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Are Makeup Brushes From eBay Worth It?

Makeup brands everywhere are now adding more makeup brushes to their collections and they are also becoming more and more expensive, so I've decided to go on eBay to have a look to see if I can find quality makeup brushes for a small price. In this post, I will be honestly reviewing 4 different makeup applicator sets to see if they are worth leaving my expensive brushes behind!

My Favourite Face Palettes!

Recently I went on a little purge of my makeup and decided to finally let go of some products that I haven't used in a while but this also helped me to rediscover some products that I haven't used or just forgot about and that was mainly my Face Palettes. I tend to use single Bronzer, Blush and Highlighters but Face Palettes are so much easier as you get all three products in one which makes them perfect for travel on anyone on the go. Here I'll show you all my favourite Face Palettes worth giving a go.

What's In My September Birchbox!

September being my birthday month I was really excited to receive this months box and see what goodies are inside. So far having Birchbox since march I have discovered some really lovely products that I still use I even wrote a dedicated post for this, Birchbox Products I'm Still Using. There has been a few duds but overall I've been very impressed and can't wait to revive my new box every month.