Back in February 2020, I wrote a blog post reviewing Bali Body’s new products saying that I don't think I've ever been more excited to get an email and that was until now! Seeing that Bali Body wanted to work with me again and on their amazing new brand was very exciting. BBSkin is a new sub-brand from Bali Body which focuses on science-packed skincare, formulated with active ingredients and plant-derived vitamins, peptides and ceramics. There is nothing I love more than trying out a new range of products, especially from a brand that I love!

BB Skin is a brand that strongly promotes inclusivity and sustainability, any brand that takes the time to create products that are suitable for everyone is a brand that I know I’m going to love. All of the products in the BB Skin range are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in 100% recyclable materials (why aren't all brands doing this)


Having the chance to try out their new skincare line was very exciting to me and looking at the products I was even more excited to get stuck right in and start testing them out. I was very lucky to receive four products for their Night Routine the Enzyme Exfoliant, Vitamin D Serum, Pro Collagen Cream, Detoxifying Clay Mask and a Mask Applicator to try out and review.  


The first thing I noticed about the products was their packaging, they are this gorgeous aubergine colour and are very modern and simplistic which I’m obsessed with, I love a product that looks good on my vanity. I am one of those people who are attracted to pretty packaging and this packaging is gorgeous. I like when products aren’t too fussy and have a more clean and modern aesthetic and that is definitely how I would describe BB Skin.

Enzyme Exfoliant 

This product intrigued me right away, I haven’t used granulated exfoliant in a while and I was pleasantly surprised that this product doesn’t contain any either! This product is described as a granule-free exfoliant containing ingredients that are fruit-derived enzymatic exfoliants and lactic acid (one of my favourite ingredients) and they helps to even out the skin tone and promote cellular turnover which helps to create a radiant complexion. The best way to use this product is after your cleansing routine, apply a few drops into your hands and apply to the face and neck and leave to soak in. If needed you can wash off after 15 minutes.  


When using this product for the first time I did my usually cleansing routine and then pumped out two drops of the exfoliant, it has a thin gel like consistency and is a light brown colour but once you apply it to the skin it soaks in instantly and left my skin feeling soft instantly. I would probably only use one pump next time as I felt that two might have been slightly too much as a little goes a long way. I don’t have overly sensitive skin but I am still a little cautious when it comes to new exfoliant but this didn’t irritate my skin at all and actually left it feeling hydrated and looking more luminous. 


Key Ingredients: 

Lactic Acid: This ingredient is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which helps to exfoliate the skin. It’s great for hyperpigmentation and it a lot gentler on the skin than another chemical exfoliant.  


Papaya Enzymes: This product helps to gently break down and digest large proteins that sit on the top layer of the skin like dead skin cells. This is a very effective ingredient because it has exfoliating power but soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties which help to brighten the skin's complexion. 


Pomegranate Enzymes: This ingredient acts as a micro exfoliator which penetrates deep into the skin and encourages cell renewal for smoother and softer skin.

Vitamin D Serum 

Serums are truly a girl's best friend and there’s nothing better than trying out a new serum and hoping it becomes a part of my routine. This serum is a lightweight and hydrating product formulated to nourish the skin with Vitamin D. This serum is suitable for all skin types and works to help repair and protect the skin’s DNA from environmental factors. The best way to use this product is after your cleansing and exfoliating routine to maintain the health of the skin and prevent premature ageing. 
Serums are probably one of my favourite skincare products. I love trying out new ones and anything that is supposed to help with repairing the skin is a plus in my book. I have been using this serum in my evening skincare routine and have been loving the way it's making my skin feel. The formula of this product is a gel-like consistency that like the exfoliator soaks into the skin instantly, leaving it looking instantly radiant and feeling hydrated. 

Key Ingredients: 
Mushroom Extract (Vitamin D): This ingredient has been scientifically proven to repair and renew DNA by promoting the growth of telomeres. 
Kakadu Plum:  Provides Vitamin C to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Niacinamide 


Chondrus Crispus Extract: Known as red algae that is rich in fatty acids that provide natural hydration to protect and hydrate the skin.

Detoxifying Clay Mask 

Face masks are a very important part of my skincare routine, I like to use them around once or twice a week and I’m always on the lookout for new masks to try. Anything that has the word detoxifying in its name is a product I know going to like. This mask is a deep cleansing facial mask with French clay that helps to remove impurities and pollution from the skin. It also contains aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. The best way to use this product is to apply a thin layer after your cleansing routine and leave it on for around 15 minutes and then rinse it off. 

When I first received these products the first item that I wanted to try was the face mask, I’ve used a lot of face masks but still haven’t found one that I love (until now). The first thing I did when opening the mask gave it a smell and the only thing I noticed like the other products in this range is they have a lovely fresh scent to it that isn’t overpowering. Applying this mask was super easy because I was also gifted the mask applicator, which made the mask glide over my skin and it helped me not waste any product. I usually use a foundation brush and that just soaks up too much product. I left this mask on for around 15 minutes to let it dry down and then washed it off, usually after a clay mask my skin can feel tight but my skin felt smooth and looked really fresh. 

Key Ingredients:
French Green Clay: This ingredient is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and it also draws out impurities from pores and which helps to firm the skin and heal blemishes. 
Willow Bark Extract: This is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient that soothes and calms the skin. Helps to clear the pores and alleviate acne-prone skin leaving a more refreshed completion. 
Golden Jojoba Oil: This oil moisturises the skin and prevents any irritation, dry patches and removes excess oil build up. 

Pro-Collagen Cream 

Collagen is very important in our skin, it is a protein that serves as a main building block for our skin, it helps it to appear more youthful and plump. This cream is a multitasking moisturiser that can be used daily, it contains peptides that help to lock in moisture that helps to keep the skin looking plump and it also helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles. The best way to use this cream is as the last step in your night routine, after you’ve cleansed and put your serums on then apply this cream to the face and neck. 
The first thing I noticed when using this cream was the consistency, it’s a thick gel-like formula which I love because you can feel the product hydrating the skin as soon as you apply it. It soaked into my skin very quickly and left it with a luminous glow without looking greasy. Two pumps of this moisturiser is the perfect amount because it spreads evenly over the face and neck leaving it looking fresh and hydrated. 

Key ingredients
Peptides: This is a natural plant derivative alternative to retinol (Vitamin A), it is an antioxidant that helps to fight the signs of ageing like Bakuchiol which is another key ingredient, it does this by targeting free radicals to refine the texture of the skin and even out skin tone . 
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and improves the texture of the skin and elasticity because of it’s ability to maintain water. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water and this helps to keep the skin moisturised and plump.

Overall I am so excited about BB Skin, a new brand coming to market is always exciting but when it’s from a brand you already love it’s even better! I don’t think I have anything bad to say about these products, they have made doing my skincare in the evening fun again because of the results I’m getting. I think out of everything I tried my favourites are the Enzyme Exfoliator because I haven’t tried a product like it before and so far it is reacting with my skin amazingly well, it leaves my it looking and feeling smoother and fresh. The other product I've been loving is the Deep Cleansing Mask, since using this product my pores have become less visible and my skin less oily! All of these products are now a part of my daily routine. 

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  1. I've not heard of this brand before but their products sound lovely! Your photos are stunning too - I love how you've styled these.


    1. It's a new brand from Bali Body Tan, so many amazing new products. Thank you! X

  2. This is a new brand to me so it was great to read about the products they offer (I love the packaging too). I like the sound of the serum in particular; thanks for sharing!

  3. I've been looking forward to reading this after seeing your Instagram post! I liked Bali Body fake tan products so I'd definitely be keen to try their skincare - especially the serum! Great review x

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