I have now been subscribed to Birchbox for nearly a year and have seriously been loving all of the boxes that I have been receiving each month. Last month with all the blog posts that I had scheduled I didn't have the time to fit my January box in so I thought I'd start fresh with February and I have to say that I think this month might actually be my favourite! 

Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Dreamcatcher RRP £11

I've only received a brush once from a Birchbox which was the Spectrum B04 brush which I use a lot for blending out the outer corner when I do an eyeshadow look then I got this brush from Luxie which I haven't heard of before. This brush looks like the perfect crease brush, it's described as a fluffy blending brush which is perfect for blending out powder and cream products. This brush is also vegan, cruelty-free and hypoallergenic which makes it an all-around perfect brush. I've tried out this brush out a few times, I actually used it in my last post, Easy Valentines Day Eye Looks and it worked really well at blending out my crease shade in seconds. This is now in my everyday collection and I will be using it a lot more often. 

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose EDT RRP £35

When I saw that I got a Philosophy product in my box I was so happy, I haven't tried much from the brand before because they are slightly over my budget but I've always wanted to give them a go because everyone raves about it. This perfume wouldn't be something that I would usually go for because it includes Rose but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the scent. This perfume is perfect for everyday use as it gives off a really nice fresh but still deep scent that lasts all day. I also really like the sample size which I got, its 15ml which makes it perfect to just chuck in your handbag and top up when needed. 

Liquid eyeshadows have been a favourite of mine for ages, they are such a versatile product and you can create such amazing looks really easy. The colour that I received this month is Eclipse which is a really pretty bronze shade that I think would look so gorgeous on all skin tones. This product has a doe-foot applicator which makes it so much easier to apply to the eyelid. I've tried this product out a few times and have really enjoyed using it, the product does dry down pretty quickly which is a good thing because I didn't get any creases. I have used this shimmer shadow as a base colour to add more glitter because it works like a glitter glue when the product is still wet. 

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque £9

If you haven't heard from Coco & Eve before then where have you been? this brand has been so popular for ages and has been all over Instagram so I was very intrigued when I saw this product. This mask claims to repair damage, improves texture, deeply hydrates, fights frizz and seals split ends which sounds amazing. So far I've only used this product once and I think I'm in love, my hair can be pretty hard to deal with sometimes and if there's a product that helps with that then sign me up. I used this mask just on my ends as I do have pretty had split ends and after using it for around 10 minutes I saw a difference straight away, my ends didn't look so dry and it also left my hair feeling really smooth. 

Anatomicals Shower Gel £4

Shower and bath products aren't always my favourite things to receive in my Birchboxes because I have the worlds biggest bath product collection already but I have never tried anything from Anatomicals before so I was looking forward to trying it out.  This shower gel claims to be invigorating with a floral scent which wakes up your senses. I've actually used this shower gel a lot since getting it and have quite enjoyed it, the scent to me is a little be too floral for me but the way it leaves my skin after using it is what wins it for me. My skin felt soft and hydrated once I've used this product which I love as some shower gels can dry out my skin. 

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Overall I think this box has been one of my favourites because of all the products I got but also the really lovely design of the box! Have you tried any of these products before?

Aaliyah xo


  1. That liquid shimmer you've swatched is utterly beautiful 😍

  2. I love the design of the box, it looks so lovely! And the content looks great too! especially the liquid shimmer shadow!

    1. I love this months box design, I really liked everything that I got this month and the liquid shadow is so great! X

  3. That shimmer shadow is such a pretty shade! I love when these boxes have great variety like this one did. I don't know why but I'm always shocked when they have brushes in there? x


  4. Gosh it's been absolutely ages since I've had a Birchbox! It's great to see that they're still consistently producing amazing monthly boxes with lots of variety. Their box designs are always so pretty! I remember collecting them at one point and displaying them on my desk, using them to store things in. I really love the look of the liquid eyeshadow, I'm all about liquid shadows lately and that colour is just stunning! Love the sound of the hair mask as well, it's been ages since I've given my hair a treat.

    Alice x

    1. I’ve had it for nearly a year now I have still been really enjoying getting my box of the month and trying out all new products, I also love seeing what design they come up with next. The liquid shadow is really great,
      I want to get some other colours in if as well! X

  5. This is on my my favourite boxes for all the products and the really prettty design! I think I’m actually going to frame the postcards and have them as prints! I haven’t tried much from Anatomicals but that face mask sounds great! X

  6. ohh what an amazing box you got this month! i love that there are a variety of products! The hair mask looks great, i’m always so tempted to try it out when I see it on instagram lol! xx

    mich / simplymich.com