Perfume has always been something that I ask for at Christmas, for some reason I don't usually get perfumes for myself but once the bottle I'm using is finished I start testing out all different perfumes to add to my Christmas list. I know I'm not going to get all of these scents for Christmas but hopefully, they go in the Boxing Day Sales!

Prada Candy

I have wanted this perfume for a while when the little scent was a gift with purchase. If you like sweet scents then I would definitely give this scent a wiff. This type of scent is something that I don't usually like but there's also a strong smell to this perfume which makes it perfect. The different notes in this perfume are Musk which is the top note, Benzoin the middle note and Caramel which is the bottom note which you can actually smell quite a bit in this perfume. I would say this is a perfume that you would usually wear on a more special occasion, maybe because it's pretty expensive but also I think it can be slightly overpowering for everyday use.

Calvin Klein Women

This is a newer perfume that I tried out as I received this sample in a recent Birchbox which you can read here. This perfume has a much deeper scent than Prada Candy and I also think I like this scent slightly more. This is a perfume that I would wear every day and that you could also wear during the evening. The notes in this perfume are Eucalyptus, Orange flower and Cedarwood which I think gives it the musky but still feminine scent. What I love most about this perfume is the message behind it which is that it was created by drawing inspiration from empowered females. This perfume would be perfect for anyone that loves a deep but still light (if that makes sense) perfume that can be worn on a daily basis. 

Guerlain Mon

This perfume is slightly more sophisticated of a scent for me but one that is very high on my Christmas list. I would say this perfume is slightly deeper and sexier than Calvin Klein Woman and I would wear this one more on special occasions or nights out. My sample of this perfume has lasted ages because such a small amount is needed for a powerful scent to last. The notes in this perfume are Lavender, Jasmin, sandalwood and Vanilla. This is a perfume that I think everyone's Mum would like (and me), its a bit on the expensive side but I think it would be worth it because it's super long lasting and has a strong scent.

Burberry Body

This sample I've actually had for a while and haven't gotten round to actually trying it when I eventually tried it I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. This scent is pretty strong and isn't for someone who likes sweet or floral scents. What I like about this perfume too is that it isn't too expensive and it comes in a really handy size to pop in your handbag. The notes in this perfume are fresh green absinthe (wow), peach and freesia. This perfume is actually more on the fruitier side than floral which I really like. This is one I'm keeping on the lookout for in the sales.

Dior J'adore

This perfume is one that I surprised myself with, it isn't a scent that I would usually go for as its more of an adult perfume! This perfume is pretty light in the scent which I like as it would be perfect to wear as an everyday scent. This is the type of perfume that I know my mum or my nan would love but then I also enjoy it too.  The notes in this perfume are Bergamot, Rose and Jasmin. This would be a perfect perfume for someone who likes floral scents. This perfume can be pretty expensive so let's hope it goes in the sale!

Dior Joy

If you like a sweet perfume that smells like sweets then this perfume I would say would be perfect for you. My usual preference is strong scents but this one is different but I still really enjoy the smell of it. I would say this perfume is very youthful and sweet. The note in this perfume is Bergamot, Mandarin which I think gives it that really sweet scent and Rose. This perfume would be a scent that I would wear on a daily basis then I'd also add a bit more on for the evening as it has a really strong scent. This perfume is also super long lasting.

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Overall I really enjoyed testing out all these scents and trying out something that I wouldn't usually wear. What perfumes are on your Chrismas list? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. Samples are such a great way to try new items, especially perfumes and beauty products!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I loved this post! I really need to try Dior J'adore now after reading this, it sounds gorgeous :)

    Kate |

    1. Thank you! I would definitely give it a go, it’s such a lovely scent xx

  3. I've never tried any of these perfumes before, but thats why samples are so good! I'll have to check these out next time I'm out shopping xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. This is a great way to pick your next one! Prada Candy is one of my mum's favourites. I prefer more musky perfumes for myself usually x


  5. Oooh! I haven't thought about asking for perfume for Christmas! I love that you have a little bit of everything so you can switch things around depending on your mood. I know I'd love the Prada Candy scent! Oooh, I need to check out Burberry's perfume. I've seen them everywhere!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Your post is making me want to ask for perfume this year. I think I'll go for Prada Candy. It sounds so good! Great post and pictures!

  7. I always get perfume for christmas too! Either my current one for a refill or a new one! I love Guerlain, it is my signature perfume - la petite robe noire. I have always wanted to try Candy from Prada though!

  8. I had a sample of the prada candy gloss in a magazine and fell in love with it that i spent like £60 on a bottle of it and it's my fave luxury perfume, such a gorgeous scent!

    Ellie //

  9. I love perfumes. From those you mentioned Burberry Body is my favorite.I haven't tried all of them though!
    In case you're interested, rn my choice is Coco Mademoiselle. :)

  10. I love using perfume samples as a way to choose which scent works best for me. I'm currently hoping to get Henri Bendel's Suite 712 and Chanel no. 5 for Christmas!

  11. I love your background c: Feels very magical and holiday-like <3

  12. I think perfume samples are a great present and a great stocking stuffer! This is a great idea! I haven't tried these perfumes but if they are a sample, why not?!
    Christine xx

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