We are officially now in the month of February which means that Valentine's day is only around the corner. I think that anyone can celebrate valentines day get the girls together and have a night out! If you have something planned for valentines day then this post is for you to find the perfect lip products for the night!

Cream Lipsticks are my favourite as they are the most comfortable to wear for any occasion even Valentines day. They may not be the most long-wearing but they always make the lips look great and that is why I decided to add The Only One Lipstick from Rimmel onto this list. This lipstick really does live up to its name because it works perfectly at keeping the lips moisturised and it is so comfortable to wear it almost feel like your not wearing anything at all. The other reason I love this lipstick is that it applies to the lips like a dream, it doesn't drag on the lips and with just one swipe you have full coverage of the lipstick on your lips. I like to go for a pink theme when Im getting ready for valentines day but if your more or a red or nude person there are so many different shades to choose from that it will go with any outfit that you choose. This isn't long-lasting formula but it does slightly wear down and it lasts a lot longer than my other cream lipsticks.

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Matte Lipstick - Revolution Pro New Neutrals Satin Matte Lipstick in Velvet 

Another lipstick added to the list but this time it's in a matte formula. Matte lipstick is one of my favourite types of lip products because if they are the right formula they are super comfortable to wear and they a really long-lasting. This lipstick has fastly become one of my favourite matte lipsticks. When I apply this lipstick it is slightly drier than my cream lipstick but it still applies really smooth onto the lips without any dragging or pulling at the lips. This lipstick is the perfect product to have on a valentines day date because it survives through eating and drinking without wearing away around the inside of the lips. After a couple of hours, you will need to reapply this lipstick but when you do it layers really nicely without bunching up. From other matte lipsticks in the past, I have found that they can settle in the lines on my lips but this lipstick seems to sit really nicely and comfortably.

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Liquid Lipstick - Barry M Matte Me Up Matte Liquid Lip Paint in Runway

Liquid lipsticks are always my go-to whenever im going out in the evening for dinner or a special occasion like Valentines Day. They are the lip products that last the longest and they can hopefully last through dinner and drinks. This liquid lipstick is one of my favourites because I love the shade which is a gorgeous deep pink which I think would suit all different skin tones. This liquid lipstick also comes in a kit with a lip liner making it the perfect product to keep in your bag for topping up throughout the evening. This is another product that is long-lasting like the previous lipstick but with this product, it actually lasts longer on the lips but it does dry down a little more. I have actually used this product a few different ways, I usually just wear it on its own but I love the colour so much that sometimes if a want a shiny lip instead of a matte look I add a lip gloss on top to finish off the look.

Lipgloss - L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss in Mafia Gloss 

Im a very picky person with lipgloss, if its the slightest bit sticky I can't wear it so it's taken me ages to find a select few that I love and that is super comfortable to wear and that includes the L'Oreal Infallible Lipglosses. I like this lipgloss so much that I have added it into a few previous blog posts like My Favourite Non-Sticky Lipglosses. This lipgloss is the perfect product to wear on valentines day because firstly it makes the lips look shiny and amazing and it also comes in so many different shades that you are bound to find your favourite shade. Even if I didn't want to just wear this lipgloss on its own you could add any of the previously lip products underneath and apply this lipgloss on top to give the lips extra shine. When im wearing this lipgloss it feels like im wearing more of a lip oil because it is so comfortable to wear.

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If your spending it with your other half or your a group of your friends its always nice to get dolled up on valentines day. What will you be doing this valentines day?

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  1. I love the sound of the L'Oreal gloss and the colour is so pretty too. Love that it isn't a sticky gloss, as those can be so awkward to wear. Great picks xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. The love the formula and colour of the L’Oreal gloss. It is so comfortable to wear and always looks amazing! X

  2. All great colours! I love the look of the Barry M one, such a pretty shade and I totally agree about liquid lips being the best option for something like Valentine's day. It's nice to not have to think about whether it's still there! x


    1. The Barry m one is really great and it’s perfect since it’s a liquid lip! I’m constantly topping up if I’m not wearing a liquid lip x

  3. Hey Aaliyah! Perfect timing with this post for me because I'm going out with the girls Friday night for Galentine's Day and I want to look festive. The Barry M shade looks perfect for my skin my tone😍. I'm a huge fan of Rimmel London products so I'm excited to explore the brand a bit more. Thanks for this post because I never know where to start when it comes to red lipsticks💄💋

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com