kiko one is such a pretty shade on you. I really appreciate that you took swatches of them all, it must have taken so long! x


    1. Thinking about it I’m sure I got that lipstick because Zoella talked about it back in the day when I watched her! I do love a
      Good red I wish I could wear it more often. I was probably searching for about an hour and my lips weren’t happy after! X

  7. That's a massive collection of lipsticks and I'm honestly shocked that the red section is the smallest! It's the opposite for me. Ill have to check your reds out x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  8. Red lipsticks are definitely my go to but only because I know they go so well with my pale skin and blonde hair. Unfortunately that means I can never tell whether a pink or purple shade will suit me until I try it on! I absolutely ADORE the Rimmel Kate 01 shade and you have the nicest lip shape, majorly jealous!
    Alice Xx

  9. So many gorgeous shades! Make up revolution do some absolutely stunning lip products!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

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