When deciding what posts to write for the month I always go over all of my posts and this month I realised that I haven't done an empties post in a while here are my others. Being a beauty blogger I always seem to try out new things and hardly ever completely finish a product so when I do I have to talk about it. This month there's a mix between Makeup, Skincare and Perfume (I don't think I've ever actually fully finished a perfume before!) and I'll let you know if they are worth rebuying!

Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Antioxidant Creme Sample 

In the past, I haven't actually tried a lot of Estee Lauder skincare before mainly just because of the price tag, but when I got this cream in my #GAMEFACE box it took me a while to eventually try it but when I did I now know why people love the brand. Even though this is a sample size I was able to get a couple of weeks use out of it and was using it mainly as my daily morning moisturiser. This cream gave my skin the perfect moisturised base to apply my makeup on and left my skin feeling amazing all day. This cream is a very effective anti-oxidant which defends the skin from the premature process of ageing leaving the skin looking fresher and smoother instantly which I would definitely agree with. This cream also has the added benefit of it having an SPF of 15 giving the skin extra protection throughout the day. Another thing I loved about this cream is that it smells just like fresh cucumber which I love!

Will I be Rebuying? Even though this cream is pretty pricey at £44 I think when I've finished my current moisturiser I'll pick it up as I loved how it made my skin feel 

Simple Eye Makeup Remover 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that my old favourite eye makeup remover used to be the Nivea Double Effects Eye Makeup remover which I mentioned in my Skincare Superheros post. I do still love the Nivea eye makeup remover but since I have had lash extensions the added oil isn't the best to use on them. Since I had extensions I  switched my remover to the Simple Eye makeup remover that doesn't have any oil in it. Even without the added oil this remover effectively removes all of my eye makeup even if I'm wearing a lot of eye shadow, liner and mascara. I also have pretty sensitive eyes and a few other removers that I've used before but with this product, I don't have a problem. 

Will I be rebuying? I have probably repurchased this remover around  5 times so I definitely will be buying it again.

Neals Yard Geranium and Orange Foaming Bath 

Usually, I'm pretty boring with my bath products and I'll get one that's on sale when I do my weekly shop but when we got some Neal's Yard products in at the salon I had to give it a go. Firstly the smell of this bubble bath is amazing, you can quite strongly smell the orange and geranium and this helps to promote relaxation. This isn't a product that I would use in my everyday bath but if I've had a stressful day or just want a Spa Evening at home I would use this as a treat. I had the 100ml size and even that lasted me ages as you only need a really small amount to make your bath full of bubbles. This product from Neals Yard is also Vegan and cruelty-free making it an all-round amazing product. 

Will I be rebuying? I think I will definitely be rebuying this bath foam and saving it for when I really need to relax and unwind!

Victoria Secret Endless Love Fragrance Mist 

I have to say that I very rarely finish perfumes or body sprays, there are always so many new ones to try and I tend to wear a different scent every day. I got this fragrance spray on a whim one day when I saw that they did the Victoria Secret range in Superdrug. I was looking at all the scents and took ages to choose and I finally went for apple blossom and ylang-ylang, which was a really sweet scent but not too floral which I really like, if you like that sort of scent then I would definitely check this spray out. This is a spray that I would keep in my bag and have to spray on myself throughout the day as it doesn't have the longest staying power but once it's on you can definitely notice it. 

Will I be rebuying? I'm not sure if I will repurchase this spray just because I have so man other options to choose from. If I was going to get it again I would maybe try one of the other scents. 

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer 

I have mentioned this concealer so many times already on this blog like in my 5 Under £5: Concealer and How Much Does My Everyday Face cost? posts. I have been using this concealer on and off since I first tried it out last year when it was released. This product seems to just work really well with my skin, it conceals all of my imperfections like redness and dark circles quickly and easily. It blends into the skin in seconds. Another great thing about this product is that they have a wide range of shades and undertones that should fit a whole range of skin tones. At first, I wasn't really happy about the product amount but them Revolution knew what to do and added a new Conceal & Define with a larger amount!

Will I be rebuying?  As I've already repurchased it a number of times already, I'll definitely be getting it again.

