I know a lot of beauty hacks are just gimmicks and really don't work but over my years of loving beauty I have a few hacks that I use all the time and that actually work and make my life easier so I thought I would share them with you! 

Using glitter eyeliner instead of loose glitter for an easy eye look 

I have been using this hack for years and I'm not too sure of where I heard it in the first place but this hack is actually one of my favourites and it really works. For this you would need a glittery liner, I like to use the Collection Glam Crystals in Funk and some other shadows for your eye look, a crease colour and some darker shades for the outer corner. 
  1. Put your chosen colour onto your crease and blend it out 
  2. Apply your chosen glitter liner on your lid (either the full lid for a cut crease look or just on the inner corner)
  3. Let this dry down before adding your darker colours to the outer corner and also blend these colour into your crease to bring the whole look together. 
Doing this hack has helped me reduce the time that I have spent doing my eye looks and its perfect for people who are in a rush but still need some glitz. 

Getting the very last bit from your lipsticks

Have you ever had a favourite lipstick and have gone to use it and it's completely empty! then your just like me because when I love a lipstick I'll use it until its finished, this hack will help you get all of the product from the barrel of the lipstick container that we cannot see. I think I saw this hack once on Pinterest many moons ago and I have used it religiously since. For this hack you'll need a lipstick that's on its last legs, a knife (be safe with this kids) and some sort of small container, I got mine from Ebay for just £3.20 for 12 of them.
  1. Very carefully use the knife to dig out any remaining product that has been left in the barrel of the lipstick 
  2. Once you have got out all the product you can place it into the container you have and make sure you keep the lid on to keep the product fresh 
  3. When you want to go and use it you can just use your finger or a small lip brush 
This hack gives you so much more out of your lipstick that you realised and gets the most out of your favourite lippies. 

Creating your own under eye pads 

Recently under eye pads have been so popular and even though some can be really inexpensive I still wanted to create my own that worked just as well and you only need two things to make them! Firstly you'll need some cotton pads cut into half-moon shapes and your chosen serum or moisturiser. 
  1. Once your cotton pads are cut into half moon shapes, pick your favourite product to use it can either be a serum, eye cream or moisturiser but make sure that its safe to use around the eyes and that it won't irritate. 
  2. Get a small bowl or dish and place the cotton pads in and then add your chosen product and let it soak in for a few minutes.
  3. Place the under eye pads under your eyes for about 10 minutes and have your own spa evening.

Mixing your foundations 

This isn't too much or a hack but I use it so often that I thought I had to add it to this list. I mix my foundations for different reasons, one if I need to make a colour perfect for my skin tone at the time or if I want to change the formula slightly. Doing this I get two different types of foundation a matte and a dewy and i'll mix the two together. I like to do this because it makes my foundations not look too shiny and also gives me a bit of a glow, it also helps to keep my foundations on for longer. 

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Hacks are always fun to try out but its even better when you know that they work! Will you be trying out any of these hacks?

Aaliyah xo


  1. Oooh thanks for this post, I love beauty hacks! The creating your own under eye pads sounds like a particularly good idea and I'll definitely be trying that out!
    Sophie - https://sophiehearts.net x

    1. It’s a really good hack and saves a lot of money too! Xx

  2. I will definitely be trying the lipstick and eye pad hacks, I think they're both genius. And can I just say your photos are beautiful, and I LOVE that gold trinket dish! Fab hacks, thank you for sharing! x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Use those hacks all the time! They both save money! Thank you, It’s actually from Primark! Xx

  3. It’s a really good hack! There is still so much product left in the bottom when it’s all gone. Thank you xx