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Do you ever just judge a book by its cover even though you know that you shouldn't if you do then your just like me and I even do it with beauty products. For this post, I have gathered up all the products that I didn't expect to love!

I got this perfume in my recent February Birchbox and if you read that then you will know why this is an unexpected love. Floral scents really aren't my usual favourite, I'm more of a strong scent lover but there was something different about this perfume. The rose scent wasn't too overpowering and it's just strong enough to be perfect for me. Another thing I really like about this perfume is the longevity of the scent as it lasts all day. This perfume has been in my bag since I got it and its really the perfect scent to wear daily. 

This product is another item that I got from a Birchbox which I got all the way back in May last year that you can read here. I really wasn't convinced about this deodorant balm when I first saw it as it looked slightly gimmicky to me but I was definitely wrong. I tried this balm a few times at first and was really shocked by how well it actually worked at keeping me feel completely dry all day. I didn't realise before trying this balm the number of chemicals that are actually in normal deodorants and cutting them out and using this product has made me feel a whole lot better. I'm trying to cut back on the number of chemicals in my beauty products!

Birchbox has really helped me discover new products that I love because this is another product that I got from one of the boxes back in October which you can read here. At first, I wasn't too excited about this product as I've tried so many different spot creams before that just don't seem to work but I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. My skin goes through phases where one week it will be amazing and clear and then the next the spots will just appear and that's when I'll use this gel. You can use this product all over the face but I like to apply it straight to the spot, I usually do this before bed and once I've woken up the spot has really reduced or has gone completely. This gel is now a permanent product in my skincare routine. 

P.s... My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation 

I've spoken a lot about this foundation recently on my blog and it's because of how amazing it really is! I've not tried much makeup from Primark before and because of the really cheap price tag, I would have never thought it would be as good quality as it is. I've been using this foundation a lot since my original review and I actually think I like it the more that I use it. The foundation is matte which I love and it blends like a dream and wears really well on my skin all day which doesn't happen too often, I would say that this is an all-around great foundation. 

I don't actually own a lot of MAC products because I think they can be slightly overpriced but I got this mini stobe cream as a gift for Christmas and totally forgot I had it until a few months ago. I use this cream in a few different ways, I either add a bit to my foundation to make me look extra glowy, apply a small amount on my cheekbones as my highlighter or for an extra glow I apply the stobe cream to my cheekbones and then apply a powder highlighter on top and this makes me look like a real glitter ball (which sometimes I love). This highlighter is a great product which has many different uses which I think can justify the larger price tag. 

This brow pencil was actually an impulse buy, I didn't actually know this was a thing until I went to Superdrug to get a few bits and thought I'd give it a go. I've tried so many different eyebrow pencils before and wanting to try a really good cost effective one which this one definitely is being only £2.50! They only had a select few colours and the darkest shade was actually black which I went for. I was so surprised by how easy this pencil glides on, it has a really lovely waxy consistency and all you need is a light hand. For the price, this product is really amazing and I was expecting it to be dry and hard to apply but I was wrong. 

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Trying out a product that you may not think you like to begin with can be a good thing and you may find your own unexpected beauty love! Have you had an unexpected beauty love any lately?

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  1. This is a great idea for a post, there are so many products I've received in both Glossybox and Birchbox that I thought I'd hate but loved. I feel the same as you about the deodorant, I wasn't that pleased to receive it but it's actually really good. And I've heard nothing but good things about the Primark foundation which is kind of surprising! I'll need to give it a go!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. I get what you mean with the look of the charcoal deodorant but it’s expected that it works due to the mattifying/drying agents present in charcoal. Also I totes agree that MaC can be over priced sometimes. They’re are few things I religiously get from them like the matte liquids, certain OG colors like ruby woo and I use to like their studio fix. Great post �� ��

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  3. I love it when a beauty product surprises you (in a good way!). I like the sound of the perfume and the clear spot gel. I stopped getting Birchboxes because I ended up with a drawer full of products I didn't use but I'm still enjoying my M&S Beauty Advent Calender goodies. My favourite find so far is a Stila waterproof eyeliner, it's amazing! Great post, so nice to read something wtih a twist :) x

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

  4. I love it when products surprise you like this! I'm actually on the hunt for a new brow option so I think I might try the MUA one and see if they have a shade that will work for me x


  5. I never thought of buying a foundation in Primark! glad you did a review about it x
    have a lovely day!

  6. I remember buying a primark foundation for a blog post and thinking id never use it again but its one of my faves!

  7. I've always wanted to try something from Philosophy, mainly because their bottles are so pretty haha! Love the idea of this post, it's so nice to see those pleasant surprises you actually end up liking xx

    Em // https://www.emilybecca.com

  8. I love the idea of this post! My daughter uses MUA products and has urged me to try them. She says they're great value for money and are amazing products! I can't believe the eyebrow pencil was only £2.50! xxx


  9. I would never think to pick up a foundation from Primark. I'm so glad this works for you, I always play it safe with make up and tend to stick to my favourites. The most recent item I've tried is cream blusher and highlighter and I have been loving how natural it looks compared to powder.

  10. I've tried one of the palettes from Primark and I'm ridiculously impressed!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  11. This is a great post. I agree that Birchbox is great for finding new products. My unexpected beauty love is a £10 eyeshadow palette from matalan that I have used so much more than my urban decay naked palette