MUA Translucent Powder 

Hitting pan on a product hardly ever happens, I always seem to chop and change between products all the time and never really finish them but this powder wasn't an exception. I mainly use this powder to set my foundation and concealer and I actually keep it with me during the day to top up with throughout the day when I'm looking slightly shiny, you can read more about how I do my base in the summer in my Summer Foundation Routine post. Another amazing thing about this powder is that it's only £1, I would actually bulk buy this powder just so I always have one. What I like most about this powder is that I can apply it all over my face and it doesn't make me look cakey, I can even apply this powder to set my under eye area and it keeps it looking smooth and crease-free all day. 

Will I be rebuying? On my next trip to Superdrug, I'll be picking up a few of these powders to stock up!

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So that's it for another round-up of product empties, A lot of these products I will actually be rebuying and will keep enjoying them and some I will not. Have you used any of these products before?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I love Simple products, they're so good! I used to use the eye makeup remover but swapped to something else, but I'll definitely go back to it in the future! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. The simple skincare range is really great, kind to the skin and the purse! X

  2. Ooh I've heard so many great things about Neals Yard products and the Revolution concealer so to have it reaffirmed is great. I'll definitely be trying both of those but some of these other recommendations sound great too!
    Soph - https://sophhearts.com x

    1. Neals yard really have some amazing body care items that I save for when I want a real treat! Revolution products have always worked wonders for me too and the Concealer is just magic! X

  3. I love a classic empties post. I've heard so many amazing things about the Neal's Yard products but I always feel bad spending so much on bath/ shower products! I find the Revolution concealer a little too dry but I'm really looking forward to trying the hydrating version they have coming out soon. I switched to the Simple eye makeup remover when my lashes first started falling out and I love how gentle it is! x


    1. I do feel bad too spending that amount of money but I make it a special purchase and I don’t do it very often as it lasts me ages! I heard that Revolution were bringing out a new version of their concealer and it sounds great. The simple remover is really perfect at effectively removing makeup gently x

  4. Oooh I love Simple as a brand!
    And I'm so tempted to purchase the Revolution concealer, if it blends as well as you say I expect it's amazing!
    Fab post hun!

    Claire xxx

    1. You defitely can’t go wrong with trying out the Revolution Concealer, it has worked wonders for me since I first tried it out! X

  5. Revolution never disappoint. Affordable and super good! I have that mist! I mean, had! it's back home. It smells nice but like you, i've got many other options to choose from!

    1. Revolution are doing so well as a brand recently they keep bringing out amazing products that seem to work really well! X

  6. Thank you for sharing! I am always on the search for a good eye makeup remover, so I will definitely give that one a try

  7. I absolutely LOVE the Revolution concealer. It took me a while to find a good cruelty free concealer but it's the only one I buy now! Also love the product pictures you've used, a very helpful and lovely post :) x

  8. First, I absolutely LOVE your flatlays - they look super luxe. Totally agree that it is so hard to finish products when you're a beauty addict. I used to be a huge fan of the Simple Micellar water, but have really been missing it so I think I'll need to pick up another bottle.

    xo, LP | The Newbury Girl

  9. great post! i believe i have a bottle of endless love at home and it’s lasted me years that was the go to fragrance in my senior year of high school! if that is the one i have at home i’ll have to wear it tomorrow lol! i love empties posts because i find it so interesting to see what other people have gone through and if they loved it or not! xx

    mich / simplymich.com

  10. I love Simple products and I have ALWAYS wanted to try the Revolution concealer but never bought it as I didn't know if it was good as my go to concealer is the Collection - Lasting Perfection but after this blog post I think I'll be buying and giving it a go! xx
    Leah xx

  11. I agree with what you have said about the Simple Eye Remover, it is really good! I have tried my mums Neals Yard bubble foam before (in a lavender scent) and it was amazing! You're right, a little really does go along way and the of the scent is so strong! That revolution concealer is my go-to! I get what you mean about wanting to try different fragrances in perfume too. I have never tried Translucent Powder before but because the one froo MUA is so cheap I think I will try it out!! xx

  12. Loved this post - empties are some of my fave ones to read! I'm a firm lover of the Revolution concealer but stopped buying as it ran out so quick, but apparently they have a new supersize version now so I need to get my hands on that version! x

  13. Eye makeup removers are so worth the buy. Forget struggling to take off the mascara, a remover is a must-have. I liked the Micellar Water by Simple so I'm inclined to try their eye makeup remover, thanks for the heads up Aaliyah!

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com