{Previously Gifted} Skincare has always been a passion of mine and by having this blog and by working in the beauty industry I have learnt a lot about what I like and don't like when it comes to skincare. I used to be one of those people who didn't use toner, I thought I didn't need it but oh I was wrong, Exfoliator is one of my favourite skincare products to use because some of them have multiple uses and they have worked wonders for my skin. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my top 3 favourite exfoliators!

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

I can talk about this product until I'm blue in the face, I even wrote a whole blog post about all the different uses for this toner, apart from it being an amazing toner for the skin it also works to get rid of ingrown hairs, lighten underarm skin and even remove hard skin. I have been using this toner for a few years now and have been loving the way that it has improved my skin. This toner's main ingredient is Glycolic Acid which is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) this is the perfect ingredient for a toner because it gently exfoliates the skin and improves the texture which I can say is definitely true. Before using this toner the pores on and around my nose were very visible and I had pretty oily skin but while using this toner I improved immensely.  You will all probably know that I don't use physical exfoliators anymore and this toner is the main reason why, because of the gentle exfoliating properties that this toner as I don't feel like my skin needs any added exfoliation. I don't have very sensitive skin but if you do I would introduce this product slowly, I would start by applying it once or twice a week and then work my way up from there for maximum results. 

Key Ingredients: 
  • Glycolic Acid - Is a gentle exfoliator for the skin, it also speeds up cell turnover and boosts collagen production 
  • Aloe Vera - Moisturises the skin and boosts healing in the skin 
  • Ginseng - This is a plant root extract that supports the skin's moisture barrier 

BB Skin Enzyme Exfoliator*

This is the newest exfoliator on my list and it's fastly becoming one of my favourites. This toner is slightly different to the others on this list because it has a different texture, the others on this list have more of a liquid consistency and this exfoliator has more of a gel-like feel to it meaning you can apply it with just your hands instead of using a cotton pad like I usually would with toner. This toner is described as a granule-free exfoliator containing fruit-derived enzymatic exfoliants and lactic acid and these help to even out the skin tone and promote cell turnover. One of my main skin concerns is the scarring that I have from previous spots, I started using this product because I wanted to see if it makes any difference to my scarring because it evens out the skin tone. I have been using this toner/exfoliator for a few months now and I have been noticing some improvement in the scarring on my face and around my cheeks, I know things like this take a long time so I'm not expecting miracles but I'm hopeful! The texture of my skin has greatly improved by using this product, it is a lot smoother and because my skin is combination it has helped with my oiliness and dryness which is amazing. 

Key Ingredients: 
  • Lactic Acid - This is an AHA which means that it has exfoliating benefits and lightens dark circles
  • Papaya Enzymes - Helps to soothe skin irritations and has anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Pomegranate Enzymes - A powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin and promotes deep hydration on the skin

Liz Earle Smooth & Glow Exfoliating Tonic*

This is another recent discovery of mine, I was very kindly sent the whole Cleanse & Glow range from Liz Earle and have been obsessed with the products ever since. I have been using all three of the products gifted to me (Cleanse & Glow Cleanser and the Revitalize & Glow Gel Moisturiser) in my daily skincare routine and have been loving the results. This toner helps to reveal glowing skin in only 30 seconds! and leaves the skin feeling resurfaced without any irritation. One of the main things that I love about this toner is that it doesn't irritate my skin at all, I have been using it 7 days a week in the morning and evening and I have not felt any sensitivity on my skin, and that just proves how gentle this product is for the skin! Since using this toner I have noticed that my skin has become a lot smoother and the dry texture that I would get around my nose and cheeks is a lot less noticeable. I would recommend this product to anyone who hasn't used a toner because of their sensitive skin, you will love this gentle toner! 

Key Ingredients:
  • Prickly Pear - Gentle alternative to an acid exfoliator that shows similar results to using glycolic acid in hydration and radiance 
  • Acerola Cherry - Rich in antioxidants and a single cherry can hold up to 80 times the vitamin C as an orange 
  • Sea Buckthorn - Ricn in Vitamin A and antioxidants and it has brightening properties and supports the skin throughout the day  

*Products in this post listed with a * have been previously gifted to me with no obligation to post. This post also contains affiliate links which means if you purchase a product through my link then I will receive a small percentage at no cost to you. If you would like to know more check out my Privacy & Disclaimer x

Toner is such an important part of our skincare routine and I think once you find the right one that works for you, you will see amazing benefits from using it! Have you tried any of these toners before?

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  1. I used to think I didn't need to use a toner either, and now it's a skincare step that I cannot skip. I haven't tried any of these, but I love the sound of the Liz Earle one. It's great that it's gentle enough to use in the AM and PM seven days a week xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. I was exactly the same way but toner has made such a big difference in my skin since using it! I love the Liz Earle toner, it's perfect for people with sensitive skin x

  2. The Ordinary sounds like a good product that would moisturize and help with aging.

    1. That toner is amazing because of all of its different uses! It's definitely one of my favourites! X

  3. Working in something you passionate about is a great thing. You always share awesome posts about beauty products.