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The summer is still here in the UK and around the world and I'm trying to keep up with Summer vibes as long as I can as it has to be one of my favourite seasons! I have done a few posts in the past sharing my Summer Skincare Essentials so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about all the makeup products I need to get through the hot weather!

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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 

In the Summer I like to actually wear as little makeup as possible as I don't really like the feeling of heavy makeup when the weather is really hot so I like to wear lightweight products that let my skin breathe. I have used this foundation on and off for years and it always gets brought out during the summer months. This foundation is actually the opposite to what I usually like to wear as its a light to medium coverage which you can build up if you want and its more on the luminous and glowy side and I usually like to look matte. When I wear this foundation it feels like I'm not wearing any makeup at all and even though this foundation has a luminous finish it doesn't leave me looking oily. I do also set this foundation with a bit of powder on my nose to keep it set all day. Another reason I like wearing this foundation is that it gives the skin a pretty glow and its also really comfortable to wear on holiday and during 35° heat. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 

I'm sure I don't need to introduce this product to you that much because I'm also pretty sure that everyone's definitely heard of it before. This setting spray is a must throughout the summer as it actually glues the makeup onto your face for the whole day and night. I usually use this setting spray if I'm wearing a lot of makeup and I know it needs to stay put for hours but during the summer I actually use this a lot more during the day and when I'm wearing pretty minimal makeup as I find that even then it keeps my makeup looking flawless. This spray is oil free which I love and I don't know how but it has temperature control technology which is supposed to keep your skin looking amazing through any weather which I can confirm it actually does. I've also used this spray as a primer spray as well before applying my foundation to give it an extra nudge to keep my foundation looking amazing.

Kiko Creamy Lipgloss

If you're like me and your lips get extra dry during the summer then a product that helps to add the moisture back into our skin is definitely a must. Out of all my lip products the one that stood out to me the most was the Kiko Creamy Lipgloss, this is a lipgloss that's actually in a crayon form making it a lot easier to apply onto the lips. This product adds a nice sheen and colour to the lips but also keep them feeling really smooth. This product comes in so many shades so everyone is guaranteed to find a shade that works just for them, I already have 4 in my collection. This product is also really comfortable to wear and doesn't give the lips that sticky feeling that some other lipglosses can do. Another reason I added this product to the list is because of how convenient it is to use and its the perfect lip product for travelling.  

eyeshadow palette and swatch

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hr 

These products have been in my collection for years and they are really nostalgic to me and even though I have been using them since I was probably 16 and have repurchased them around 3 or 4 times already and have built up a good collection of the different shades. I've added this product to this list because of how easy it is to create such pretty looks within such little time which is a must during the summer. On a last minute whim I decided to take these products on holiday with me (click here to find out the other products I took in my Travel Makeup Bag) This pot eye shadows literally cut my eyeshadow time in half which was perfect and they also act as their own primer which means they stay on all day or evening and I didn't find that they creased on me which can be a thing especially if the weather is extra hot. 

Too Faced Lifes A Festival Palette

Whenever I look at this palette it instantly makes me just feel happy and think of summer. All of the shades in this palette are so bright and vibrant and perfect for this time of year. You get such a good mix of shades from pinks, to teal and orange and there are just enough matte shades to create all different looks with just this palette. This palette would also make some really beautiful festival looks because of how different the shades actually are and I think some really creative looks can be made with this palette. I have also found that you can create some more natural looks using the bronzy shades making this palette really versatile. The formula of these shades is amazing and the pigmentation is also perfect with you needing just a light hand to get an amazing colour payoff. 

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The change in season always means a change in beauty products and these on my list are always products that come out during the summer months. What products do you swear by in the Summer?

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  1. love this post! It's inspired me to grab my setting spray again which I bought over a year ago. I also tried out one of kiko products for my graduation makeup look and that's the water eyeshadow. I'm in love! x
    have a fab day!

    1. Glad you liked it! Setting spray is definitely a must during the summer as it really helps to keep your makeup in place. I haven’t tried the water eyeshadow that sounds great I’ll have to check it out! X

  2. The All Nighter is one of my essentials too. I used to love the Healthy Mix foundation as well but I haven't repurchased in forever so thanks for reminding me about it!
    Soph - x

    1. The setting spray is an absolute must especially in the summer with this heat, without it my makeup would just melt off! The healthy mix foundation is an old favourite of mine that always get brought out during the summer! X

  3. I totally agree that a lightwear foundation for the summer is ideal, I hate it feeling cakey and sweating off! The setting spray sounds great too, it’s always a struggle trying to find something that helps your make up stay put especially in the summer!x

    1. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have too much makeup on, especially in this heat! The setting spray is a definite must to get through the summer and keep your makeup looking lovely! X

  4. This is such a great post! Love all the products, especially the vibrant palette!!!

    1. Thank you! The palette is one of my favourites because the shades are all so pretty! X

  5. Love the creamy lip gloss because it sounds like a wonderful product to keep your lips hydrated!

  6. I think the only product here that I've tried is the colour tattoos which I'd totally forgotten about until reading this. I used to love how easy they were to throw on. Pretty sure I still have a few, I'll have to dig them out. I've always thought that Healthy Mix sounded like a great foundation but their shade range is so bad! x


  7. I definitely need a setting spray, the shades from that palette are lovely! Perfect for summer! xx

    Lucy |

  8. Great post! I've toyed with the idea of trying a setting spray for so long but just haven't committed yet. I really do want to give it a go though x

    Faye |

  9. So many great products! I need to reinvest in the All Nighter Setting Spray, I've been reaching for dewy ones lately, but that one is so good for summer!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush