Before I started blogging I would sit and watch all different YouTubers tell me what's in their bags and I've always wanted to do one of my own. I just found it so interesting to see what people carry on them in their daily life and what key products they can't leave the house without. Here I will show you what is in my bag (I cleaned it out specifically for this post!)

Today I went shopping with a list of things to get and accidentally stumbled into Superdrug and Boots and they both had 3 for 2 on makeup so what is a girl to do. I picked up a range of products some are repurchases and some will be products I haven't tried before and every product I brought today was under £5. 

Out of all my palettes that I have collected over the years there are three palettes that I have constantly used over and over again. Here i'll show you the palettes that I always reach for, including swatches and looks that I've created.

I know a lot of beauty hacks are just gimmicks and really don't work but over my years of loving beauty I have a few hacks that I use all the time and that actually work and make my life easier so I thought I would share them with you! 

On a recent trip to Superdrug, I stumbled across these collections Glam Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow's that I've never actually seen before and the colours caught my eye straight away. As soon as I got home I began playing around with these and are actually really happy with the looks I came out with. Here I'll give you my first impressions on these liquid eyeshadow's. 

Sorry this is such a late post but I have finally after months been able to get my shade in the Revolution Stick Foundation and have never been more excited to purchase a foundation before! Here I will tell you how I liked the foundation and if it worked for me. 

I have now been subscribed to Birchbox for 4 months and have so far been really impressed with what I have been receiving and I'm still using a number of products from previous boxes (post for this coming soon!). This month was Birchbox's 5th birthday so they made this months box a really cute keepsake tin in a really cute design and you also received a 6th product! 

Lip products are one of my favourite things to buy and try out and recently I have been really obsessed with lip crayons, they are so easy to throw on when you're in a rush and they just add a bit of colour to the lips. I have also really enjoyed using all the drugstore/high street lip crayons because of their small price and good product quality. 

Now that in the UK I think we are starting to get some nice weather (but not when I'm writing this it's actually pouring with ran) I decided to put together a list of all my favourite perfumes that I love to use during the summer months.