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For another instalment of my Makeup Collection series, I thought I would share with you my Mascara collection. Mascara has been a product that I have loved for years and I probably started wearing it a bit too much and a bit too young. Over the years I have found the perfect mascaras that combine my favourite aspects of Volume and length and collected a mix of high end and drugstore Mascaras that I love!


This mascara was a real favourite of mine for a long time! It is a little bit different than the other mascaras on my list because it is actually a two-step process, you apply the primer before and then the black mascara to add the colour to the lashes. I really like that this mascara has a two-step process, the primer helps to give the lashes the initial length and it also helps to give the volume to the lashes. I also noticed then when I apply the primer first it helps to also thicken up the lashes and gives them more of a false lash effect which is just what it says on the tin. When the black mascara is applied it applies really smoothly over the lashes and adds the colour to the lashes completing the look. I don't think the mascara would work as well if the primer wasn't applied first but with the two products together it gives the lashes a really lovely thickened but not spidery look to them. 

Out of all of my mascaras, I think that this one is actually one of my most used. This mascara is one of my favourites out of my collection for a few reasons, one being that it separates and coats all the lashes with just one layer of product. The brush of this mascara is a bristle wand which I think helps when it's coating all of the lashes with the product. I really enjoy using the mascara on a daily basis, when I'm either looking for a more natural look or im going to work. It does still give my lashes volume and length but it isn't as much as a dramatic effect and the L'Oreal False Lash Superstar does. I actually like to use this mascara a lot on holiday as it still gives me a really pretty effect but isn't too much. This mascara can be a little bit messy to apply because it is more or on the wet side but with a bit of practice, it leaves the lashes looking volumised and lengthened. 

Individual Mascaras 1

If you've never heard of this mascara then where have you been?! It is such a nostalgic mascara for me because the first time I tried it I think I borrowed (stole) it from my mum's makeup bag when I was about 14. I always seem to have this mascara in my collection and have repurchased it a few times over the years. I don't actually use this mascara that often because it does give more of a natural effect and I like to use this mascara when I'm going for a no-makeup makeup look. I actually like to use this mascara a lot more on my lower lashes as I find that the smaller brush wand helps to separate and coat the lower lashes better without leaving them looking spidery. I like to also use this mascara when I know that I'm going to be in a rush or if I don't have a lot of time to apply my makeup because I know that even if I don't have a lot of time that there is no fuss or mess when applying this product.

L'Oreal Telescopic Ultra Black Mascara 

This mascara is probably one of the most different ones from this list and that's mainly because of the interesting brush head. The brush is actually a very flexible plastic brush that's a lot thinner than usual. I have found that this brush is perfect at really separating the lashes and making sure that all of the lashes are all coated with the product. When I use this mascara I know I'm in for a good makeup day and even though because of the smaller brush it takes a little bit longer to get my desired look the finished look still comes out really great with a lengthed separated look which is the look that I love the most for my lashes. The one drawback from this mascara is that it isn't the easiest to get in and out of the tube of a product just because it is really flexible and bends a lot but other than that it is a great mascara.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

The Lash Sensational mascara was such a big hit a few years ago and everyone was talking about how great it was and I jumped on the bandwagon and went out and got it straight away. I have had this mascara for a few months now and have been loving. This mascara is all the things that I want out of a product all in one. It leaves my lashes looking separated, volumised and lengthened. I have actually found that when this mascara dries out a bit, it works a lot better as it doesn't apply too runny and get everywhere and the lasting effect from using the mascara a bit drier looks a lot better and I get my desired look with it. If you like really separated but still volumised lashes then I would definitely give this mascara a try.

High End

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara 

This mascara is a little out of my price range and the only reason I have it is that it was a gift from my mum for Christmas last year. For the first few months of using this mascara, it was my go-to for everyday natural lashes as it gives the lashes a really pretty feathered look. Whenever I wanted to go for very minimal or a no-makeup makeup look then I would always reach for this mascara. I don't wear this one as much as I used to because I actually prefer the other Dior mascara that I'll show you next and this product has dried up slightly making it a little harder to get the desired look that im going for.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

This is a newer mascara to my collection, I haven't tried much from Clinique makeup before but whatever I have tried I have really loved like their Chubby Lip Crayons. This mascara is a lot like the Soap & Glory Thick N Fast but it applies a little bit more of the product onto the lashes. This is the type of mascara I would wear for everyday wear mainly at work but then if I was going out of an evening I would actually just reapply a layer or two and it doesn't leave the lashes looking clumpy or spidery. The bristles of the wand on this mascara help to cover all of the lashes and give them a high impact look which is perfect as it says it right on the tin.

