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Whats In My March Birchbox!

Here we are again with another Birchbox post and this month we are here with the March box which is actually my 1-year box! I'm (again) really excited to see what is in this box as I love the design this month which I think is partly because in March it's International Woman's Day! 
Shop Gifts for the Woman that deserves the world this Mother's Day at Birchbox

My Blush Collection

This will be the second instalment to my collection series with a lot more to come. For this post, I thought I switched it up a bit and go through my blushes which are probably one of my favourite makeup products. A few posts ago I wrote my Makeup Declutter so you can find out which blushers didn't make the cut and to find out which ones stayed keep reading!

Drugstore Vs High-end: Silver Firming Masks!

I am a budget junkie and if I can get anything a little bit cheaper or for a discount then I definitely will. Dupes are my absolute favourites to find and I think I might have found some with the products that I'll compare today in my new series for this blog Drugstore Vs Highstreet! 

My Favourite Revolution Products!

At the beginning of the year, I went through all of my makeup and did a whole post about it which you can find here and while doing this I discovered a whole collection of products that I love and realised that the majority of them came from Revolution. In this post, I will be sharing with you all of my Revolution Favourites!