Popping into Primak and having a mooch around is one of my favourite things and on a recent trip I went and had a look at the beauty section and came across these tinted lip balms. I am going through a bit of a no-makeup make-up moment and tinted lip balms have become my favourite lip product to use on a daily basis, so finding these in Primark was perfect! In today's post ill be sharing with you my thoughts on the Primark Tinted Lip Balms!

Tinted lip balm has fastly become one of my favourite makeup products, they are perfect for everyday looks and they also layer really well over other lip products to add a little shine. I am also obsessed with tik tok (like everyone else) and all I see is people testing out different lip balms so I was very excited to see them in Primark for only £2.50 each! At my Primak they had three different shades available and I had to get all of them because at that price you can't go wrong. I got the shades Cherry which is a deep red shade, Natural which is a nude shade and Bubblegum which is a light pink shade. In Primark, you can't test anything out so I just had to trust that I would like the shades that I purchased.

As soon as I got home I swatched the product and was pleasantly surprised by the shades, the shade that I thought I would like the most is Natural and it turned out to be the shade that I like the least, there isn't anything actually wrong with it it's just too light for me, this shade would look perfect on lighter skin tones. My favourite shade out of them all is Bubblegum, when I first saw it I thought it would have no pigmentation but once applied to the lips it kind of gets darker slightly, I think it's similar to those pH lip balms. I find this shade to be perfect for everyday looks and to wear to work when I want a light flush of colour on the lips. The last shade that I tried out was Cherry which is a deep red shade, it reminds me of the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey which everyone has been raving about on tik tok for months! This shade is slightly more red but for over half the price I would definitely go on with the cheaper option. When applying this lip balm the pigmentation can be a little patchy but after a few swipes, it evens out nicely. 

The formulation of these lip balms is lovely, the product glides on the lips like a dream and while wearing this lip balm it looks like you're wearing a gloss and it's really comfortable to wear. I have mainly been wearing these lip balms on their own but I have also been layering them with lip liner and lipstick when I want to add a little definition to the lips or if im wanting a more glam look. I think one of the main reasons why these lip balms are so comfortable to wear is because they contain jojoba oil which has anti-inflammatory properties that help to tame chapped lips and vitamin E which helps the skin absorb water and increase hydration. 

Overall I am really impressed with these lip balms, I have been wearing them on a daily basis and they are now a prominent part of my makeup routine. If you are near a Primark definitely head over to the beauty section and have a look at these products! 

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  1. The addition of jojoba oil gives these lipsticks an extra boost of hydration! Plus, the bubblegum pink shade is absolutely adorable – it's the perfect soft pink for everyday wear.