Lately, I have decided to change up my Instagram feed a bit by adding more photos and videos of myself and wanted to try out a challenge that was really fun to film! Instagram picks my makeup, I put a poll on my stories for my followers to pick between two products and whichever product got the most votes that was the product that I used. In today's post, I'll be showing you the look I came up with from Instagram picking my makeup!

The Options 

The Winner 

  • Primer - Bare Minerals 65%
  • Foundation - L'Oreal 67%
  • Concealer - I Heart Revolution 69%
  • Powder - Too Faced and Rimmel 50%
  • Bronzer - Benefit 73%
  • Blush - Revolution 59%
  • Highlighter - ELF 69%
  • Palette - ABH 51%
  • Mascara - Benefit 68%
  • Eyeliner - Revolution 78%
  • Brows - Rimmel 65%
  • Lipstick - Revolution 84%

Some of the results for the poll did actually surprise me a bit, I thought that most of the High-end makeup that I added like the ABH Liquid Glow Highlighter or the Bali Body BB Cream would have been chosen but the more affordable products were actually chosen. Most of the results were very one-sided except for powder which was 50/50 for the Too Faced Powder and the Rimmel Stay Matte so I decided to use both powders mixed together. The other category that came very close was for which eyeshadow palette I was going to use, either the ABH Mini Norvina Pro Palette or the I Heart Revolution Heartbreakers Palette in courage and the ABH Palette won by just 1%!

Overall I was really happy with the results of the poll, most of these products are some of my favourites and a few like the L'Oreal foundation and the ELF Highlighter I haven't used for ages and doing this challenge reminded me that I really enjoyed these products in the past and I will be using them more now I've rediscovered them. 

The brand that was actually picked the most was in fact Revolution, which I'm really not that surprised about. Revolution is probably one of my favourite brands from the drugstore, that's why I added quite a few of their products onto this list because I knew they would perform well and they would also make sure I didn't end up looking like a clown. 

My favourite product that I was able to use was probably the ABH Norvina Mini Pro Palette, being in lockdown I don't have the chance to wear such bold eyeshadow looks so I loved creating a look with this palette. I do love the I Heart Revolution palette but I was secretly hoping that the ABH palette won because the shades are just so pigmented and the quality of the shades are just amazing. 

There was only one product that got picked that I wasn't 100% happy with at first and that was the brow product. When I do my brows I usually go for the MUA Brow Define Pencil because I know how well it works, it applies so easily and isn't too dry or too waxy but the poll wanted the Rimmel Bro Pro Micro Pencil, which is actually a new product to me as I've only used it once before. The reason I wasn't too thrilled about this pick is that this pencil is slightly too dry but in the end I made it work and I actually liked the more natural look that this brow pencil gave. 

I loved the look that these products gave me there was one product that I think didn't tie the whole look together and I think its the lipstick, the only reason for this being that I think its the wrong shade for the eyeshadow but apart from that I would definitely do this makeup look again!

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I really enjoyed doing this challenge, it gave me the chance to use a few products that I haven't in a while but also create a makeup look that I really love! What do you think of the makeup Instagram picked for me? 

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. What a fun challenge! I would've assumed that the higher end products would've been picked as well - interesting that it was the other way round x

    1. It was really fun to do! I liked that I had the chance to try out products that I haven’t in a long time and also create some looks I might not have before! X

  2. That is such a fun way to challenge yourself to create new looks with the products that you have on hand. It's also really interesting to see which products your followers would vote for.

    1. I really enjoyed doing this challenge and trying out a few different products! I also thought it was really interesting about what products my followers picked! X

  3. That sounds like such a fun challenge, and you look really pretty :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! It was really fun and I was able to try out some products have I haven’t done in a while x

  4. This sounds like a such a fun challenge and your makeup turned out so nicely! Thanks for sharing.

    Tash - A Girl with a View

    1. Thank you! I loved putting this look together it was really fun x

  5. Sounds like a fun challenge - I'd be too nervous of what people would pick for me but glad it worked out so well for you! x

  6. Aw this is such a cute idea :) I love this, and it sounds like a really fun challenge to get your Instagram audience engaged x

  7. This is such a great challenge! I really love the result and mostly the shade of lipstick and your eyes Thanks for sharing x

  8. I had no idea there was such a challenge. You learn something new every day. Also, very nice make up it all pulled together nicely.


  9. What a fun challenge! And I love the look you created!

    Katie |

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  11. Mal was ganz anderes. Was galubt ihr, wer wird die WM der Frauen gewinnen? Ich hoffe England. lol. Instagram