{Ad - Gifted} A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted The PMD Clean Smart Cleansing Devise and I think the company read my mind because I was on the lookout for a cleansing device for ages and then the email arrived! I have now been using it for over two weeks to give it a thorough test to truly see if it improves my skincare routine. 

For me, Skincare has always been a passion of mine that's why I got into beauty therapy and why I started this blog. I find that recently everyone has really become more conscious of their skin and is starting to properly take care of it which I think is amazing! In skincare, I have always found that on certain products like cleansers and moisturisers that these arent the items to scrip on as they are the most important tools to keep our skin looking great and now with the added technology our skincare routines can be even better! That's why this PMD Clean came at the absolute best time for me. Click here to check out their website. 

Why should we use a cleansing device?

Cleansing your skin each day morning and evening has to be the most important step in your skincare routine and if there's a device that makes this step even better and makes our skin even cleaner then we all need to get a cleansing device. Cleansing brushes help to remove every last scrap of makeup, grime and pollution from the skin. The cleansing brushes work in conjunction with your favourite cleansers to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin.

The main benefits of the PMD Clean

  • SonicGlow Technology - Breaks down oil and dirt from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations a minute while operating at the perfect frequency to firm, lift and tone the skin. 
  • Made with Silicone - The PMD Clean is made with silicone which is ultra-hygienic. The PMD Clean is odour-resistant, hypoallergenic and waterproof and their brush heads don't ever need replacing!
  • Customisable for all skin types - The bristles on the cleansing brush is gentle enough for all skin types and has four customizable modes providing a full spectrum of cleansing options. 
  • Has a rechargeable battery - works with AA batteries (which comes with the device!).

What are the four different modes used for?

  • Modes 1 and 2 - Cleansing the skin, This mode is to be used on the side of the brush which has the silicone bristles. Mode 1 is a gentle vibration and mode 2 is an intense vibration which both works to effectively clean the skin. 
  • Modes 3 and 4 - The anti-ageing aspect of the device which is on the other side with the smooth silicone groves on it. Mode 3 is a gentle pulsation and mode 4 is a more Intense pulsation which can be used as a facial massager or to work serums into the skin. 


The first thing I noticed with this product is the packaging. It's totally different from any other cleansing brushes that I've seen before like the Clarasonic which has bristle brush end and the Foreo brush which is also silicon but is in a totally different design. The colour I received was the berry with the rose gold bottom to it and with this brush, it also comes with a plastic stand so you can display in your bathroom. The design of this cleansing brush makes it a lot easier to hold while your cleansing, my favourite part of this device is also that it has the two different sides that each gives the skin different benefits. Also because of the silicone aspect of the device the head doesn't need to be changed which I think is a major plus for this product.  

First Impression 

As soon as I got this brush in the post I wanted to try it straight away but it was 8.30 in the morning and I was already late for work so it had to wait until that evening. I didn't actually plan to but on this particular day, I wore slightly too much making which actually made it the best day to truly try out this gadget. 

At first, I wasn't too sure if I was supposed to apply the cleanser straight to my skin or to the actual device and I did apply it to the brush at first but then when looking for some more information on their website it says to apply it to the skin which makes a lot more sense. Firstly I wanted to pick what cleanser I thought would work quite well with the brush, I decided to go for The Fab Pore Cleanser from Soap & Glory (previously gifted, read my full review here), I picked this cleanser as I knew it would lather up well when using the cleansing brush. 

When starting to use the brush I wanted to test out all of the different modes to see which one I wanted to use. Mode one and two is for the cleansing aspect so I started with these ones, Mode one was probably the mode that I think I'll use the most. I found that on certain areas of my face like my forehead and nose the brush tickled a bit but its something that you get used to. I actually found the cleansing quite soothing on the skin and relaxing. Once I had finished cleansing after around 5 minutes I could instantly feel that my skin was a lot cleaner than usual.

To truly test if my skin was cleaner when using this device then when I didn't usually use it I toned my skin using my Pixi Glow Tonic and see if there were any traces of makeup left on the cotton pad. I did find that there was a lot less makeup on the cotton pad which is great but there was still some that came off when I toned around my hairline which I find it was slightly hard to get the brush that close to my hairline.

After cleansing, I decided to use the other side of the brush using modes 3 and 4. I decided to use this to massage in my serum which is the DermaC+ anti-ageing serum (Previously gifted, read my full post here). This was actually my favourite part of using this brush as it feels so soothing on the skin. I didn't actually know if the brush was helping the serums penetrate the skin more but my skin felt amazing afterwards.

After using it for two weeks 

I have now been using this brush for two weeks when I do my skincare routine in the evening. I have noticed a significant change in how my skin feels after I've used this brush, it felt a lot cleaner and softer and the appearance I thought made my skin definitely look more glowy. This is now a product that is in my permanent skincare routine and it is continuing to improve my skin!

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*This product was kindly gifted to me in exchange for an honest review, all views are my own! To see more check out my Privacy & Disclaimer x

I can truly say that the PMD Clean Smart Cleansing Devise has helped me up my skincare game by helping me improve my skin while cleansing. Have you tried a cleansing device before?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. This looks and sounds like such an amazing product, and I genuinely love cleansing brushes to be honest!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I have found a new love for cleansing brushes now because of how much it’s helped to improve my skin! X

  2. This looks like an amazing product, so interesting! Always looking for new things to try in my skincare.

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa

    1. Skincare gadgets are my favourite things to test out and this product definitely didn’t disappoint! X

  3. I did have a good giggle when I saw the image and product at first! Looks very interesting haha. Great review though, I want to get one of these, they seem alot less damaging than the first cleansing brushes that came out!

    1. I know it is a little suspicious at first but it’s actually a really great cleansing brush! They have definitely updated their cleansing brushes because of it being made from silicone! X

  4. I know this probably sounds a little weird as something to comment on, but I really like the colour of this one 😂 it's such a pretty shade! I like the fact this is customisable for different skin types. I tend to avoid things like cleansing brushes because I'm worried about them irritating my skin. Glad you're seeing an improvement in your skin though! That's amazing x


    1. I know what you mean but I also love the colour too and I like having it on display in my bathroom cabinet. I find that this brush is actually really gentle because of it being made from silicone instead of the fine bristles! X

  5. I just adore the shape of this cleansing brush, it looks so comfortable to hold. I like that the bristles are silicone, which makes it perfect to use on my sensitive skin. I've been investing more into my skincare regimen, so I will definitely consider looking more into this brush. Thanks for sharing Aaliyah!

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. The shape is actually one of my favourite features because it is so easy to hold and move around the face. The silicone aspect is also great as it can be used on really sensitive skin! Definitely look into this I’m sure you’ll love it! X

  6. I've wanted to try one of these devices for the longest time! I've seen so many beauty lovers absolutely rave about them and how much they've helped their skin. I am soo tempted to pop one into my basket after reading this...
    Alice Xx

    1. Even though I’m really into my skincare I hadn't tried one for ages but now that I have I’m definitely not going back! My skin still in continuing to improve! X