AD / Alone time is really important especially when you've been working long hours so I thought I'd do another post about how I relax and spend time for myself during the summer. I have done a post similar before in my Autumn Pamper Night In but for this post, I have switched it up to show you how I practise self-care during the summer with an at-home spa evening!

Skincare Routine

Doing my skincare is definitely something that I can't live without anyway but when I'm planning on having a spa evening I change up a few products and truly give myself a good facial. My usual night time skincare routine just consists of the products I need to remove my makeup thoroughly and quickly but in my pamper evenings, I tend to take more time giving my skin a good in-depth facial treatment.

For my cleanser, I still do my pre-cleanse but I like to change out my Soap & Glory The Fab Pore cleanser (Gifted, you can read my full review here) which is more for problematic skin and I like to change this out for my YesTo Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting cleanser (also Gifted, you can read more about this cleanser in my Skincare For Oily Skin post). I like to use this cleanser every now and again when I'm treating my skin because its a really luxurious cleanser which makes my skin feel extra soft after using it and gives it a luminous glow, this cleanser also changes from pink to yellow when using it so its extra fun!

 Another product I like to switch up when I'm having a spa evening it actually my moisturiser, on an everyday basis I have been using the Environ Super Moisturiser which I love but on these evenings I like to use my Polaar Night Cream which I got in my November Birchbox and have been loving it ever since. Whenever I wear it my skin feels amazing when I wake up the next morning and you can actually see that my skin looks more refreshed.

Have a Bath 

Having a bath definitely is a task that I do every day (I'm much more of a bath person than a shower person) but when it's for my spa evenings I make it extra special.

The first step is to pick what bath bomb to go for, I have a wide collection of Lush bath bombs now and I always find it so hard to pick which ones to go for. I usually pick the ones that have a lot of different essential oils and the ones that look the most pretty in the bath. The bath bomb I thought I had was the Intergalactic bath bomb which looks very similar to mine but I think the one I have must have been a Christmas limited edition. I also like to bring my wax oil melt into the bathroom just to send out the amazing smell from the wax melts to truely send me into relaxation mode, The wax melts I have been using recently is the Yankee Candle Wax Melts in Spring Love which gives the room this amazing fresh but still comforting scent which almost sends me off to sleep. 

I like my baths to look like what you see in the movies with the candles and the glass of wine, even though my flat is pretty old so I still have the avocado coloured bath rather than the ultra-modern ones you see.

Mask Time!

This is technically apart of my skincare routine but during my spa evenings I like to apply a mask after my bath and sit and pig out in front of the tv with it on. A face mask to me isn't just about it being good for your skin, when I have a face mask on it instantly makes me feel relaxed and calm.

There's a number of masks that I like to use on my spa evenings and I actually use this time to try out new ones that I haven't gotten around to before. Recently I have been loving sheet masks mainly because I'm too lazy to wash off ones that set like clay masks. Sheet masks are easy to apply and remove, mess-free and for the most part, they are pretty affordable.

The sheet mask I've been saving for my spa evening actually is the Holika Holika Aloe Sheet Mask which is a K Beauty product that I found on one of my trips to Tk Maxx but on further investigation, you can also get it from Beauty Bay. I picked up this mask because of its soothing and moisturising properties which I think is perfect to use after a full day in the sun. This mask also calms and soothes irritated skin from it being inflamed by problematic skin conditions which makes it perfect for my skin when it's having a spotty time!


My entertainment for my spa evenings is pretty relaxing and I spend a lot of this time doing things I don't always have time to do.

The first thing I love to do and this is usually while I'm letting my face mask do its job is read. I don't give myself enough time to read usually so I always take advantage of my spa evenings to sit down on my sofa and just read a good book. Recently (I say recently I started this last year) I have actually been rereading all of the Harry Potter books and I'm still only on The Goblet Of Fire but when I have this time I could read chapters which have taken me a few hours but it goes so quickly when your reading something you really enjoy.

Another way I entertain myself is to watch Netflix, I'm sure everyone does this anyway but I could spend the whole day watching a good series on Netflix. There have been so many shows and films that I have watched and not been able to stop because it's just so good, a few of these including some tv-series Dead To Me, You, Once Upon A Time and Stranger Things. At the moment though I have been rewatching series in my downtime and this one I'm obsessed with at the moment is The Big Bang Theory!

Now I'm going to share a few of the more different ways that I like to relax and entertain myself within my self-care spa evenings and they are knitting (I know a bit old lady) and colouring in. My nan actually taught me how to knit and even though I haven't actually finished any of my knittings I like to just do it when I'm watching tv, it just helps to switch my mind off and relax. Another way I wind down is by colouring in and not the books that you remember using as a child but these amazingly detailed books full of beautiful drawings. The books I love to use the most is by Johanna Basford, she makes amazing books with the best drawings in and I could literally spend hours looking through them and colouring them in. 

For some more ideas on how to spend your spa evenings and to also get some amazing deals on some of the products, you will need to relax and wind down for your self-care evening then make sure to check out Latest Deals. This website will show you all of the most recent deals on spa products to from bath bombs to body lotions and even a blow-up jacuzzi (if only I could fit this into my one-bedroom flat!). From this website, I have recently ordered a spa set from The Sanctuary to use on my next Self-Care evening.

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I hope my self-care spa evening gives you some ideas on how to relax and wind down after a stressful day! Do you do anything different in your spa evenings that I need to start doing?

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Aaliyah xo


  1. Skincare always feels like self care when there's a mask involved. This sounds like a great routine, I'm trying to dedicate more time to reading as well. I love the idea of adult colouring books too! x


    1. it really does and doing a mask after having a long bath is also perfect. I find sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything but I am trying to focus more on relaxing and taking time out for myself! X

  2. Skincare and a bath is always a perfect self-care evening! I love a cheeky lush bath bomb occasionally it is the best, also the goblet of fire is great entertainment x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. Your flatlays are so cute. Self care for me is anything you love to do. I am not much on skin care as I have great skin (really) its genetics. I love baths, that is why we are instaling one in our new house. But my self care is a good cup of coffee and a hour of reading a book.

  4. Your flatlays are so so so adorable!! no skincare evening feels complete without a nice face mask and a cheeky lush bath bomb 😜 I really liked the coloring book idea!!

  5. This is such a gorgeous post - and is definitely making me want to treat myself. Maybe once it cools down a little I might give my skin (and myself) a bit of a time out and a pamper session. Thanks for sharing - love this!

  6. This sounds like the perfect spa evening to me. I need to work on my skincare and this has given me so many ideas! So, thank you. I'm very much a bath lover too and a bit of a Lush addict haha. One of my favourites is Twilight, the scents are so relaxing.

  7. That unicorn mask sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing your products with us!

  8. I just started once upon a time last week! It's so good

    Chelle |

  9. Love your flatlays. The mask is something I been trying to get. I also wanted to try the cleanser. Your entire self care routine sounds wonderful.

  10. Having a bath is what I go to for my self care routine! I do need to start introducing masks in my routine as well x

    Lucy |

  11. I always love a good pamper evening, lately I've literally not had time where work has been so busy! Hopefully this weekend I can pamper myself!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  12. Spa evenings are my faves! These products sound fab, may have to give some of them a try! x