Sorry this is such a late post but I have finally after months been able to get my shade in the Revolution Stick Foundation and have never been more excited to purchase a foundation before! Here I will tell you how I liked the foundation and if it worked for me. 

First Thoughts 

After about 5 different trips to Superdrug I finally went in one day and they had my shade! I shade tested myself about 3 weeks before because they had all the testers but just not my shade which I worked out to be C8. This foundation comes in 18 different shades from neutral, yellow and pink undertones. In this selection, there should be a shade for everyone and for only £5 its such an amazing price because stick foundations can range from £7.99 all up to £30.00!


The packaging of this stick foundation is so cute, the colour of it is a really pale pink with the barrel and the wording on the front is in a very rose gold colour. The only problem I have with the packaging is that it can get quite mucky if any product gets on the plastic and it doesn't come off easily. On the bottom of the foundation packaging, you will also find a sticker that has your shade name and it will be in a colour that is the colour of the foundation. 

The stick itself has a good weight to it and even though it is plastic it doesn't have that cheap feel that some other products can feel like. I think the rose gold barrel is also plastic with the colour on top, this part of the product also feel really sturdy. 

Product Amount 

It doesn't actually say on the packaging how much product there is, it might have said on the plastic wrapped around it but I ripped that off straight away! I looked on the Revolution website and also the Superdrug website and couldn't actually find how much product there is. When I scrolled the product all the way up you do get a generous amount of product but I think it is less than some other stick foundations on the market. 

First Impression

When first trying this foundation for the first time it was before I was going on a training day and didn't have a lot of time so I had to be quick and this was actually the perfect product for this because it was so easy to blend into the skin. Before trying this I wasn't sure if it was going to be more of a dry consistency but its actually really creamy. You don't need too much product I only did a few swipes on each part of my face and blended it out with a buffing brush and it buffed into the skin really nicely and easily. The coverage of this foundation is a medium to full coverage and you can build up the product if you would want more coverage. 

It was also a really got day when I tried this foundation out and even though I was inside for a lot of the day it held up really well, I did have to set this foundation with powder to set it but it did stay on my skin nicely. The only area that did wear off slightly on my nose which I have a problem with other foundations but it wasn't too noticeable. 

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I was really happy with this foundation and how it was so easy to apply and how it worked for my skin! If you have tried this foundation whats your thoughts? 

Aaliyah xo 


  1. I think I have read quite a few reviews of this foundation. I like that it is a stick so to me quite easy to apply. And the packaging does look very nice! also happy that you like it!

    1. It is really good! And for only £5 you can’t go wrong! X

  2. Your post made me happy first by the bright pictures! So pretty. Never heard of this foundation so it’s good to learn something new! Great post, definitely want to check it out!

    1. Aww thank you! It’s a really good foundation worth a try! X

  3. So good for when your rushing in the morning! (Always me) blends so nicely, Thank you!! Xx

  4. I really really want to try this foundation but F1 is slightly too dark for me and it's so frustrating because every review I've read has been amazing. I'm a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown stick foundation so it would be amazing to have a cheaper alternative as well x


  5. I love the sound of this foundation! I've been thinking about picking it up for a while, but now I definitely need to go and try it out. It sounds amazing and it's so affordable too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush