My holiday is exactly 18 days away (not like I'm counting or anything) I'm going to Jamaica and I really cannot wait. I am now in the process of starting to pick what products I'm going to take away with me and I thought I would start with Skincare. I don't like to fuss around too much when it comes to skincare on holiday, as long as my skin is hydrated and I have SPF on I am happy! in today's post, I'll be sharing with you what I have decided to take on holiday with me. 

Nivea Micellar Water 

Micellar water is a must whenever I go on holiday, it is the perfect product to help refresh my skin in the mornings before a long day in the sun. This micellar water from Nivea is fastly becoming one of my favourites, it effectively takes off my makeup without leaving any traces on the skin. When going on holiday I like to take as few products as possible so I don't over-pack (which I always do) sp taking micellar water is a must because it works as an eye makeup remover and cleanser, making it a space saver in my luggage. I don't usually wear too much makeup on holiday so I usually use this micellar water as either an eye makeup remover or my morning cleanser, I love using this product to add some hydration to my skin while also cleansing away any impurities. When I'm on holiday and my skin gets the sun it can become dry and sometimes more sensitive so I like to use products that are targeted towards sensitive skin which this product does, this is the perfect micellar water for sensitive skin and skin that has been in the sun! 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser 

If you have been reading my blog for the past few months you will know how obsessed I am with this cleanser. Ever since I first tried it back in March of last year I have been obsessed and it has come a part of my daily skincare routine so I knew instantly that I had packed it to take away with me. This cleanser is different from any other cleanser that I've tried before, it is a gel cleanser that transforms into an oil and then when you add water it turns into a milk. I could be wearing the thickest of thick makeup and I know that if I use this cleanser it will remove all of my makeup and not leave anything behind. Whenever I use this cleanser my skin feels amazingly smooth and soft after I remove it which is one of the main reasons why I want to take it away to Jamaica with me. Anything that makes my skin feel hydrated is a must for my holiday!  

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser 

I know this is the third cleanser I'm taking on holiday but it is definitely a must! Being in the hot weather all day and in the sun dries out my skin, it makes my face feel dried out so if I can add some moisture to my skin then I will do and that's why I decided not to take my usual favourite (The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser) and decided to go for the Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser. Hyaluronic Acid is the perfect ingredient to add to a product because it holds 100x its own weight in water which means that it's the perfect ingredient to have if your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated. I have taken this cleanser on holiday with me before and I like to use this product at the end of the day to remove all of the SPF that I've had on all day and it effectively removes all the product and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft and hydrated. If anyone is going on a summer holiday this year I would 100% recommend taking this hydrating cleanser with you! 

The Inkey List Niacinamide Serum 

When I'm in the sun for a while my skin does improve quite a lot but I still like to bring a few products with me that will help to keep my problematic skin at bay and that is this Niacinamide serum from The Inkey List. This serum is a lightweight serum that helps to reduce excess oil, redness and breakouts which is exactly what my skin needs. When going on holiday I don't like to change up my skincare routine too much because that is when I start to get breakouts and it goes a bit crazy, so even though a few things are different I have to take this serum with me because my skin is used to having Niacinamide and since using this serum my breakouts have become a lot less more often so it was essential that I take it away with me to Jamaica!

Selfless By Hyram Daily Barrier Support Moisturiser

This moisturiser has been a favourite of mine ever since I first tried it all the way back in January 2022, I have used this moisturiser on and off and whenever I use it my skin looks and feels amazing. I started using this moisturiser again when I discovered it in Tk Maxx a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since and while using it again I have remembered how much I love this moisturiser. I love this product because it is a lightweight moisturiser that has helped to make my skin healthier and clearer. I'm taking this product away with me because of how much it has helped my skin over the last few weeks, I don't want to rock the boat and change up my routine for the holiday so this moisturiser will definitely be coming away with me. Along with helping my skin to become clearer, this product helps to add moisture to my skin and keep it feeling smooth and hydrated, perfect for my holiday. 

Bondi Sands Face SPF50+

The most important part of my skincare routine while on holiday and is my Face SPF, I will not use the same SPF that I use on my body on my face because it can be too thick and heavy for my face so I went on the hunt for a new SPF and on my research this one from Bondi Sands came up so many times so I had to purchase it. I have been using it for a few weeks now as I wanted to try it out before taking it away with me to make sure that I liked it. So far I have really been enjoying using this product, it is a lovely spf that gives my skin a nice glow when I use it and one of the best things about it is that it doesn't have any white cast and when you apply it soaks into my skin instantly making it feel smooth, hydrated and protected from the sun. I have done a full review on this SPF so you can see how much I love it!

Writing this blog post has made me so excited to go on holiday and even though I still have two weeks to go I am fully in holiday mode! What skincare items do you take on holiday away with you?

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  1. Micellar water is a must on holiday - a large bottle, so my daughter can share it! And we both love Frezyderm SPF 50 gel - it has a mattifying effect on our faces, which is perfect base for any light make up too. Happy holidays, Aaliyah, not long now!

  2. I bought some Micellar water a few months ago and never used it. I think I needed to hear from someone else how effective and useful it is before I can start using it. This was helpful and I will go ahead and give it a go. I have a sensitive skin and sometimes need a little push to try out new product.

    Jeannie x

  3. I love using my Liz Earle Transforming Cleanser too, it's so good! That Bondi Sands Face SPF is my favourite and I use it all year round! I hope you have a fab time in Jamaica! x

    Lucy Mary

  4. Interesting products, the first time to know about the micellar water but it seem something good to have on holidays.

  5. These are all great products, especially Face SPF 50+. Thanks for sharing this useful information!

  6. What a great post! So many good suggestions! I’m definitely going to look into the hyaluronic acid cleanser I love it and wish I had found it in products easier. Have a great time in Jamaica! :)

  7. Some great choices here. If I was going to somewhere warm, I think I'd choose similar products and keep it fairly simple!