I am finally back after a long break and a holiday and I am ready to jump right back in with blogging. For my first post back I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about a new product of mine. In the summer I like to change up my makeup routine because I prefer wearing lightweight products in the hotter months and that is why I wanted to give this skin tint from It Cosmetics a try. I am very late to the game with this product but I have heard mixed reviews so I wanted to share with you my opinion on this skin tint!

In the summer I don't really like to wear a lot of makeup, I find that I get hot a lot and it just sweats off my face so I like to wear products that are lightweight and that is why I thought the best product to use would be a skin tint, that way it would still give me some coverage but not be top heavy on the skin. I looked around for ages, reading so many reviews and I finally landed on this one from It Cosmetics. I read a lot of good reviews but also some mixed ones so I wanted to give this one a try and see how it would work for my skin. I have combination skin, dehydrated in some parts like my cheeks and forehead but oily on my nose and chin, I also don't like to wear products that are too glowy because I don't want it to make it look like my skin too oily. 

This product is described as a lightweight foundation and a brightening glow serum with an SPF 40. This product is also a mix of makeup and skincare because it contains 2% Niacinamide (my favourite skincare ingredient), hyaluronic acid and green tea extract which delivers a healthy glow to the skin and hydration. This product has buildable medium coverage and it's a great product to create the no-makeup makeup look. 

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To find the correct shade of this product I went into boots and swatched the shades, it was hard to know exactly which one was right for me but there was a lot of choice. This product has a lot of different shades to suit all skin types because it also has different undertones ranging from cool, neutral and warm. I ended up going with Medium Tan which has a warm undertone. This shade was perfect for me before I went on my holiday, it is now slightly too light for me at the moment with my tan but if I only use a small amount I can get away with it. 

I started looking for this product just before going on holiday, I wanted a skin tint to take away with me that I could wear in hot weather, that will give me a nice glow to the skin without it being too heavy. I did try this product out a few days before going on holiday and my first impression of this product was a very good one. I started off by applying this skin tint with a brush but I did notice that it didn't blend out as seamlessly as I would have wanted so I then started using a sponge and it blended out so much better. 

Once I blended the product onto my skin, my skin looked amazing, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this skin tint covered the acne scarring on my cheeks with only one layer of the product. I did go back in with a little more of the product to see if it could cover any redness or imperfections on my skin and even though this product isn't full coverage it does a really great job at covering imperfections on the skin.

I would say that this product has a natural finish to it because it didnt make my skin look super dewy but it did give off a nice glow to the skin which I really loved because it made me look like I just had really clear natural skin (which I do not). If you had a normal skin type you could probably just finish up there but I decided to set the product on my face slightly with just a little powder because my skin can get oily throughout the day. This skin tint is slightly pricer than I like to spend on base products at £33 but I definitely think that it's worth it. 

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At the end of the day after having this foundation on for hours I was so impressed with how nice my skin still looked. Throughout the day I kept checking myself in the mirror and was surprised that the skin tint still looked just as good as it looked when I first applied it. This product made my skin look healthy and clear and it made my skin just look amazing! 

Overall I am so impressed with this product and I definitely agree with the great reviews that this product got! I have just ordered another one of these skin tints to suit my tanned skin better because I love it so much! 

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