Cleaning makeup brushes really is a very boring task that I know we all try to avoid but then it comes to that time when we can't escape it any longer. That's why I decided to put this guide together on the best and easiest way to clean your makeup brushes so that they are sanitised and ready to go!

Why we should be cleaning our makeup brushes?

Over time when you're using your makeup brushes, they accumulate bacteria when they aren't cleaned frequently enough. When they aren't cleaned they collect bacteria and dirt from the environment around them and the old makeup still on them. An unclean brush is the best place for the breading of nasty bacteria that can cause spots and other skin conditions. When a brush is caked in makeup it can make the brush much less soft which can irritate the skin and also your makeup won't apply to the skin nicely. Dirty makeup brushes can also contaminate your makeup when you dip your brush into the makeup the bacteria can be transferred!

How often should we be cleaning our brushes? 

For all the different uses of your makeup brushes, they need to be cleaned at different times like for foundation and concealer brushes you should be fully washing them once a week to stop the build-up of product and because you're using them on your face you want them to be as clean as possible. Eye shadow brushes should be deep cleaned around twice a month but you may want to do a quick clean on them (I'll get into this a bit later) to remove any of the remaining eye shadow left on the brushes. For makeup sponges, if your applying foundation or powder I would also clean them around once a week to make sure they are completely sanitised. 

How I deep clean my makeup brushes

Products used:
When I deep clean my brushes I always go for a select few products that I've been testing of the years to truly find the right combination that works to remove all traces of makeup and bacteria from my brushes and sponges. 

The brush egg is one of my favourite items to use then cleaning all of my brushes as it helps to really get into all the hairs and remove all of the makeup thoroughly but also quite quickly. The first thing I do when cleaning the brushes is to wet them, the way to do this is to make sure that the brushes are facing downwards so no water gets into the barrel that's holding all the hairs together. If you let water get into that over time it may loosen the glue holding the hairs in place and they may start to fall out.

Once the brushes are all wet I apply a small amount of baby shampoo to the brushes and the brush egg. I like to use baby shampoo because it's a gentle cleaner which isn't too harsh on the hairs but will still help to deeply clean all of the hairs. When there is enough shampoo on the brush and the brush egg I just swirl the brushes around until they lather up and you can see all of the makeup being washed away. After doing this once I rinse the brush through with water and then do it once more with the shampoo and brush egg to make sure all of the traces of makeup have been removed. 

The next step is to make sure that all of the shampoo has been removed from the brush, I tend to just run it under some warm water and squeeze the brushes and make sure that all the bubble have been removed. You will know that the shampoo has fully been washed away when you run it through the water and it runs clear of any buddles.

An extra step I do once all the brushes have been cleaned is that I use the B. Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray and spritz the brushes, I do this because it has antibacterial ingredients and it further helps to remove any dirt and grime from the brushes. After the cleansing process is finished, I just leave the brushes to air dry, I usually wash my brushes in the evening so they dry throughout the night and they are all ready for the next day. This whole process also works for beauty sponges, you may need to do the step with the shampoo a few more time to fully remove all of the makeup and when rinsing with water make sure to squeeze the sponge to check all the shampoo has been removed.

How I do a quick clean on my makeup brushes

You should really be deep cleaning your eyeshadow brushes around twice a month but in between I like to just use the B. Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray and spray it onto the brushes and then swirl them around on to a paper towel until all of the colour has been removed.

Other Cleaning Tools 

There are so many other brush cleaning tools that you can get which are inexpensive but still very effective as you can see from the list below. 

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This post is actually an updated version of my Best Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes post that I actually wrote a year ago! I hope all these tips help you get cleaner brushes quicker and easier. What products do you use to clean your brushes?

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  1. I really need to clean my brushes more. Great post, its inspired me to go and clean mine right now

    1. I do too, it’s a boring task but it’s got to be done! X

  2. Ahhh I have been looking for a good way to clean my brushes for ages now!

    Lola Mia x

  3. I've never seen a brush egg before, definitely going to look into that! I wash mine twice a week, I hate applying makeup with a dirty brush! I usually use a shampoo for really dry hair so the oils in the shampoo help the brushes to stay nice and soft x


    1. The brush eggs are really great and it really doe help get right into all the hairs especially the ones in the middle of the brush. Applying makeup with dirty brushes is the worst! X

  4. I think that spray idea is a lovely tip! I never heard of the brush egg, gonna see if I can find that on Amazon in the U.S. Although I don't wear makeup often, I still should wash my makeup brushes, thanks for sharing these expert tips Aaliyah <3

    Natonya |

    1. I’m sure they’ll have things like the brush everywhere because they are so handy! I also don’t wash them as much as I should but I’m definitely trying more now since I found an easier way! X

  5. I blooming LOVE washing make up brushes! I even wash my friends' brushes for them because I find it super soothing. I completely agree with Baby Shampoo!

    Naomi xo

    1. That’s so great! I wish I loved doing mine, I get bored after the first few brushes are done! X