Individual Mascaras 2

Smashbox Super-Fan Fanned Out Mascara

Smashbox is a brand that I've always wanted to try out and I got the chance when I got this sample of their Super-Fan Fanned Out Mascara. This mascara is a lot different from the others from this list because of the plastic wand head, the little spikes are a lot closer together and this helps to get in between all of the lashes and it really helps to fan out all of the lashes. The only issue I have with this mascara is that it does apply to the lashes slightly clumpy but with a bit of work with the brush you can separate them and get a really nice look with the mascara.

Marcelle Curling & Lengthening Mascara

This is one of the mascaras that I got back in my July Birchbox and have pretty much been using it ever since. This mascara is the perfect product to use on my lower lashes because of the curved wand head and the plastic wand helps to separate all of the lashes and leave them looking separated but not spidery which I hate for lower lashes. I haven't used this mascara a lot on the upper lashes because I find it doesn't pack as much of a punch than it does on the lower lashes. If you're looking for a really great mascara to exaggerate the lower lashes then I'll definitely suggest trying this mascara.

Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume

This mascara is actually my most used mascara at the moment, I  have been using it most days as I love the effect that it gives to my lashes. This mascara helps to separate and volumise the lashes and it has helped to give my lashes the false lash effect which I crave since I stopped having individual lashes all the time. I only have the sample version of this mascara but as soon as it runs out I will definitely be repurchasing! It is a little bit more on the pricer side but I definitely think that it's worth it.

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I never really used to be all that fussed about Mascara but it is fastly becoming one of my favourite makeup items as it can really complete a makeup look. Have you tried any of these mascaras before?

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  1. The soap & glory mascara is one of my favourites too! Some really great picks :)
    Sarah x

  2. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is one of my favourites, it gives such great volume! x

    Lucy |

  3. I haven't tried quite a few of these! I got a mini of the Clinique High Impact before and really liked it but when I bought the full size it didn't seem to perform as well for me? Weird! I think everyone should have a Great Lash in their collection, even if it's barely used. Such a classic, and as you said, great for no-makeup makeup looks x


  4. I need a new mascara! Think I'm going to look into the Diorshow Pump n Volume!

    Jas xx

  5. Soap and glory is my fave too also with the lash sensational, amazing choices, need to check some out!!! Xxx

  6. Mascaras are certainly a must for my makeup looks. I like to enhance my natural beauty so wearing a mascara that's rich in black and bold for my lashes really highlights my eyes. I usually stick to Maybelline products but I would definitely splurge on Marcelle because I have to hardest time finding the perfect one for my bottom lashes. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

    Natonya |

  7. The maybeline mascara is the best! I don’t really wear make up but if I do, mascara and eyeliner is the go to!

    Jessica & James |

  8. I used to LOVE the Maybelline great lash! I forgot how good it is! I've been loving the Soap & Glory thick and fast mascara for a while now. :)

    Soph - x

  9. Ohhhh, Maybelline Great Lash brings back so many memories! I used to love Origins mascaras too but they're harder to find nowadays. ATM I'm using ALDI's Benefit dupe, although it is the devil to get off again! Great collection, Aaliyah, and some fab recommendations, thank you :) Lisa x

  10. I'm currently using the Telescopic mascara and I'm enjoying it. It was really interesting to read your breakdown of each mascara and weighing up the pros and cons of each. The Maybelline ones are such classic mascaras and I think they're always a great option x

  11. The L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara sounds like my preferred choice. I used to use their Double Extension Mascara years ago and this one sounds like it's up to the job of producing that dramatic effect.

  12. I need to get back into wearing mascara - it looks beautiful. Thanks for the tips on what to pick - I think I stopped because what I was wearing was, well, a mess!

  13. Toothpaste certainly does have more than one use, good tip best waterproof mascara top coat

  14. Toothpaste certainly does have more than one use, good tip best waterproof mascara top coat