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Spring has now finally sprung, and even though where I am it's still all grey and cloudy I thought it's definitely time for some spring posts. I have written a post way back near the start of my blogging journey about Pink Products Perfect For Spring and I thought that I would go into it a bit more and talk about all the pink lip products!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

Starting off with a liquid lipstick it had to be one of my favourites from NYX. Firstly this liquid lipstick is slightly different to others that I've used before because it doesn't completely dry down which I found to be a lot more comfortable to wear. Getting on to the shade of this liquid lipstick, This pink shade is pretty deep but also bright at the same time (if that makes sense) which I think is perfect for spring nights out. This shade is such a flattering shade of pink that I think it would suit all skin tones. What I like most about this exact shade of pink is that it doesn't look neon which I find a lot of brighter shades can look like. This product is perfect to take on weekends away as its a very versatile shade which can be worn during the day or dressed up for an evening look.

2. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - Elusive 

The Revlon Matte Balms have been a staple of mine for years as they are so wearable and comfortable on the lips. This crayon is so easy to apply and wear on this lips because even though its a matte product it doesn't dry down or dry the lips which is perfect for warmer weather we will hopefully be having. The shade of this product is a very pretty mauvy pink, which is the shade I wear most days during the spring to add extra colour to my look. This shade of pink can either be classed a pinky nude which I find so flattering and pretty. The more neutral tone means that this lip colour can be worn for everyday wear for example for work. To change the finish of the colour up a bit I also like to apply a clear gloss over for a glossier look which can be worn more for evening looks. 

3. Rimmel The Only One Lipstick - Naughty Nude

This lipstick really does live up to its name, it truly is the only one because it's one of my absolute favourite lipsticks for the formula and the colour. The formula of this lipstick is a little different to the usual lipstick as it goes on like a cream and them slightly dries down to be more on the matte side, this helps the product to be more long-wearing making it perfect for the longer days we'll be having. This shade of pink is slightly similar to the Revlon Matte balm but its slightly more on the pinkier side. I get this lipstick out a lot more during the spring because of its fresh shade which looks so pretty with other pink makeup products like blusher and eyeshadow which will bring the whole look together. I have seen this lip colour on a few different skin tones and it looks perfect on everyone!

pink lipstick swatches

4. L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss - Mafia Gloss

The L'Oreal Infallible glosses have to be one of my favourite drugstore lipglosses for a few reasons, they aren't sticky at all which is a must for me with lipglosses because I hate the feeling of my lips getting stuck together. I also love the lipgloss for its really weird applicator, the strange shape makes it much easier to apply the gloss with the perfect amount. The colour of this gloss is probably pretty selective because it can look quite neon on camera but it's actually a really flattering shade. The gloss itself is pretty thick so you get a good amount of colour pay off with this gloss on by itself. I have used this product on its own or with different lip products underneath to create all different looks and shades.

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Lollipop 

Another Revlon lip product added to the list and this time it's a lip balm. I find lip blams to be one of the easiest lip products to wear as they are so comfy for the lips. The formula of this lip butter is really nice, it still has quite a bit of pigment to it even though it's a balm and covers the lips with just one swipe. The shade of this balm is a pretty vibrant pink shade which is similar to the NYX but in a balm formula and has more of a blue undertone. This product is something that I have rediscovered this spring and have been wearing a lot more often because when the weather gets brighter then so does my lip colour. 

6.  Benefit They're Real Double The Lip - Lusty Rose 

This product is a that has been a more recent discovery for me as I got it at Christmas and I wanted to be wearing it a lot more then but I thought the shade of this lipstick would be perfect for Spring. This lipstick is a little bit different than others because it also has an added colour for the lip liner which I think is such a great idea as it adds depth to the lips. The product its self is really lovely, the formula is great and applies to the lips really smoothly and doesn't settle into the lines on my lips. This lipstick goes on really smoothly and even though this lipstick isn't a matte lipstick it is really long lasting and I think it's worth the extra pounds. 

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Hopefully, we start seeing a lot more sun this Spring so we can bring out all of the bright colours, especially in makeup! Have you tried any of these lip products before?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. Pink lips are always so gorgeous and pink is perfect for spring! loving the revlon balm!

    1. Pink is really great for this time of year! The Revlon balms are so great, need to get more shades! X

  2. A clear bright pink is one of those colours that has the power to magically lift, brighten, and even transform my face. I'm a huge Revlon fan and that lip butter in Lollipop looks and sounds perfect for me - next time I'm in Boots I'll have to check it out. Gorgeous recommendations, Aaliyah, thank you! Lisa x

    1. It definitely does, pink has got to be one of my favourites! The lip butter has got to be one of my favourites, it’s so easy to wear and can be worn during the night or day! X

  3. NYX is my favorite too! I love the shades they have and how affordable it is! I wish I had every color they have made.

    1. The NYX soft matte lip creams have always been a favourite of mine, especially in this bright pink shade! x

  4. Thanks for the swatch, i really think that pink looks good in any body
    i love nyx products.

    1. Your welcome! Pink is such a flattering shade for all skin tones and is perfect for this time of year x

  5. These are all super pretty shades! I swear by NYX lip butters, they're by far one of my favourite liquid lipsticks! I really like the packaging of the L'Oreal one too, I tend to avoid lip glosses because I do usually find them sticky so this sounds like one I definitely need to try out!
    Soph - x

  6. such a great post! the nyx soft matte lip cream formula is absolutely amazing! I don't think they get enough credit for being the trailblazer's in the whole liquid lipstick trend. I also really love the revlon lip butter formula as well. spring and summer are my favorite seasons to wear lips that you can just throw on without having to think about!

    mich xx

  7. I love how easy the Revlon crayons are! It does annoy me a little that they don't dry down though. I've tried the Benefit ones but it confuses me with the two shades 😂 x


  8. I'm really not a pink person but I can appreciate a really nice shade of pink in lipsticks :D I really like the Revlon, their lippies are usually really nice...I also like the two shade thing with Benefit, great from creating an ombre look! :)

    xx Lena |

  9. Ooooh I'm a sucker for a pink lip!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan