Last year I started a series on this blog where I show you 5 products all under £5 and to carry on the series I have decided to show you 5 of my favourite foundations that are all under £5! I have been using these foundations and giving them a fair test to give you extra affordable makeup that really works!

Revolution Matte Base Foundation 

I have been using this foundation on and off since my review 'Review: Revolution Matte Base Foundation & Concealer' back in February. This foundation was part of a new range of matte products that Revolution released and I had to try it as a matte finish is my favourite. What I love most about this foundation is that it is a matte finish but it doesn't make my skin look cakey or dry which a few other matte highstreet foundations have done before. It applies to the skin like a dream and even though it is a matte finish it doesn't set too quickly giving you enough time to blend it out into the skin. This foundation comes in 24 shades with them all having different undertones to them ranging from neutral to warm and cool tones. Another thing I like about this foundation is that it is a medium to full coverage and you can layer it without it looking too heavy. The only issue I had with this foundation is that it slightly oxidises once it dries but it isn't too much where the shade changes completely. 
This is another Revolution product that I've reviewed before on this blog. I initially got this because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about as there were people raving about it all the time. Before using this product I hadn't tried many stick foundations. This product isn't matte which is my normal finish of choice but when I set this with powder it gives me the look I'm going for. When applying this foundation it literally takes seconds and the blend out also works really quickly, this is one of my favourite things about this product. I like to use this foundation the most for work because it cuts my foundation application time in half and it leaves my skin looking flawless. With everything, there is always a downside and with this its that I have to make sure that I completely set my face with powder or it will start to crease and wear away in places like around my nose.

P.s... My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation 

I got this foundation back in January when I was testing out some new foundations and I didn't initially have high hopes for it because it was from Primark and it was also only £3 but I was very wrong and it has fastly become one of my favourite foundations. This foundation is natural medium coverage but it is buildable to full coverage if that's what you want and it is an oil-free matte formula which is my prefered choice of finish. I like to use this foundation more during the day because it doesn't cake up my skin when it sets and when applying the foundation it applies to the skin like a dream and it only takes seconds to blend it out into the skin with it looking flawless and even. Mostly when I use foundation even if it is a matte formula I still usually set it with more powder but with this foundation, I didn't actually need to set it which is actually not heard of for me. I would recommend anyone to try this foundation out to really see how good it is and even if you don't enjoy it as much as I did you only wasted £3!

MUA Pro/Base Long Wear Matte Foundation 

This is actually the first MUA foundation that I tried and I got it a few months ago when it was just released. This foundation is described as a long-wearing matte foundation with a medium to full coverage foundation which is my perfect foundation formula. This is more of a full coverage foundation than medium actually and I prefer to wear in the evening or on a night out as I like to look really flawless and airbrushed which is the look that this foundation gives me. The best way I have found to apply this foundation is with a sponge as it helps to blend out the foundation quickly and easily. For a foundation that is only £5, it is really good quality and if I blind tested this foundation I would have thought it would be a more expensive high-end foundation. The longevity of this foundation is also amazing, I wore this for a whole evening in and out of hot weather and air conditioning and it still looked like I just applied it hours later.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Fluid Touch Foundation 

This foundation is a slightly controversial one because it has really mixed reviews online but when I tried it I was instantly in love with it. This foundation is probably the complete opposite to the other foundations in this list because its a light to medium coverage and it's a dewy finish. The reason I really like this foundation is because of how easy it is to apply, with this product I can literally apply it with my hands if I wanted to and it gives my skin this really pretty natural glowy look. On days where I don't really want to wear a lot of makeup then this is the foundation that I go for, it's also perfect for that no-makeup makeup look. The consistency is very different from the other foundations on this list as well because it is a lot more watery which makes it so easy to apply and other than using my fingers to apply it I like to use a sponge to get a natural glow look.

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This was a task to go through all of my faoundations to try and find the best ones to show you that were all very affordable but I was able to do just that! Have you tried any of these foundations before?

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  1. Great post! And great options for affordable and effective foundations. You definitely know what you're talking about and each of these descriptions are very well written. I don't tend to use foundation but I can definitely appreciate how important it is to find one that really works for you.

    1. Thank you! I have been using these foundations for a while and have been testing them out for a while now and made sure that I only suggested the best ones that really work! X

  2. I am actually looking for a new foundation because my old one which was really expensive is empty. Maybeline sounds like the perfect pick for me. This post was super helpful :)

    1. Great I hope a few of these suggestions would work for you! The Maybelline foundation is really great and leaves the skin looking glowing! X

  3. this is a really helpful review for anyone who wants to try out new foundation. the last two sound like great products and the ones I'd probably try out. love this! x
    have a lovely Sunday!

  4. These are great foundations when you're on a budget! I tend to use the cheaper foundation when I'm going to work but then I use my more expensive foundation when I'm going 'out out'! x

    Lucy |

  5. I've only tried the fast base stick from this list and I hardly ever reach for it in my collection. I'm so impressed by this list. I'f someone asked me to even name 5 foundations under £5 I think I'd struggle, never mind 5 that I'd recommend. Great options for anyone on a budget. I've heard amazing things about MUA pro base x


  6. I feel Makeup Revolution never disappoints. Makeup on a budget but with quality! Same for MUA, usually!

  7. I think I would like to try product because I want something that is easy to apply. I also like the price of the product.

  8. This actually isn't the first time I've heard someone recommend P.S... My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation which has me seriously intrigued. At that price, I might just have to give it a go!

  9. i definitely need to try some of these out! especially because i'm always going from tanned to not tanned when fake tanning so a cheaper foundation would come in quite useful!

    tabitha ★

  10. I think the only one that i’ve tried is the maybelline foundation but it’s been so long that I can’t remember my thoughts. From the sound of it, i’d like it though. I’ve been enjoying a dewy light/medium coverage foundation lately. i’ll have to check my local drugstore to see if they’ve still got it. great post xx

    mich /