10 Free Flatlay Stock Images

While I have been blogging I think 99% of my photos have been Flatlays. I have definitely improved since my first few photos and I think with flatlays practice really helps! Other than talking about my favourite topic Beauty I love to take photos and edit to use for my blog posts. In today's post, I thought I would put together a set of 10 images that you can save and use for your blog for FREE!

If you scroll right to the beginning of my Instagram you will see my fist few flatlays and they definitely weren't the best but looking through Pinterest and other people's blogs I learnt the best ways to create a flatlay that I love. I have actually written a post all about creating the perfect flatlay if you would like to check out some extra tips. 

Creating blog photos can be hard, especially now that winter is nearly here, The lighting has got to be right (I like using natural lighting) and using a camera can get very complicated so I wanted to make it easier for you if taking photos doesn't come too easily for you. 

If creating flatlays isn't your thing then for today's post I have put together 10 different flatlays featuring makeup and lifestyle images all for you to save and use for your own blogs all for free! The only thing I would ask for in return would be a little credit which would make me so happy. 

I know that whenever I'm reading a blog the first thing I notice is the picture as I love a really pretty image to start off a post. Below I have separated the images into categories Makeup, Lifestyle and other to make it easier for you to enjoy

Makeup Flatlays 

Makeup flatlays are probably my favourite types of ones to do because you can get as creative as possible. I like to add a lot of flowers and notebooks to my images to fill as much space and make them look as interesting as possible. Makeup flatlays can be used for a number of posts such as Favourites or Wish list blog posts. 

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Makeup

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Makeup 2

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Makeup 3

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Makeup 4

Lifestyle Flatlays 

Lifestyle images are also a close favourite of mine to create. You can use so many different props and items to create your photos and the photos can be used for so many different blog posts, for example, blogging tips and blog resources posts. 

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Lifestyle

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Lifestyle 2

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Lifestyle 3

Other Flatlays 

I wasn't really sure what to call this category of flatlays because they include all different items such as perfumes, heels and notebooks. I like to use these kinds for flatlays for posts such as my favourite blog posts of the year and organisation posts. 

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Other

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Other 2

How to use these photos

To give you a little inspiration on how to use these images I've put together a few graphics that could be an idea on how to use them for your posts. To create these images I have used Canva which is a free editing website that I actually use on all of my blog posts to create my Pinterest graphics. 

10 Free Flatlay Stock Images - Pinterest Graphics

So that's it for all the images that I have for you, I hope that you like them and I can't wait to see if any of you use them for your own posts. If you do please let me know as I would love to read your posts. 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love using flowers for my makeup flatlays! With the right flowers and colours, it can really help enhance the shades in the products!

    1. Flowers make any Flatlay look prettier, I use them a lot as props and they are great for filling up space! X

  2. These are some beautiful photo's Aaliyah! I especially love the lifestyle ones, I do love a good flatlay! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked them. I really like taking lifestyle Flatlays as you can really add any prop that you like! X

  3. I'm honestly so jealous of your flatlays!! I absolutely adore taking photos but for some reason I just don't feel like I've ever been able to nail a flatlay, especially to this extent! You definitely have a great eye for composition :-)
    Alice Xx

    1. That’s so nice! It’s funny I am probably the opposite because I don’t think I could take any photos other than flatlays now! I’m terrible at self portraits xx

  4. So many beautiful images. I love a good flatlay, especially beauty ones.


  5. This is so nice of you. I always think that your flatlays are absolutely beautiful and I'm awful at them so I'm a little bit jealous. These are amazing. I love that you included a few different categories too x


    1. Thank you! It’s all practice, my first couple of Flatlays we’re terrible! And the editing of the photo definitely helps x

  6. So kind of you to share these amazing flatlays with us! Taking good flatlay images is so hard sometimes but every single one of yours is amazing! I love the lifestyle ones the most! Canva is so brilliant isn't it, there are so many ways to be creative. Great post x


  7. These flatlays are so gorgeous! And it's really lovely that you're letting people use them for free!

    Jas xx

  8. These are just gorgeous - so jealous!! :-)

  9. These are absolutely beautiful, Aaliyah, you have such a good eye for laying things out. I'll have to head over to your how to create a flatlay post for some tips too! Lisa x

  10. Gorgeous flatlays Aaliyah! You have the best makeup pics❤️ Everytime I see them, I instantly know it's you! It's so nice of you to share your pictures with us for free, thanks for the inspiration 👏🏾❤️

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com