5 Ways To Save Money On Gifts This Christmas Flatlay

Christmas is definitely a wonderful time of the year but it can also be a pretty expensive one and through the years of buying my own presents I have found small ways to help me save money and not bankrupt myself during the Christmas period. This is a little bit different post style for me but today I will be sharing with you 5 tips I like to use to save money over Christmas!

1. Write a Christmas List 

This is a tip that I will suggest everyone to do. Firstly it helps you keep organised, it helps to make sure that you know exactly what you're going to buy and keep on track. The other reason I always write a Christmas list is because it helps you to know exactly what you're buying and it helps you to not overspend (something I have been guilty of). The way to do this is that before I start Christmas shopping I write out a list of all the people I have to buy for and put two columns next to it with Got to buy and Already Got and I usually start by adding things to the Got to buy column and look through it and sometimes I will add things and take some away but I make sure that I figure exactly what presents I'm going to get before I start shopping as this will help you to not overbuy. Then after I've got a certain present I add it onto the Already Got list until that list is completely full and you've finished shopping. 

2. Do your research

This is another must tip! Research is very important and I do it quite a lot when I'm going Christmas shopping. If you have a specific gift idea that you want to get make sure you do your research and shop around. I like to look at at least two or three different shops that sell the item and compare the prices and always go for the cheaper option. An example of this is when I wanted a specific eyeshadow palette (a gift for myself) and found that If I got it from the brand's website it would have been £19.99 but getting it from Tk Maxx it would have been £7.99 and that's quite a bit of saving! This tip also helps if you don't actually know what to get, looking around different websites will help you decide what to get and add it onto your Christmas list. 

3. Don't be afraid to shop in the clearance sections 

If you were to know me you would know that I am a person that loves a good bargain. If I can somehow get something for cheaper then I definitely will. I know people like to stay away from the clearance or sale rack when buying people gifts but I definitely don't think people should. Most of the time items are added to the clearance rack because they have either been on the website or in store for a longer period of time. I have found so many great bargains from buying from the sale items, I got a DKNY jumper which was £40 and I got it for £20 in a sale. I would also suggest looking through sales on different websites because you will usually find exactly what you're looking for for a much cheaper price saving you money!

5 Ways To Save Money On Gifts This Christmas Two Flatlay

4. Shop in a few different places than usual 

I find that when I start my Christmas shopping I always seem to go and look at the normal shops that come straight to mind but in the past couple of years I have started to use more alternative shops to buy my Christmas presents these shops include Depop and Esty. I love using Depop because you can get some amazing deals on some preloved items like clothes and shoes, I feel like Depop is also a great way to stay sustainable over Christmas. Another shop that I love to go shopping on is Etsy, I feel like it is a perfect website to get some amazing personalised gifts that can be cheaper than if you were to shop on places like Not On The Highstreet. Etsy is a website where anyone can sell their creations and with using Etsy you are also helping artists by buying their handmade items. I have got some cute items from Etsy before like a personalised necklace for my little sister for only £10!

5. Do a Secret Santa 

I think a lot of people go a little overboard at Christmas and that's definitely me included. My family and I last year decided to do a secret Santa and to make it a little more interesting (and slightly harder) we decided that whoever's name you picked out from the hat that the gift that you got them had to start with the first letter of their name for example if someone picked me they would have to buy a gift starting with the letter A. Secret Santa is the perfect way to spend less at Christmas because you only need to buy one gift and its all a bit of fun. This would also be great to do with friends as well as family and then you can also set a spending limit of you're choosing and buy gifts in that limit for whoever you are doing Secret Santa with!

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So those are the tips I have for you on how to save a little extra money over the Christmas period. Do you have any other tips at saving money this Christmas? 

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  1. I've done so much shopping in clearance sections, you can get some amazing products!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I love looking through the clearance and sale sections you can get some really great deals! X

  2. The best way I find to save money is to start making a list early November of what I plan on getting everyone so that I can keep my eyes open for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals when that time comes around! I've saved a lot taking that approach in the past!

    1. I love making lists! I always way over spend and buy if I don’t stick to a list! I got a few bits in the Black Friday sale too x

  3. These are great tips! I always sit down with my mum to make a list to make sure there's no overlap for people like my grandparents. And I always look online to see if there are any deals or places I can get certain things cheaper before I go shopping. It's definitely worth checking out a few new places too x


    1. That’s a good idea to do it with your mum as I’m always along my mum what she’s got for certain people. I always have to shop around before I buy something to make sure I’m getting the best deal! X

  4. You could also:

    Set a gift budget with each person you're exchanging gifts with

    Limit the amount of people you'll be exchanging gifts with. I have a large extended family, so this is something my family has always done. Otherwise things just get out of control.

    Although your secret Santa suggestion is also a good way of getting around the excess buying of gifts as well ��