The season of Christmas parties is just around the corner but this year as we all know is going to be a little different. Zoom parties are definitely going to be apart of our Christmas period this year so I thought it would be the perfect time to create a Chrismas look for your work or family zoom Chrismas party!


Usually, for a Christmas party, I like to go all out and wear makeup that I don't usually wear because its apart and why not! For this look, I have used a few of my key favourite products in this look so I know I would have a good makeup day!

For my base, I decided to go with my all-time favourite foundation and concealer combination which is the MUA Pro Base Foundation and Concealer. These two products work together amazingly and help my skin look airbrushed. I chose this foundation because it is a medium to full coverage and for a party whether it's on a zoom call or in-person I like a full coverage foundation to give me the perfect canvas to work on and add more makeup to. With this foundation, you get a lovely matte finish which is still quite natural and doesn't make the skin look flat as some glow still shows through. The matching concealer for this foundation is also great, it effectively conceals any spots that the foundation didn't cover and really I only use such a small amount of this product. I also used this concealer on my under eyes to brighten them up a bit and cover any dark circles and to be party-ready! 

To powder my face I wanted to try something a little different and new to me. I decided to go for the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Glow Powder, I had heard amazing things about their original loose powder and thought because its a party I should go for the glow version. At first, I thought this product was a highlighter but the glowiness of this product is very subtle so it works a lot better as an all-over setting powder. This product gave my skin such a gorgeous luminosity without it making me look too shiny which I was slightly afraid of. This powder also gave my skin a lovely glow which you could even see while on a zoom call. 

For blush, bronzer and highlight I knew I needed to choose products that you would be able to see on a zoom call but didn't look too much but still looked glam. For bronzer and highlight I decided to go for my I Heart Revolution Chocolate Contour palette, this product has both a bronzer and a highlight making it super convenient. The bronzer shade in this product is the perfect colour for me, it gives my skin the look that I just got off a plane but also carves out my cheeks for a super glam look. The highlighter in this product is also my favourite and I thought it would be perfect for a Christmas party look because of the shimmer. The shade of this highlighter is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour which adds a really pretty highlight to my cheekbones. This product is buildable, you can apply a small amount to give off a subtle glow or you can build it up like I did in this look to give a more luminous look. For blush I chose to go with one that I knew would go nicely with my eye look, The blush I chose was the W7 Candy Blush in Scandal. This blush is a gorgeous deep coral shade which has great pigmentation making it perfect for this look. 


The eye look is my favourite part of this look, Whenever I think of Christmas the first thing that comes to mind is is sparkle and glitter and that is exactly what I'll be including in this Christmas look. I also decided to not go for the traditional gold for Christmas and do something a little different with a shimmery pink look!

Firstly I started with my brows, which is a routine that I do constantly, the products I use for my brows are both from Benefit, the Goof Proof brow pencil which I use to carve out my brows to give a sharp look and to fill them in slightly and then I use the Gimmie Brow mascara to tame my brows and keep my unruly brow hairs at bay. 

For the eye shadow, I used a mix of two different palettes both Heartbreakers palettes from I Heart Revolution, Sweetheart and Majestic. I decided to go for these palettes because they have a mix of shimmery neutral and pink shades which would be perfect for any Christmas party.

For this look I wanted to create a pretty pink shimmery look with these palettes together, the one I used the most is the Majestic palette because it has a good range of pink shades that I wanted just for this look. The first colour I used from the Majestic palette was the 7th colour along which is a mauve pink which was the perfect shade to blend out into the crease. Once that shade was blended out I wanted to deepen the crease so I added a bit of the second shade along which is a nice bright purple, I used this with a fluffy blender brush to add a bit more depth. 

When I was finished with the crease I wanted to add a base colour to my lid so the shimmery shade will show up better, the shade I used was from the Sweetheart palette, the shade I used was the second shade along and its a light shimmery peach shade, this shade created the perfect base for the nest colour I used. For my shimmery shade, I went back to the Majestic palette and used the 6th shade along which is a gorgeous glittery pink shade, this shade I used on my lid over the colour that I had used before, for this, I just used my finger to apply the shade and it worked perfectly. For my lower lash line, I was the same purple as I used in my crease to blend the shades into my crease. To finish off the look I used the middle shade in the Majestic palette which is my favourite colour in the palette because it is a gorgeous bright white shimmer shade, this shade worked perfectly as an inner corner highlight!

After my eyeshadow look is complete I then added a few extra details like some black liner to my waterline, for this I used the Too Faced Smoke Show Kajal Pencil. This product applies to the eyes like a dream, it isn't too dry so it doesn't pull at the eyes and it also isn't too waxy so once you apply it doesn't move. If you're wanting to go for more of a smokey eye look you can use this liner and smudge it with a brush or your finger to give you the smudged outlook. For mascara, I went for my favourite mascara at the moment which is the I Heart Revolution Chocolate dipped mascara, this product gives my lashes length, volume and definition and if you're like me and can't put on false lashes to save your life then this product is for you!  


The lips are another part of this look that is really fun and adds more sparkle to the look. For this Christmas look, I decided to go for pink lipstick and top it off with a glittery lipgloss to make myself look even more festive! The pink lipstick I went for is Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in Pink A Punch, this shade is a vibrant deep pink which was a lot brighter than expected but it worked really nicely with the eye look that I had just done! To top off this look I wanted to add a shimmery gloss so I decided to go for the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Pink Stardust, this gloss added just the right amount of shimmer to the look and make it look complete. 

My Look 

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Even though Christmas is going to be very different for people I think we all deserve to celebrate a little bit more that's why I think having a zoom Christmas party is the way to go! Will you be having a virtual Christmas party this year?

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. You look so pretty and Your make up looks lovely. You've used some great products and I love the lip colour.

    1. Thank you lovely! The lip colour is my favourite part of their look x

  2. I love this look and your attitude towards it. I was talking to my mum about what her office are planning instead of a Christmas party a couple of days ago and realised then it could actually be amazing. You have longer to get ready because you don't have to go anywhere and it's the perfect reason to go all out because we've had so few opportunities to this year x


    1. Thank you! That’s why I love the idea of having Christmas parties at home, it may not be exactly the same but you still get to celebrate and you can wear a fun outfit on the top but still have pjs on the bottom! X

  3. I love it! The eye make-up looks soft and romantic yet glam at the same time. The pinks are really pretty.
    I love how you've kept the whole look subtle and yet striking enough to show on a video call.
    Cora |

    1. Thank you! I didn’t want to go over the top but I also wanted you to still be able to see it though a screen! X

  4. I absolutely love the finished look, subtle yet stunning and that pink really looks amazing on you! You've used some really lovely products, I especially like the bronzer and highlight!

    Samantha |

  5. That looks like such a fun look! I am not usually much of a glitter and shimmer person, however, I make an exception during the holiday season. Like you, that style just screams holiday party to me - it's the one time of year that I'm all for embracing it.

  6. I love all your pictures! I'm a big fan of pink eyeshadow so that looks really vibes with me!

    ✨ Marissa Belle × ✨

  7. I love this look, you look stunning! The eye look is so soft and romantic, just such a fun make up look with all the shimmers. The look screams holiday party and is amazing, definitely will be the best vibes on the party call!