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Since being in lockdown and not working I have been trying to find all different things to do to keep me occupied with and one of those things was a makeup declutter and organise. While I was going through all of my makeup I found a few products that I haven't used in a while and want to give another chance. In this post, I'll be sharing with you all of the makeup products that I have rediscovered. 

Foundation, Blush & Lipstick Flatlay

The Body Shop Blush - Flushed 

When I first started putting my collection together I was obsessed with The Body Shop makeup. I have tried so many things from them in the past like their primers and mascaras but the ones I loved the most were the blushers. Back in the day, I had around 4 different shades but I narrowed it down to 1 which is a really pretty pink shade with micro glitter. I don't usually wear blush with glitter in as I don't like to look like a disco ball but with this blush, it is really subtle and gives a pretty glow. I'm not too sure on why I stopped using this blush but it just wasn't one that I reached for a lot and always had new and different ones to use but when I found this product in my drawer I couldn't part from it. Another thing I really like about this blush is that it isn't too pigmented which means that it applies lightly to the skin for a pretty flushed look but you can build it up if you want more of a stronger shade to the cheeks.

Revolution Matte Base Foundation 

When this foundation was first released I used it all the time and actually did a Review post for this foundation and the matching concealer. I would wear this foundation a lot and I did really love it but for me, it's hard to use a product until its completely finished because I'm always trying something new and this again just got put in my makeup drawers and forgotten about. As soon as I saw this foundation I knew I didn't wasn't to get rid of it and I wanted to give it another chance and remembered why I loved it so much. This foundation is great for anyone who loves a matte finish but if you have drier skin then it may not be the product for you. It leaves the skin looking matte but doesn't leave it looking too thick or cakey which is a must for me. There were other foundations that I did like over this one but I still think for only £5 it is a really great foundation. 

Collection Lipstick - China Rose 

Back in the day, you might not believe me but I didn't actually like wearing lipstick I don't know why but I didn't but now I can't imagine not wearing lipstick! This shade was one of the first that I really liked on and I thought really suited me and I wore it all the times that I actually finished the whole thing so I brought another one. Once I started using the new lipstick I started to find all the different shades that I liked then I just forgot about this one. When I saw this lipstick again I was so happy because I put it on and it looked just as I remembered it and the shade was perfect. The formula is also really lovely on the lips and creamy and wears really comfortable. This is now in my permanent collection!

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Eyeshadow Products

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 

I think all the way back when I started my obsession with Revolution I think this may have been the first palette that I got from them because I saw it in a youtube video and I had to have it. As you can see that I've hit pan on one of the shades that I used this palette all the time as its very versatile. I actually sold my Naked 3 palette on Depop because I used this palette more and the shades were practically the same. The shades in this palette lean more towards the pinky side which I really like with 4 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades making it a great all-around palette. This palette just got put in my drawer and I did forget about it because I just used all the other ones I had in my collection but while cleaning out my makeup collection I found this palette and didn't want to get rid of it. The shades in this palette make for a perfect pinky natural look and works really well for a day look for something to wear to work.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr 

These products I'm pretty sure everyone had in their collection a few years ago, there was a lot of hype around these products and they definitely lived up to it. The Maybelline colour tattoo product is something I would use nearly every time I did eyeshadow, it was a product that just made any eyeshadow look good even if you were a beginner at makeup which I was when I first started using these. My favourite shades that I still had in my collection were Pink gold which is a really pretty rose gold pinky shade and On and On Bronzer which was a gorgeous bronzy shade. I have had these two eyeshadow pots for way too long so I actually dumped those and got two new ones because they were really dry and the quality was rubbish. I like to use these when I want to do an eyeshadow look really quickly and I don't have too much time and it always looks good no matter how quickly I do it. Im actually also ordering some new shades that I haven't tried before and I.ll let you all know if the results.

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My Look

My Makeup Look

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I was actually very happy that when I went through my makeup that I found these old favourites of mine. Have you rediscovered any makeup products recently?

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  1. Can I just say that your flatlays are amazing??? I love them so much! I like the look at that blusher and it sounds great for more of an everyday product. Is it more of a creamy blush?

    1. Thank you! It takes me ages just to take one because I’m always moving things around. The Blush is so pretty and the colour is my favourite! And it’s a powder blush x

  2. It’s always fun to find old favorites and rediscover the love for them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is, it’s really nice to find products that you used to love and still like them! X

  3. I love revolution I think their concealer is still my favourite ever!

    1. Revolution is a favourite of mine, they always have the best product for really cheap x

  4. It's amazing what you find when you declutter! I've found a couple of things I completely forgot I had. If they've still got some life in them, why not use them! Especially if you rediscover your love for them.

    Gemma |

  5. I used to absolutely love The Body Shop for makeup too! I still think it's fab but have just moved on to other brands that I love more - their blushes were definitely a highlight of mine and their shimmer waves :-) The MR iconic palettes were also fab, I thought they were cheeky dupes of Naked palettes and in all honesty I actually ended up preferring the MR ones! Such a brilliant brand.
    Alice Xx

  6. I love your photos in this post lovely! I have the same Revolution palette as one of my everyday makeup staples. The blush from The Body Shop looks lush, I'll have to take a look when I'm next restocking my favourite foundation from there!

    Leanne x

  7. This is such a pretty look! I've barely been wearing any makeup but occasionaly I'll just do a random eye look to get my fix of makeup 😂

  8. Your makeup look is so soft and pretty! It's always nice to take time and sort through the things you have and rediscover the golden oldies. Reading this reminded me that I wanted to try the Maybelline 24 he tattoo eyebrow product. I hear it's really good and Maybelline in my opinion is great quality drugstore brand. Thanks for sharing!!

    Natonya |

  9. It’s always so much fun to rediscover items you forgot about. Especially makeup! I think I need to organize mine and go through it as well!

  10. I need to try this! I was looking for an eyeshadow shade I rarely wear the other day and found a fair few products I'd forgotten about, I need to play around with some of them during lockdown. Your finished look is really pretty. I was obsessed with those Maybelline cream shadows back in the day too x


  11. That shade of lipstick is gorgeous! I really want to buy that! x

    Lucy |